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June 17, 2024



Here is a bit more from the Boston University study:

For the study, the researchers examined aircraft noise exposure and self-reported BMI and other individual characteristics among nearly 75,000 participants living around 90 of the major US airports. The participants were selected from the Nurses’ Health Studies (NHS), ongoing prospective studies of participating female nurses who have completed biennial questionnaires since the 1970s and 1980s.

The team examined aircraft noise levels every five years from 1995 to 2010, using a day-night noise level (DNL) estimate that captures the average noise level over a 24-hour period and applies a 10 dB adjustment for aircraft noise occurring at night, when background noise is low. The current policy-related threshold for significant noise impacts is above DNL 65 dB. The researchers assessed BMI measures at multiple thresholds below that for the nurses’ geocoded residential addresses.

For now, Peters says, residents troubled by the rumble of aircraft can educate themselves—the Federal Aviation Administration has a series of primers and details for making a complaint—and advocate for lawmakers to consider the health implications of environmental noise.

“There are a growing number of people calling for federal funds to be allocated to the Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Noise Abatement and Control, which would reinstate the EPA’s authority to direct noise research and control activities,” she says. “We can also consider efforts to reduce the noise airplanes make and where and when airplanes fly, and to expand noise abatement programs, keeping in mind national and international considerations on our ability to travel and to get goods and services.”


One of the last scenes of Jackie’s retirement speeches was at the airport where she hoped something could be done about airport noise.

Welcome back.
Get it done.
We don’t sleep but the Chinese get plenty sleep due to their airports having 10pm curfews.

Consider it a national security issue…

Won’t someone think about the weight-challenged children?


explains a lot about my waistline

Paloma Ave

Awoken at 2:42 a.m., even with Ambien! This needs to improve.


I've lived most of my life near airports and spent three years living between Comm Ave and the Mass Pike (you can guess where I went to college). Which means I've been sleeping with earplugs most of my life. Love the silicone ones you can get these days -- soft, flexible, easy to clean. No airport noise--though my husband's snores sometimes break through --but he's literally breathing down my neck.


Sounds like you are a Golden Eagle, HMB. I use earplugs as well, especially when travelling, but I'm not sure they are as effective as we think for the very low frequency noise of the engine run-ups......

Peter Garrison

My rattling doors and windows can’t use earplugs.


A Terrier! BU, not BC, Joe! (And what a noisy place to live between the turnpike and Comm Ave with the Green Line adding its screech and rumble!)

Peter Garrison

Good ol’ fatty cargo jet trundled off to Korea last night at 3:38am.

Leaf blower ban starts July 1.

Come on airport noise ban after 11pm?

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