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May 17, 2024


Just Sayin'

I know who I would suggest as the first referral to court. Nobody has wasted more cop time than her. Just sayin'


I drove through the Tenderloin and Hayes Valley last night. Saw something I've never seen before. A homeless guy was walking down the street with a pair of skis over his shoulder. No boots or poles, just the skis.

Now Squaw Valley closes this Monday, Memorial Day, as the last Tahoe area open, so it's possible....but unlikely, he was headed for the slopes.


Holly Rusch at the Daily Journal took a shot at relaying how convoluted the homeless problem has become in an article this week. Here are a few snippets--don't be confused by the use of "client" to describe a homeless person:

The client is accompanied by a dog, who doesn’t have the required vaccination and registration paperwork required for the pair to enter the shelter system. The client doesn’t have a working cellphone, making it more challenging for him to complete the Coordinated Entry System assessment required for obtaining temporary housing in San Mateo County.

And the client has, in the past, had negative experiences with communal shelters — his property has been stolen by others, he said.

Police and residents may want an immediate relocation of a homeless person, particularly if they’re in a populated or residential area, like this case. And those desires might not always align with the realities of how quickly services can be provided or individual impediments can be addressed, (Lifemoves case worker) Valencia said.

Even so, Valencia said, a lack of readily available shelter beds can often be an issue when transitioning unsheltered individuals to temporary shelter. The residency requirements for receiving homelessness services in San Mateo have gone down over time — from 90 days to 30 to now, only 24 hours — and bed capacity doesn’t always keep up with the fluctuation.

Putting vouchers to use, even if an individual gets off potentially yearslong waitlists, is another issue. One client Valencia assists has been unable to successfully use a housing voucher because of a criminal record, which services providers need to help him expunge.

Other times, prior marks on a background check like the previous evictions that unhoused an individual to begin with can work against them.

“The public has a hard time understanding that if you offer services, or offer housing, offer shelter, offer vouchers, someone could say no to that. And people say no all the time,” he said. “Usually, it’s usually some sort of a mental health component. There’s often what’s called self-medication for drugs and alcohol, but it’s usually stemming from some sort of a mental health component.”

“The tools on the typical police tool belt is, while we want to get them to a shelter or maybe get them into a detox program, if they’re not cooperating, maybe it ends up being a citation for drinking in public or arrest for public intoxication,” he said. “The next day, they’re back in the same place, doing the same thing. [We] used to call this like the movie ‘Groundhog Day,’ over and over, the same thing.”

There are numerous problems here. The article skips over the public health issues of living on the street and all that comes with it. Santa Clara County just banned encampments along rivers due to the....well, you know.

This where the CARE court comes into play. Fingers-crossed.


I'm reading the police report and there is a guy with two arrests in a week for "Disorderly conduct:lodge without owners consent". Does anyone know what that is? Is he squatting and if he is how is he out to do it again in a couple of days?



There's nothing like a tough reelection to get a politician to do the right thing.

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