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April 27, 2024



Great post Joe.

The latest local evidence that this is a manufactured “crisis”, for which more high density housing is not the solution, is the fact that the brand new low income housing rental complex on Park Road is begging for tenants. This needs to be publicly reported. The City Council will never admit to this expensive failure.

The billions that have been wasted by CA lifetime politicians on their inappropriate and ineffective homeless “crisis” solutions have simply lined the pockets of their fake “homeless advocates”.

How many more years of proof of failure of “progressive” policies will be required before we stop doubling down on them?
How much more unnecessary increases in our cost of living and lowering of freedoms and quality of life will be tolerated before we wake up and vote sanely?

Peter Garrison

Use HSR as a measure and means for inexcusable waste.

Paloma Ave

HSR is an example of buying future votes and endorsements.


I have asked the city for occupancy/vacancy rates for the Village apartments. I should have done that after seeing the flyers posted about getting a tour (you wouldn't think they would be needed) but Concerned comment reminded me to ask. TY.


Curious how many available apartments are there? My cousin got a senior apartment there and moved in over a month ago.
She got a one bedroom for $1645.


I'm still waiting for the occupancy numbers at The Village. In the meantime, the Comicle cheerleading is on-going:

The $20 billion housing bond likely headed to Bay Area ballots in November could create an unprecedented cascade of affordable construction projects that would “unlock” a pipeline of nearly 41,000 units across the nine-county region.

A new report from the affordable housing financing group Enterprise Community Partners and the Bay Area Housing Financing Authority, known as BAHFA, found that there are 443 projects totaling 40,896 units that are somewhere in the process of being approved or financed.

---the map shows San Mateo county with 3,099 units in the pipeline at an average cost of $847K per unit with $306K per unit of "subsidies"---

“The astounding number of projects that are waiting in the wings is a testimony to the amount of the work we are seeing on the local and state levels,” said Justine Marcus, policy director for Enterprise Community Partners Northern California. “But they can’t move forward without the resources to do so.”

The report comes as the board of BAHFA, a quasi-public financing authority that was created in 2020, is scheduled to vote June 26 on an unprecedented $20 billion bond — the number that was recommended by the executive board of the Association of Bay Area Governments, or ABAG.

The bond would be funded by property taxes, with an estimated tax of $19 per $100,000 of assessed value — about $190 per year for a home assessed at $1 million. The amount of money each city receives from the bond would be based on how much that jurisdiction pays in taxes: San Francisco would get about $2.4 billion to invest, while Sonoma County would receive about $806 million and San Mateo County would get $1.05 billion.


Paloma Ave

We need to stop calling it affordable housing. It is subsidized housing and the government doesn't pay for it, the taxpayer's pay for it. Question to ask yourself: Are you willing to pay for other people's housing?


@Joanne. The city is having some difficulty getting the exact occupancy numbers, but they note that "as of late February, there were 100 units leased. Most of those unleased were the senior units (20+ available), generally at the 80% AMI (Low-income) level."

There are 82 units total for 50% of the Area Median Income (AMI) residents, 35 for the 80% AMI and 13 for the 120% AMI. That implies there are 31 units still to be occupied.

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