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February 13, 2024



Why should Tesla owners get preferred parking? Because they can afford a Tesla? Those front spaces at Walgreens should NOT be reserved for EV Charging stations.

Put these in the back of the lot and let the supposedly "environment conscious" walk a little further to save the planet. This will only add to the "class" distinction.


Lot K is more of a long term lot for employees in the area since it is $3 flat rate for up to 10 hours. Are they supposed to park somewhere else so all the Teslas can recharge while their owners grab a coffee on the Avenue?


The WSJ has a full page, front page piece on the steep decline in EV sales growth. Multiple quotes from dealers worried about EVs sitting on the lots. Assembly workers being moved to gas-powered manufacturing lines. Here's a taste:

As recently as a year ago, automakers were struggling to meet the hot demand for electric vehicles. In a span of months, though, the dynamic flipped, leaving them hitting the brakes on what for many had been an all-out push toward an electric transformation.

Last summer, dealers began warning of unsold electric vehicles clogging their lots. Ford, General Motors, Volkswagen and others shifted from frenetic spending on EVs to delaying or downsizing some projects. Dealers who had been begging automakers to ship more EVs faster are now turning them down.

Even Tesla Chief Executive Elon Musk warned of “notably lower” growth in vehicle deliveries for the company in 2024.

“This has been a seismic change in the last six months of last year that will rapidly sort out winners and losers in our industry,” said Ford Chief Executive Jim Farley on an earnings call in early February.

Around that time, car dealer Mickey Anderson began noticing that EVs were accumulating on his lots in Kansas, Nebraska and Colorado. At first, Anderson and other retailers thought the slower sales were a fluke. At meetings with manufacturers in the late spring and summer, the dealers compared notes.

“We were worried,” Anderson recalled. “We went from wait lists to six months of supply, seemingly in a matter of weeks.”
There's a lot more including Toyota crowing about how they were right to focus on hyrbrids instead of pure electric.

I still maintain 16 spaces is a lot of government-subsidized space.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

If Anyone took the time to understand how Electricity is "Made" EV Vehicles contribute to the "Degradation" of the Planet too.
-Waste Storage
-Air Pollution
-Physical Threats to "The Trades People who make "The Magic Happen.


You are correct hollyroller. Child labor in the Congo for cobalt and who-knows-what is going on in the lithium processing plants in Chin=a.

BTW, Safeway has finally figured out their parking is being abused and has started enforcement. They are using a phone-based license plate reader setup to track length of stay and keep track of repeat offenders.

This will add to parking pressures on Lot K.


How is that going to work at Safeway? Maybe I'm not up to date on the law, but isn't it that even if private security issues a citation, you don't have to pay? Are they going to actually start towing, which I believe they are allowed to do?


After a warning notice, they will start to tow. It's also possible that they could see someone park and leave the premises which would be grounds for an immediate tow.


True story:
I fill my car with gas at the station and drive away.
I don’t have to wait for charger to download which can be up to a half hour at some charging station or worse waiting for a station to free up ⬆️

Timothy Hooker

The psychological impact of societal feedback on electric vehicle (EV) owners can be significant, especially if they face "I told you so" attitudes from others. This situation can lead to feelings of guilt or regret among EV owners, especially if they made their purchase decision based on environmental considerations and are now confronted with criticism about the total environmental impact of EVs.

Where once, they stood tall and had cocky expressions of real trend setters, I now find them looking quite sheepishly as they approach their cars.


Favorite “early adapter” license plate: “RPART.”


Now it should read "RPARKING".


The battery metals markets are "crashing" which is putting expansion plans on hold and shuttering marginal mines. All of this is benefiting the dirtiest/cheapest mines around the world....from the WSJ:

When the world’s most valuable lithium company last year announced plans for a $1.3 billion plant in South Carolina, local officials hailed it as transformative for the Palmetto State.

Some Western policymakers fear the current situation will derail recent efforts to diversify critical-mineral supply chains away from China, which refines more than half the world’s lithium and has spearheaded Indonesia’s nickel boom with big investments. Officials also have concerns that global markets will be full of metal from low-cost but high-polluting mines if producers with stricter standards are priced out.

“The global nickel situation is dire and it is, in my view, an extreme threat to national/international security as well as the environment,” U.S. Department of Energy deputy director for batteries and critical materials Ashley Zumwalt-Forbes said in a LinkedIn post.

Producers of lithium and nickel, which are used in lithium-ion batteries for EVs, have been stalling projects and closing mines to save cash after a painfully quick fall in commodity prices. Prices of lithium are down as much as 90% since the start of last year, while the price of nickel has roughly halved.


Well there you have it! Guess the cleanest form of transportation will be your two feet pulling a wagon.


Here's another EV whoopsie from the WSJ:

Apple has put an end to its decadelong push to build its own electric vehicle, an effort once seen as having the potential to transform the auto industry.

The secret group inside the iPhone giant—known internally as Project Titan—has been informed that Apple would be shutting down its efforts in building a car while the company ramps up investments in the area of generative artificial intelligence, a person familiar with the situation said.

Apple has spent billions of dollars on research and development on the car project. The car group inside Apple was the subject of several rounds of restructuring and shifting strategies over the years as Apple struggled to figure out a path forward, people who worked on the project said.

Gerald Weisl

A sales rep visiting from the East Coast flew into California's Central Coast and was given the last remaining rental vehicle, an electric car. Arriving in Burlingame today she said she tried several methods of payment to charge the car in the lot off Broadway near the Wells Fargo Bank. "I even downloaded their app and that didn't work."

Handle Bard

The Broadway chargers are mostly used by city and East Bay Lyft and Uber drivers. I have not seen anyone in the neighborhood with an electric car. The new chargers will probably be the same. Uber and Lyfts.


Look closely when you are in the Broadway lot. Some EVs park in the space and don't even pretend to be charging. It's just free parking for them.


This is an interesting idea from the WSJ article on Friday. It might be even more "fair" for stations that are on public property.....

A number of Republican-led states are charging higher fees and taxes for electric-vehicle owners to make up for lost gasoline-tax revenue that helps fund roads and highways, prompting pushback from EV industry groups and drivers who say they are being squeezed more than owners of gas-guzzling cars.

The debate goes to the heart of one of the thorniest transportation challenges the country faces: how to pay for highway construction and maintenance when the traditional funding mechanism for such work is slowly collapsing.

Proponents of EV fees and taxes say they are necessary because owners of those vehicles aren’t contributing gas-tax money to federal and state transportation funds. Many say they are just trying to assess amounts comparable to what gas-vehicle owners pay.

“Everybody that uses the public highway should be paying the user fee,” said Georgia state Sen. Steve Gooch, a Republican who sponsored a bill signed into law last year that added a tax of about 3 cents per kilowatt-hour for public EV chargers.

So far, 33 states spanning the political spectrum have applied annual registration fees for EVs and hybrid vehicles, with EV fees ranging from $50 in Colorado to $225 in Washington, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures. At least seven states, mostly Republican-led, have enacted legislation in recent years to tax electricity consumed at public EV charging stations, NCSL data shows.
Once you know that EVs of comparable size to gas vehicles weight more and thus batter the roads more, this makes even more sense.


I guess we won't be getting Tesla superchargers at Walgreen's. Back to the ones that seldom work.


From the WSJ

Tesla Is Pulling Back From EV Charging, and People Are Freaking Out

Widespread layoffs within the Tesla unit are a blow to efforts to build out a national charging network

Tesla’s move this week to lay off much of the team responsible for creating the largest and most successful electric-vehicle charging network in the U.S. threw the industry into a state of shock and confusion.

The layoffs halted construction work at a dozen Supercharger sites in Texas. In New York, property owners in negotiations with Tesla were left hanging as discussions about adding chargers to their sites were ongoing.

The upheaval comes as the EV industry struggles with sluggish sales growth and a bumpy rollout of a national highway-charging network.


Yikes! I hear that the same thing is happening to Caltrain's new copper power lines-to the tune of a million dollars or so!

Bay Area dog trainer Josh Beckler stumbled upon an unusual sight last Sunday on his way to the gym. As he pulled his Tesla into the parking lot of a Target complex in Vallejo, he noticed the row of supercharging stations had been vandalized.

Taking out his phone, he recorded a video as he walked down the row of 20 stations, highlighting that every charging cable that connects power to the electric vehicles had been cut.

Beckler told the Chronicle that he wasn’t surprised by the discovery. With 17 years of experience as an investigator for Home Depot, Beckler regularly pursued thieves who stripped copper from the store’s generators.

“If it were a protest, they wouldn’t have taken the cords because they’re extremely heavy,” he said. “They hauled about 250 pounds of hose. There’s also a small control box on the stations, and they took those too.”

According to Scrap Monster, copper scrap material fetches approximately $3 per pound in the East Bay.


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