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February 21, 2024



I see in the newspaper that the “Civilian” not “Citizen” oversight committee for the Sheriff’s Office lets illegal immigrants legally oversee legally elected officials.

So why not appoint an illegal immigrant to the City Council just to be consistently absurd?

After all, the County Supervisors this month welcomed the influx of border invaders to our county.


Today's DJ has the story:

The City Council will put out a notice of application, interview candidates and vote on an interim councilmember to fill the District 1 seat by mid-April, Burlingame Mayor Donna Colson said. The city will then hold an election in fall 2024 for the remainder of the term, which runs until November 2026.

“We’re looking for all kinds of backgrounds, and the most important qualification to me is a passion for the city of Burlingame and a deep care for the people who live here,” Colson said.

Ortiz was first elected to the City Council in 2013 after an unsuccessful run in 2011, he said, and served as mayor twice during that time. His last City Council meeting will be April 15.



By the way, here are the 2011 and 2013 posts about the elections:

2011: https://www.burlingamevoice.com/2011/11/election-2011-slight-shuffle.html#comments

2013: https://www.burlingamevoice.com/2014/02/2013-council-candidates-spent-150gs.html#comments

Timothy Hooker

With only four members who vote for a temporary candidate, how do you break a tie?


Paint ball pistols at twenty paces?

Just Sayin'

Ricardo's abdication is way way overdue. He has been phoning it in for years. Those committees he has been on have not delivered anything. Rosalie was more effective when she could barely make it to meetings. Just Sayin'

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Is there a minimum amount of "Investments In Town still necessary to throw a "Hat in the Ring?
Can a Renter run for the opportunity of representing renters in COB?
How much does it cost?


I'm always disappointed at how hollyroller can read this website for years and years but cannot seem to comprehend what she reads. That disappointment is second only to the feeling that she can still vote. Can a renter run to represent the renters? Are you suggesting renter privilege is OK? How renterianism of you.

Timothy Hooker

Let us become the first City in the USA who fills a council position with an Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning Engine. Sounds a bit silly at first but I suspect it will happen sooner than you think. So I asked Ella; our company's AI engine if its a good idea and she said:

Using AI to replace a City Council position is a complex and controversial topic that touches on the intersection of technology, governance, and ethics. While AI can assist in various aspects of city management and governance, such as data analysis, predictive modeling for urban planning, and streamlining bureaucratic processes, there are several considerations to keep in mind:

1. **Decision-making and Ethics**: AI lacks the ability to make ethical decisions and understand the nuances of human values and community needs in the same way a human can. City Council positions often require judgment calls based on ethical considerations, understanding of local contexts, and the ability to balance diverse community interests.

2. **Accountability**: AI systems operate based on the data they are trained on and the algorithms that drive their decisions. If an AI were to make a decision that negatively impacts the community, determining accountability could be challenging. Human council members can be held accountable for their decisions through democratic processes.

3. **Representation**: City Council members are elected to represent the interests of their constituents. They engage with the public, understand their concerns, and advocate on their behalf. AI cannot replicate the personal connection and representation that human council members provide.

4. **Complexity of Governance**: City governance involves complex, multifaceted issues that require creative thinking, negotiation, and compromise. AI currently lacks the ability to fully grasp and navigate these complexities in a manner that aligns with human values and societal norms.

5. **Public Trust**: Trust in governance is essential for a functioning democracy. Replacing human representatives with AI could erode public trust, as citizens may feel disconnected from decision-making processes that significantly impact their lives.

While AI could significantly enhance city governance by supporting council members with data-driven insights and efficiency improvements, completely replacing a City Council position with AI raises significant ethical, practical, and governance concerns. The integration of AI into governance should be approached with caution, ensuring that it complements rather than replaces human judgment and democratic representation.


Maybe we can use it to enhance our Government officials and not replace them yet. Meanwhile we will working to train AI to be ethical and follow the human virtues we find valuable in life.

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