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February 05, 2024



While we are speaking about crime, how's this for Newsom using state resources to bail out (pun intended) another big city that has mismanaged itself into a dire predicament--just like SF a few months ago.
From today's Merc:

The California Highway Patrol plans to temporarily flood Oakland and the East Bay with 120 extra officers as part of a “targeted” effort aimed at curtailing crime in the city, Gov. Gavin Newsom announced on Tuesday.

The swell of CHP officers will work with local law enforcement agencies on combatting a broad range of criminal activity, including vehicle theft, retail theft, cargo theft and violent crime, according to the governor’s announcement. The staffing boost will include “specialized units,” as well as “advanced investigative technology,” though the governor’s statement gave few details as to what that those measures might entail.

The governor pointed to persistently high rates of crime in the East Bay as a reason for sending the officers, which represent a nine-fold increase in the number of CHP personnel in Oakland and Alameda County.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

How is that a Bad Thing Joe?
Maybe if Prop. 13 would end someday The State of CA. would have more Monies to work with.


You really need a reality check. Or two.

How is it a bad thing that the President-in-waiting is bailing out a city that has demonized its cops for a decade or more, now that the Sheet Has Heet The Fan? And doing it with taxpayer money from much better run cities?

Really? Are you that stupid? Shouldn't the CHP be policing The Highways? Not the Tenderloin. Or Oakland. What are they? Newsom's personal National Guard for when he needs more votes?

Prop. 13 is the only thing keeping the community fabric from fraying as the grabbers grab whatever they can grab.

There is No Free Lunch. Stop trying to get other people to pay for your sandwich.



hollyroller@ gmail.com

Easy Joe.
I don't want to have to put you in "Time Out."


If anyone will be issuing Time Outs, it will be me. You are near the top of the list.

Paloma Ave

near the top of the list? Really?


The mess that is EssEff won't get any better if the city keeps listening to the Police Commission. Probably better to call it the Anti-Police Commission. Now they want to get rid of the ability to stop cars with malfunctioning tail and brake lights. No rear plate light? No problem.

Expired registration or missing altogether? As long as it's not a full year unrenewed it's OK!

Never mind using your turn signals. They're just on the steering column for looks.



Today's Crimegraphics report shows 9 vehicle burglaries on Old Bayshore/Airport Blvd reported on 3/1. Then three more on 3/9 in the same area. We may have a weekly visit from serial burglars.

Keep in mind that just because you put a computer or phone out of sight doesn't mean they can't detect it with a Bluetooth sensor.

Timothy Hooker

I want to make sure I understand this correctly; advanced technology is being employed to commit thefts in Burlingame neighborhoods, yet it appears the city isn't leveraging technology, like cameras, to deter or capture these criminals. It's time for Burlingame to step up its game and employ stronger security measures. Otherwise, we risk becoming a well-known target for car thieves and carjackers from San Francisco looking for an easy opportunity.

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