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January 23, 2024


Handle Bard

True street lives on

All enjoy what is here now

Change it at our risk

Broadway resident

The problem we are trying to solve? The business district is dying. Why? There is so little foot traffic that daytime retail and restaurant operations aren't sustainable, and new businesses that rely on foot traffic like bakeries won't come to Broadway. Restaurants can only do business in the evenings, which isn't enough to sustain employees or the rents. The resulting mix is... eclectic -- gas stations, banks, real estate offices, some great local groceries and some restaurants and then a bunch of empty storefronts + businesses that are barely open at all (like 3 hours a day). There's a LOT of room between a dying business district and a destination street like Burlingame Ave. Would be great to be able to discuss that.


Are we talking about Broadway Burlingame? It's as busy as it ever has been. You might miss a couple of the old timers (Dave at Il Pic) but it's hardly dying. We don't need another bakery. The restaurants are doing just fine. Making a whole store out of wall beds never seemed like a good idea either.

Doing something about the black guy with the loudspeaker singing along with some rap song where every other word is the N-word in front of Walgreens would be good. Whatever happened to disturbing the peace?

Leave well enough alone.

Paloma Ave

Leave Broadway as is! Stop trying to make it Burlingame Ave.

Change is NOT always good.

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