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November 27, 2023


SMUHSD Trustees-Defrauding the CTC-

The CTC is not the problem- Its the local districts who do not want to be sued.

The CTC was created as the recipient of complaints issued to Sacramento FROM SUPERINTENDENTS at the local level. The superintendents are expected to be lawful and ethical leaders… but when THEY are part of the local cover-up, they won’t report to the CTC.

While the CTC does take complaints from the public (signed-sworn affidavits -because the districts won't investigate) as the local districts have no jurisdiction over the credential itself.

Don’t expect the CTC to do the district’s work, the CTC is assessing the “competency” of a credential holder and not (necessarily) the elements of the crime.

Local Corruption-#1
The local district cover ups are about legal liability and lawsuits. (Just look at the SMUHSD) If the school district finds its employee liable, this THAT evidence will be used in a legal suit AGAINST the district.

If the district remains silent, then there is no legal liability and no lawsuit- Easy-Peasy

'The agreement was provided to the Chronicle by Lauren Cerri, an attorney for the two women, who obtained it under the California Public Records Act."

(Lauren Cerri works for -Corsiglia McMahon & Allard the “go to” for sexual assault (letters?)-recognized for her results obtaining justice for victims of childhood sexual abuse.) The district and the is toast-

The SMUHSD has stopped processing California Public Record Act requests because it just provides evidence of legal wrongdoing to the public.

No CPRA- No Story-

Local Corruption-#2
The SMUHSD Trustees are an active participant in this fraud-

The evidence shows that the prior superintendents of the SMUHSD “solicited” the Trustees to “take on” and “be highly critical” of the CTC and its investigators in order to deflect the CTC investigators away from Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black.

The statements of the Trustees published in the August 2021 SM Daily Journal-show bias, ignorance, and an extreme lack of ethics in their comments covering up Black and Skelly’s negligence.

Local Corruption-#3
It is reported that the superintendents THEN solicited the SMUHSD Trustees to commit fraud to the CTC investigators in the production of its September 10, 2023, Letter of Support for Ms. Melissa Murphy from Governing Board of the San Mateo Union High School District.

The letter was written FOR Ms. Murphy, but did she solicit the support of the Trustees or was it done for her?

Melissa Murphy was not in possession of the information inserted into the letter, so it had to be provided to her somehow and from the people who were “holding” that information.

Why lie to and defraud the Trustees? (or your husband?)

(The vice principal is NOT the school safety advocate- never was and never will be)

This motivation, content, and intentions of this action were 100% fraud to protect extreme negligence and attack the complainants and investigators.

The action to create the September 10, 2021 letter is NOWHERE to be found on any Board agenda or minutes.

The letter, signed by President Robert Griffin, written on SMUHSD Letterhead, passed “unanimously” by the Trustees and sent directly to the CTC investigator is 100% false.

The Trustees attorney, the San Mateo County Counsel was NOT a participant in this matter as he is CC’d on the document.

Law enforcement has reviewed the Trustees September 10, 2021 letter and stated that it is the responsibility of the San Mateo County Counsel (who was not present, but was CC'd) The legal language in the letter was specific in its intent to defraud the Trustees.

The letter comes only weeks after the Trustees open critical comments of the CTC and while Dr. Black and Dr. Skelly were withholding information from the San Mateo Police.

The Trustees were defrauded and “duped” into attacking the CTC as the Sacramento investigation would have ended (still might) the careers of the local negligent employees.

The attacks on the CTC investigators continued with extreme perjury, all paid for by the SMUHSD Trustees.

The disgraced SMUHSD Superintendent Kevin Skelly who “retired” while holding a new two-year contract extension of $329,000 per year is currently the interim superintendent in Millbrae. (His Millbrae contract violates the retirement earnings limit (he is working for free)… so is he really retired?)

The "Good Ole Boys" (Greg?) cover up for one another, just like in the case above.

Here is the $1 million question-

What information and evidence of extreme negligence and malpractice is currently being held by local superintendents and Board Trustees?

These individuals SHOULD have acted AND make legal reports and disclosures to the CTC. These districts SHOULD also expect to get sued for their negligence.

The SMUHSD has a lawsuit "on the books" now.... but the legal eagles are blocking the depositions of the administrators because "then all of the negligence will be known to the public."

Local Corruption #4

Upon request from Superintendent Booker, the Deputy Superintendent stated that the CPRA requested evidence, an envelope containing criminal content addressed and sent to Aragon High School, did not exist.

(The contents of the letter was an intentional and fraudulent report of a crime made by an SMUHSD employee)

The legal CPRA response by written by Superintendent Booker stated that the envelope which held the letter and contained evidence of the crime of the fraudulent "report" of a sex crime, did not exist.

"I will construe your request for the envelope... as being made under the California Public Records Act and I conclude that, under the Act, the envelope will not be provided.

In the first instance, having made a reasonably diligent inquiry, I do not believe that the envelope (or a copy of it) is actually in the possession of the District at this time (assuming that the anonymous letter actually came in an envelope, which is something that I am unaware of). Therefore, it is not a record subject to disclosure under the Public Records Act."-Supt. Booker

Ironically, it turns out that the letter, its envelope and contents had been given directly to Dr. Black and Dr. Skelly on September 5, 2021-(The physical documents were directly handed over- Why did the superintendents state that it did not exist?)

(A photo of the envelope was then discovered and produced for the Trustees, and the author of the letter was also disclosed)

Next, Superintendent Booker and the Board of Trustees were provided with additional evidence to the photograph of the envelope (which was located by the recipient of the letter) AND a request for an explanation for THEIR (SMUHSD) fraudulent response to the CPRA request in addition to a complete failure to properly investigate this incident which took place between September 5, 2021 and September 16, 2021 when the letter was "silently slipped" to the SMPD without any explanation.


The Trustees September 10, 2021 Letter of Support sits in the midst of these dates.

(Don't blame the CTC- They would have wanted the letter)

CPRA's put evidence into the public forum and destroys the lies of the school districts- the SMUHSD does not respond to CPRA's for this reason.

"They" have lied to, misled, deceived, and withheld information from the "new" Superintendent Booker, who is getting dragged into this mess… unless he removes the guilty individuals now and “makes whole” those who have been damaged.

These actions are not the fault of the CTC, they are the responsibility of the local districts and the Trustees elected to protect the students and community.

Criminal Cover Up- BHS in deep- details and links-

See the notes on SMUHSD Administration and perjury regarding the current "situation."-All BV links are below.

The BV link below- SMUSHD: Suspensions to Proceed, Appeals Likely- in August 2021 gives a "blow by blow" outline of the lies and corruption that took place with the Trustees and state investigations.

The Trustees were coopted to be participants in these actions, either supporting them as factual or ignoring the clear and present evidence of negligence, malpractice, and retaliation by the district administration and employees.

The Trustees “jumped in” and supported the lies.

-What is the SMUHSD Trustees' response to DOCUMENTED perjury to the Trustees themselves, the police, and the CTC?

The documents and recordings don't lie.

The Trustees are in possession of the following which have been documented by their own lawyers, investigators, and the police.

1.A known act of perjury using the Board and the public process in the September 10, 2021 Letter of Support. A body of evidence (held by the SMUHSD) shows this is a deep and coordinated lie in order to defraud the Trustees.

2.The failure to submit a Mandatory Report of sexual assault.

3.The submission of a known false report to police which includes the suppression of essential facts from the San Mateo Police which were required to be reported by the administration.

4.The administration’s FAKE investigation in the community using two female students as decoys and “pawns” (without their knowledge) in order to shield the district office administrators from investigation and prosecution. (This could have gone bad quickly)

5.An employee’s false claim of her submission of a “restraining order” with the police. The fraudulent document was PRODUCED and submitted to the administration and Trustees as a "fact," yet it was just cover for a crime.

The known FAKE document, which was NEVER filed with the police, was instead provided to “legal investigators” (district administration’s lawyers) as factual (bluff) has been deemed a lie as the district administrators were “in on it.”

An inquiry with the San Mateo Superior Court produced the following-

“No such item was ever filed , processed, approved or rejected by the court.”- It does not exist-

6.The refusal of the district administration to investigate or cooperate with the police (San Mateo and Burlingame) for known threats made by SMUHSD employees using the United States Postal Service. There are TWO separate letters- Auguste 25,2021 and November 23, 2021- both postmarked from a “Burlingame High School” Post Office with matching handwriting on each item. Each letter is “coordinated” with an action taken (or strategically Not Taken) by district administrators.

There are now evidence based links of the threat letters, to the district administrators, to known acts of retaliation, and active suppression of these documents from the police by district administrators.

This is just a short list of what has transpired in the SMUHSD since 2021. EVERYTHING is detailed in the Burlingame Voice links below- Any reporter (or Grand Jury) can follow the trail of evidence.

The Trustees were coopted to be participants in these actions, either supporting them as factual or ignoring the clear and present evidence of negligence, malpractice, and retaliation by the district administration and employees.

BV Thread- Details the current corruption-

Perjury and its consequences on SMUSHD: Suspensions Avoided, Litigation Continues


BV Thread- Details the 2021 corruption-

SMUSHD: Suspensions to Proceed, Appeals Likely


BV Thread- Details the 2022 to 2023 corruption-

SMUSHD: Suspensions Avoided, Litigation Continues


Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong. The SMUHSD is a trainwreck and the eventual disclosure of the incidents will be an ethical and financial embarrassment to the district and to the Burlingame Community.

Trustee Land is the SMUHSD Board President as well as the President of the San Mateo County School Boards Association-

"This is your circus and these are your monkeys..."

Doing nothing has never been an option-

This cancer has spread and infected many people who then lied for their "inner circle" and "friends."

Committing perjury is signing your name to a document, under oath, which known to be fraudulent-

Lies to the Trustees- Mandatory Investigation is required

How do the Trustees plan to REMEDY THE ISSUE of these lies to the Board?

Why do the people need to sue the public Board when the Trustees themselves are fully informed of the negligent actions?

The Trustees, by failing to acknowledge the lies and fraudulent actions of Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black, (the Trustees own word-see audio below) have not only allowed these negligent actions to stand but are now using the tax-payers dollars to defend known lies and malpractice.

The role of the Board of Trustees is to mandate honesty, truth, and ethics. The current action is just another use of the public funds to perpetuate the “Good Ole Boy” establishment.

Remember the pregnant teacher who after being ignored by Dr. Skelly for the threats made to her on campus, spoke to the Trustees DIRECTLY to plead her case-

Superintendent Skelly lied to the Trustees and this young mother who had to leave the SMUHSD for fear of her safety, spoke the truth.

The Trustees owe this woman and apology and a job.


When Dr. Skelly left the Palo Alto School District, a similar incident required the Board of Trustees to hire a legal investigation firm to investigate the “environment of the suppression of instigations and evidence.”

This is what a real school district looks like… one where the Board of Trustees mandates truth, ethics, and transparency.

“School board members express frustration with staff still failing to comply with law, policy”-Palo Alto


Investigation Report- (public document!)

The SMUHSD Board’s December 14, 2023 closed session should include the creation of an investigation of the SMUHSD administration’s actions, communications to the Trustees, and legal defense statements and actions of its employees so that the public will be informed of transgressions of the public entity.

Those who do know and hold the facts and evidence (being continually threatened) are watching and waiting for the elected leaders TO DO THE RIGHT THING.

There is no doubt, this is ugly and extremely embarrassing, but a well-informed Board would have stopped these incidents at their roots.

SMUHSD Trustees- An investigation is required to identify the legal interests of the people and the district vs. the corruption of the district administration.

These are two distinct and separate legal interests that cannot be equitably represented by the same lawyer or law firm.

The SMUHSD Trustees should be required to separate their legal representation in the current San Mateo Superior Court case, due to a significant conflict of legal interest and representation.

The SMUHSD Trustees are NOW aware of the legal negligence and malpractice by the district administration in these cases and are required to represent the people. The offending administrations should be removed for cause given the evidence and statements in hand.

The Trustees and the public have already been fleeced by these administrators who coopted the district’s legal representation without knowledge or permission of the Board of Trustees.

The evidence collected and presented to the Board in August-December 2021, clearly illustrate and extreme pattern of negligence and malpractice in the use of the districts authority, power, and money.

The SMUHSD District funds should not be paid to law firms who act contrary to the interests of the public. Inserting known lies into the legal record, under the cover of the title “SMUHSD” does not make it legal; it is clearly unethical.

In the cases presented, there is one definable location of culpability located in the office of Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources Kirk Black. The HR director knowingly issued, assisted, and perpetuated letters of reprimand, based upon known fraud, as retaliation.
The issues and these letters are comedic at best.

These baseless employment actions were exacerbated by the actions of Dr. Black and Dr. Skelly were engaged in an “pissing contest” to demonstrate their power.

“Unaware” that their lies were documented Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black lied to, misled, deceived, and withheld information from the SMUHSD Trustees, leveraging the ignorance of the Board, who supported “these fine men” to perpetuate the “power” of the administration and Board.

The TWO investigations from the Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) of the superintendents was severely damaging to Dr. Black and Dr. Skelly, as these investigations not only brought to life the FACTS of the case, but also informed the Board of Trustees that Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black were using the legal services of the Lozano Smith Law firm without the knowledge or permission of the Trustees.

The statements of the Trustees to the public and the SM Daily Journal in August and September 2021, in addition to the fraudulent Board Action, September 10, 2021 “Letter of Support for Ms. Melissa Murphy from Governing Board of the San Mateo Union High School District, DPP Case No. X-XXXXXXXXX,” illustrates a pattern of ignorance of the facts (against evidence held by the district) but also the fact that the Trustees were “parroting” the talking points of the Skelly and Black defense lawyers. The talking points were a direct attack upon the CTC, its investigators, and those who filed complaints.

The Trustees and power of the Board was “leveraged” by these grifters, who lied to protect their jobs and avoid a public scandal.

The objective of the August -December 2021 attacks was to suppress evidence from the Trustees, the CTC, and the California Attorney General. There was nothing ethical about these actions.
How could this happen?

The Trustees are now aware of these events and have validated them with their own statements and actions. The events of August to December 2021 include a laundry list of retaliatory actions and two incidents were the administrators covertly suppressed evidence from police investigation. (these actions create records that are hard to dispute).

In January 2022, Superintendent Skelly abruptly announced his retirement, despite the fact that the SMUHSD held a two-year contract extension him. Dr. Skelly has stated many times in the prior weeks that he had NO intention of retiring or leaving the SMUHSD. The Trustees had a legal obligation to investigate of Superintendent Skelly as they had received complaints against him (included the TWO investigations by the CTC). At the least, a legal settlement agreement (a public document) would be required to end this contract.

Dr. Skelly’s employment actions after his separation from the SMUHSD do not indicate that he “retired” as he is currently the Interim Superintendent of the Millbrae School District, earning well above the STRS post retirement earning cap. (Hence, if Skelly is retired, he is now working for FREE).

In their statements to the public on March 1, 2021, the Trustees disclosed (on the record) that Dr. Skelly had lied to, misled, deceived, and withheld information from the Trustees. These comments were made to the Leadership Associates search firm regarding the “criteria” for a new superintendent.

Linda Lees Dwyer, “Tell us first before it appears in the newspaper (SM Daily Journal)”

Linda Lees Dwyer, “we need a leader who does not hold grudges (Skelly) and trusts the Board to give them the facts and the truth.”


It has long been known that there is a FIREWALL between the Trustees and the district office administrators regarding the information PROVIDED to the Trustees. (the Trustees “on the record” statements in the Zoom link CONFIRM this issue)

The Trustees KNOW that Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black withheld critical information from the Board AND that the Board was defrauded by them in making its decisions. The administrators refused to engage and cooperate with the police and the Trustees did nothing.

The negligent administrators had control of the information and refused to provide their fiduciary duty to the Board; hence the Trustees have ignorant of the facts and have acted with negligence, damaging students, teachers, parents, and the community. (BHS)

How do the Trustees plan to REMEDY THESE ISSUES?

Why do the people need to sue the public Board when the Trustees themselves are fully informed of the negligent actions?

This is illustrated with the August/September 2021 incidents where it is documented that Dr. Skelly, Dr. Black, and “their” attorney intentionally lied to, misled, deceived, and withheld information from the Trustees regarding the CTC investigations.

A real organization would have already removed these “employees” for negligence and engaged in a legal settlement with those damaged. The known under oath statements of Dr. Black, Dr. Skelly and the district paid attorney (who acted against the interests of the district, placing it into a position of liability) are enough for termination and an investigation.

Instead, the Trustees have embraced this expensive façade as a “team of six” to cover up the extreme negligence at the tax-payer’s expense, hemorrhaging hundreds of thousands of dollars in investigative and legal expenses.

The boutique law firm of BFEOW has been on paid since the FIRST CTC investigation of Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black. A review of the public records on file shows that IF the BFEOW lawyers were representing the interests of the SMUHSD, they would have advised the Trustees to terminate Dr. Skelly, Dr. Black, and the Mills Principal for malpractice and willful negligence of their duties.

The SMUHSD Board of Trustees has stated, on the record, that Dr. Skelly has lied to, misled, deceived, and withheld information from THEM regarding these and other incidents. An INFORMED Board of Trustees (dating back to 2015) would have NEVER supported these negligence decisions by Skelly and Black and would have remedied theses issue at their roots.

These lawyers represent the interests of Skelly and Black-- who represents the community and the tax-payers.

Is this the behavior of an ethical school Board?

Is this how the San Mateo County School Boards Association would advise local board to act?


Attorneys for Defendants

It’s time to represent the people

Attorneys for Defendants

Embarrassment - Suppression of Evidence

Trustees Land and Trustee Griffin-

The evidence you are holding and suppressing is an embarrassment to the SMUHSD and a fraud of the tax-payers.

The role of the Board is leadership and oversight and not to be engaged and a part of a cover-up.

A continued failure to take action is a statement of collaboration and collusion with those who are breaking the law.

The Board of Trustees were intentionally "leveraged" by the prior administration and their lawyer in the production of the September 10, 2023-Letter of Support for Ms. Melissa Murphy from Governing Board of the SMUHSD.

The letter advanced a known act of perjury with the Trustees blessing.
(now what?)

Allowing this act to go without a full blown investigation implies the collaboration and collusion of the Trustees.

Take out a calendar and connect the dots of the dates on the legal documents, police reports, and witness statements. You will find out that EVERYONE except the Trustees and the "now" judge were involved and "in on" this scam.

It was planned and carried out.
(Who does this type of thing?)

If you don't ask any questions, you won't get any answers-

Oppenheimer would ask questions so as to not get blown up-

The information was withheld and suppressed from Oppenheimer so guilty would not be investigated and embarrassed.

This one is on the Trustees.

Brown Act- The Hidden Agenda (& minutes)- Perjury for Ms. Murphy

SMUHSD Trustees and Superintendent Booker
Trustee Land, representative of Burlingame-

-sunlight is the best disinfectant

- this one may need some additional bleach... its quite infected,

The legal and ethical obligations of the Board- Please update and post the following actions of the SMUHSD Board of Trustees which has been intentionally suppressed and withheld from the public as it may be evidence in a civil and/or criminal action.

Re: SMUHSD Board Action by the Trustees, titled- Letter of Support for Ms. Melissa Murphy from Governing Board of the San Mateo Union High School District.

#1 Please update the online agenda links for August-September 2021. The listing of the meeting where this item was discussed and its location on the agenda are mandated by law.

#2 Please update the online minutes August-September 2021. A report of the Trustees actions including the publication of Board of Trustees documents, contracts, bills, Letters of Support, MUST be presented for public review.

A review of the agenda and minutes posted online over the past TWO YEARS do not reflect the September 10, 2021 Letter of Support.

The September 10, 2021, has been produced on SMUHSD letterhead, states that it has the “unanimous support” of the Trustees and is electronically signed buy SMUHSD President Robert Griffin. (The inclusion of a vote states that the item was discussed, seconded, and voted upon by the Trustees- There MUST be a public record and report of this action)

Re: SMUHSD Board Action by the Trustees, titled- Letter of Support for Ms. Melissa Murphy from Governing Board of the San Mateo Union High School District.

It is believed that the Trustees and current superintendent are aware of the Brown Act and its requirement for the ethical and transparent operations of the Trustees.

There should be no room for “backroom deals” where a proper and legal public disclosure is required. Even closed session items have reporting and disclosure requirements, but this action does not meet the standard for Closed Session.

The item is a Letter of Support and not a disciplinary action, therefore it could not be classified as a Closed Session item.

The item is CC’d to the San Mateo County Counsel John Nibbelin, the attorney for the SMUHSD Trustees, who therefore must not have pre-approved the item or participated in its creation.

There is information regarding a minor in the letter, which is confidential. Trustee Land as a Middle School Principal should know better than to allow the disclosure of information of a minor, especially when it is being used as a deflection for the lies of adults.

The letter, like all actions of the Board of Trustees belongs to the people who elected the Trustees to act in an ethical and transparent manner.

It is your legal duty to properly sunshine all agenda items for public review and public comments. It is the legal duty to post documents, resolutions, and Letters of Support created by the Trustees, articulating the public’s position.

This item has now been intentionally concealed for over two years and it is reported that the Trustees are VERY AWARE of its contents, but do not want the public to see the document.

The content of the letter is known to be fraudulent with one specific item of criminal concern. There are statements in the Trustees Letter of Support that are acts of perjury. The Trustees were “persuaded” to validate known violations of the law in order to defraud the Commission on Credentials. This fraud is coordinated in other documents and statements submitted to legal investigators and authorities.

The failure of the SMUHSD Trustees to engage in ethical and transparent actions is bad enough. The Trustees have also engaged in and enabled perjury to a state investigative agency.

California defines perjury under PC 118, which states it is a crime to provide false information while under oath. Purposely lying during testimony in court, in civil depositions, or with statements in sworn affidavits and declarations also apply under this law.

Sexual Assault at BHS- District Office Cover-Up- (Aug-Sept-2021)

Report of a Sexual Assault - BHS Teacher- 

Covered-Up by the SMUHSD District Office
-August-September 2021

-On August 25, 2021, letter specifically claiming sexual assault by an SMUHSD Teacher was postmarked at the Burlingame High School post office and sent to a school site administrator.  

-Upon receipt of the letter, the site principal (following protocol) provided the Sexual Assault Letter to Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black and Superintendent Kevin Skelly on September 5, 2021.

-When the Sexual Assault Letter was handed to Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black, he  stated "no problem, we'll take care of this so you don't have to worry about it."

Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black recognized the letter and the individual identified in the content. Given the ongoing events at the time, they was aware of the letter, its contents, and intent.

The letter was "problematic" to their personal employment issues and relationships at BHS.

Concurrent with the negligence cited in the article above, Dr. Black and Dr. Skelly buried the Sexual Assault Letter from the Trustees to avoid culpability.

They thought they would not get caught.

What can go wrong, will go wrong.

The report of Sexual Assault by a teacher upon a student by a teacher requires an immediate Mandatory Report to the police and a Title IX Report to the federal government.

Dr. Black is the Title IX Officer for the district. He was required to act based on Federal Law.

A Title IX Investigation should be opened today as ALL of the information and employee participants in the cover up are known and available.

Dr. Skelly and Dr. Black were under their second CTC investigation at the time and the BHS Teacher involved in the letter  was also "heavily entangled" in these same CTC investigations.

A police investigation of the Sexual Assault Letter would disclose EVERYTHING to the Trustees, the District Attorney, the San Mateo County Counsel, and the Attorney General.... all watching the SMUHSD in September 2021.

Dept Superintendent Black and Superintendent Skelly decided to withhold the Sexual Assault Letter from the Trustees and the police for a period of almost two week making a silent Informal Report to the San Mateo Police on September 16, 2021.

The scheme was to "cover up" the Sexual Assault Letter by "burying it" via an Informal Report with the San Mateo Police, believing that it would never be produced.

The letter was found in February 2022, and once again, extreme actions were taken to attack and slander those who might "out" the entire "team" involved in the cover up.

If this letter and the intentional actions taken to cover up the Sexual Assault allegations by SMUHSD employees were disclosed to the public, this would cause great humiliation and embarrassment for the district.

It would make public embarrassing information about these "adults," fueling gossip about the individuals, be posted on social media, and lead to dissension among co workers.

A second Threat Letter, postmarked November 23, 2021 from the same BHS Post Office by the same people was also covered up by the SMUHSD.

These actions of the SMUHSD have been presented to the Trustees who have also buried the evidence.

The evidence is on file and the lies of the cover up are Clear and Present.

The Trustees are culpable.

It goes without saying, these adults lied to the police and investigators regarding a crime that involved minors. They then continued the lies to ensure they would not be fired.

When Superintendent Booker was asked to produce evidence processed by the SMUHSD, he questioned those involved who lied to him, stating that the evidence requested "did not exist."

Schools get sued because teachers and administrators get caught and then they lie.

The facts above are known among certain BHS circles of "teachers."

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