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November 30, 2023



Let's face it. If you think Papan or Becker have any interest in in voter rights, voter suppression or anything other than union donations and climate pork I have a piece of the Bay Bridge to sell you.

Jennifer Pfaff

I did not get the Michael Memo, but saw the issue on the agenda for Monday.

It is your last paragraph, Joe, that for me says it all. Institutional knowledge is priceless. It takes at least a year or so (more, if a person is "new" to really participating in city issues) to get the full picture, grasp the background on various items, and understand how a number of staff and council issues are intertwined, etc.

IMO we have benefited greatly from those council people and various commissioners, many of whom stuck it out for a long time in what is essentially volunteer work for the betterment of a community (my view, anyhow). That has been generally true, even if there have been times when I fundamentally have disagreed with some on particular issues.

Though it was been unusual in "at large" elections to have no takers, I think Mary Janney ran uncontested about 15 or 20 years ago (please, correct me if I'm mistaken). At the time, few thought that was a good thing, but then shame on them for not running. I'm pretty sure she walked right in for a second (or third?) term. But she did have institutional knowledge at that point. In Hillsborough a few years back, there may have been a similar situation where nobody wanted to run, and there was no election.

Lots of people complain, but few actually do anything beyond complaining, and that has never really been any different--neither at large, nor district.

Oh the irony

Oh the irony. I wonder if they really even have the authority to do this?


Can anyone tell what was the point of District elections? I know cities were facing lawsuits if they did not comply but it all happened quickly and every city was under the gun which to me felt fishy.

What happens if there are no candidates one year from a specific district?

Another top down mandate hammered down on local cities.

Paloma Ave

I will repeat, "It appears that the State of California is against the people of the state." Why is that the case?

Cathy Baylock

Yes, Jen, you are correct. Bud Harrison retired at the last minute so Mary Janney was appointed. I am not sure if this is the case for Peter Stevenson since Rachel Cyr still appeared on the ballot even though she had formally withdrawn from the race. I do remember 2005 well when there were 9 candidates on the ballot. I think 2013, also. I think once life gets back to normal post-Covid, we will see interest in city government increase.

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