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November 01, 2023



Concrete island vs motorcycle = lawsuit.
Why chance this inevitability?
Jack-hammer out the island curbs.


California was a mess today. Long lines of cars filled the single lane in each direction. It took several minutes to turn left out of Douglas and it wasn't even rush hour. It looked like Enterprise rentals figured out the free parking. Talked to a friend walking down Broadway who said people are pissed.

Paloma Ave.

Traffic backed up to the fire station, trying to get to the round-a-bout. What were they thinking?


Ya gotta luv the Keep Clear markings south of the firehouse where there is no driveway. If I went to work drunk and did that I'd get fired.


You've really got to wonder sometimes about the people who design these things. It's like the people who design public bathrooms where the towels aren't anywhere near the faucets or the trash so there is water and trash all over the floor. You wonder, don't these people use a bathroom? Do they ever drive a car?


What a great analogy! Thank HMB.

And thank you to all the astute observers who noted it is not California Ave, but California Drive and did not chastise me publicly on the blog. I am suitably chastened.

I will leave the original misteak up because that is how we roll at the Voice.


We do love our obstacle courses and mazes over here.


And now we all get to go thru here more in the dark and in the rains starting this week. Tis the season


This was a mess last night. Anything to do with the new design?

BURLINGAME – A Caltrain hit three occupied vehicles Wednesday afternoon in Burlingame, according to the commuter rail line.

The collision involving northbound train No. 409 happened around 4:35 p.m. at Broadway, near California Drive, Caltrain spokesperson Dan Lieberman said. The intersection is close to the Broadway Caltrain station.

While no injuries were reported, an occupant of one of the vehicles was taken to a hospital. Lieberman said. No other information was available.

The tracks were cleared as of 5:35 p.m. and train No. 409 resumed service a short time later, Lieberman said.

Ram Emanual

Some friends who lived here for years but moved visited this week.

"What the heck did they do to California?"

If the train strike had anything to do with with the new roadwork the lawsuits will fly. Even if they didn't contribute much the lawsuits will fly.


While we are on the topic of Burlingame roadways had a question on all the speed bumps that were installed over a year ago in the Lyon Hoag neighborhood. I feel the traffic calming devices have helped. Does anyone else on this blog have any input on the outcome? Do these devices help or not?

Jennifer Pfaff

Dear Joanne,
I do think the speed hump devices have helped. Full disclosure is that the devices are not located on my street, which is a major street, but on the adjacent side streets; it is my impression they help to remind people they have exited the freeway and are entering a residential neighborhood.

I personally think the white outlines on the sides of my street have helped-- if only as a wake-up call that there are bike-riders sharing the road who may be doored. What is less effective (I think) are the circles, because they are so small that it is easier to cut them off rather than slow down. A continuous problem is the blatant skipping of 4-way stops. It was bad before, and unfortunately I don't think the behavior has improved, though I suspect this is a systemic problem all over the city.

Lemming R US

Now that we have this ridiculous bike lane on California can we get rid of the ones on Carolan? Asking for a friend.

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