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September 10, 2023



Does Beach want palm trees on Easton?

hollyroller@ gmail.com

The lack of concern for "everything" that happens beyond "Cell Phone, or a 2 Million Dollar Home" etc. Is really not a concern of the "children of parents" who have indulged an entire generation.
Make Money. F Everybody else.
Gosh Darn It.


Who is this Dan Myers guy writing a confused letter to the Daily Journal? Here is his letter and my responses in the -------- sections.

Mayor Michael Brownrigg and the councilmembers are wholly wrong in voting against a variety of trees on Easton Drive in Burlingame.

Maintaining the status quo simply because trees were planted 250 years ago in this spot wildly misses the point of serving the needs of one’s community. Anyone who’s ever driven along El Camino in Burlingame knows the trees have caused the pavement to undulate and stick-up to the point where parts of the road are traffic hazards.
I'm pretty sure the eucalyptus were not planted in 1773, but let's forgive math-challenged Myers. Anyone who has walked along El Camino--and I do it every day--knows that the eucalyptus are the best pedestrian safety mechanism in town. One man's traffic hazard is another man's "road diet".

So, perhaps with 250 years of hindsight (ugh, really??), people might realize this isn’t the place to plant trees that grow to enormous sizes and endanger our roads and safety.

I guess Dan Myers missed the change to the smaller eucalyptus species. Why let facts get in the way of a good rant?

Did you see the multiple trees that were felled across El Camino earlier this year, which took days to clear.
Yeah, we all saw that there are 390 eucalyptus trees on El Camino and maybe 5 fell in the storm of the century. The real question is if Caltrans had properly maintained them, would any of them fallen? The pines around town are more of a risk--should we cut them all down too, Dan?

But, sure, a meaningless history of eucalyptus trees that serves no one is more important to Brownrigg — and the councilmembers who sided with him — than making streets safer for traveling. Seemingly, it’s more important for them to do something over again simply because that’s the way it’s always done instead of stepping back and questioning why things are done and who they benefit.
Any dolt who uses the term "meaningless history" should be ignored. There's a new town in Solano County about to be built--it sounds like Dan Myers' kind of place. He can be the first one on his sterile faceless block.

Variety is the spice of life and Burlingame’s leadership seems awfully milquetoast with this vote.

Dan Myers


hollyroller@ gmail.com

Very Good Post.
However, if there are any Humans left a Hundred Years from now; driving any vehicle, riding a bike, or walking will be eccentric and or optional.
When Planting for the Future of Burlingame it is "Anyone's Guess" what the environment will be.

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