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August 24, 2023


hollyroller@ gmail.com

There are two Motels in SSF Right off the Main Road/Grand Ave.
@ 600 Units. 1800 Immigrants.
Come through there @ 8-10PM any night of the week and you will see SSF PD, ICE, and HLS.
Either Picking up, or just Patrolling.
All paid for by US.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Nevertheless, there is a Family Atmosphere like nowhere in Burlingame.
More "Dirty Little Secrets" all @ Cal-Train or whatever Corp. makes money using the Train Tracks.


Cut HSR.

Build a facility in the Mojave to house the homeless and treat drug add and mental illness. Job training. Clients stay there until well and ready to join society.

Why the elected elite can’t hear the voters anguish and change the policies likely to harm their voters is a mystery for me unless I consider them having a snobbish pride that only seeks money and power.

Even the crazy bridge-toll increase was eventually stopped due to public and (!) political outcries. But the politicians pushing this idea promise to keep at it and can’t hear that the bridge tolls are simply too expensive.


Don’t keep voting for these folks.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

I never thought about it but Housing Homeless @ Mohave, CA. is a good idea. The Cost of building a 30,000-50,000 Homeless City would be way better than HSR.
However, there will have to be Hundreds of Hospitals. Hundreds of Doctors. Hundreds of Infrastructure Maintenance Personal. "Waste" Disposal. Police and Fire/EMT Personal. A Government that includes a Leader, as well as Elders. Financial Directors. This is such an expensive "Pipe Dream" it will NEVER Happen.


Maybe those tech bros building their own private city can "give back" by funding it. Now THAT'S a pipe dream.


Yeah. And one of the tech bros is Nat Friedman the co-founder of California YIMBY. Where exactly is his backyard?

hollyroller@ gmail.com

The Poor get Poorer. The Rich get, well, you know. If anyone has ever spent an Evening in Mojave, CA. Putting Emotionally, Undereducated, Drug Addicted, men and women in a place that can be 365 Days a year, 100 degrees in the AM, and 30 degrees at 7:00PM is the Worst Place to put people who have NO ABILITY to take care of themselves is a Death Sentence. As well as a MAJOR WASTE OF MONEY.


It's fun to watch you change your mind day by day.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Everything is Fun Resident. You had Fun posting your comment. Or did you?


I'm not much on conspiracy theories, but I also have never encountered a Daily Journal letter to the editor that was published in the hard copy, but not to be found on-line on the DJ site.

I saw a letter from regular B'game writer Tim Donnelly (whom I do not know) suggesting that before the Millbrae La Quinta deal goes through, County manager Mike Callagy should build some affordable housing in HIS neighborhood first. I don't have the paper anymore or I would retype it in its entirety here.

Also in today's DJ a letter writer from Millbrae notes "In the Aug. 18 town hall, County Executive Mike Callagy was evasive about vetting criteria for La Quinta residents. Why? Probably because the county doesn’t want us to know that many drug/alcohol abusers will be part of a La Quinta population. And, because of California’s permissive policies like Housing First, substance abuse is allowed within government funded housing units. So, while drugs are consumed, drug dealers and partiers flock to that housing, creating danger and blight for the community."

Millbrae residents are on this......


While I am at it, the Sunday Comicle had a rare bit of insight in its Insight section titled "4 Things S.F. needs to address drugs".

Authored by a Sutter doc, a public health exec and the founder of the Haight-Ashbury Free Clinic, number 2 was eye-opening in the sense that I've never seen it before. Here you go:

A better conservatorship process
Patients who repetitively refuse to cooperate with their recovery, due to substance use or mental illness, should not be allowed to leave the hospital against medical advice without a legal release.

In 1967, California adopted the Lanterman-Petris-Short Act to create a process for holding patients with a mental illness against their will when they are deemed to be a danger to themselves or others or are gravely disabled. This process, however, falls short in two significant ways.

First, while alcoholism is considered grounds for involuntary holds, substance abuse is not. The act’s criteria for holding a patient also do not apply to medical conditions. As such, patients who are unable to assess these ailments in a rational manner are allowed to walk out of the hospital with life-threatening infections, uncontrolled diabetes and other diseases that need ongoing treatment.

A second flaw in the process are rules that allow us to hold people but make it hard to treat them for the disease we are holding them for. A specific legal process is required to initiate a physical hold, a separate hearing, called a Riese hearing, is needed to actually treat the patient, who lacks the capacity to make rational decisions, without consent. This mechanism currently exists only for psychiatric patients. There are no provisions in LPS conservatorship for incapacitated patients refusing medical treatment.

Paternalism — “doctor knows best” — has become an unpopular concept in medicine and society. But the current prevalence of homelessness, misery and premature death among the mentally ill and addicted is worse. We take oaths to “do no harm,” but, as was first noted a half century ago, we are letting people “die with their rights on,” even though many of them who refuse assistance lack the ability to rationally exercise their rights and self-interest.

The rest is here: https://www.sfchronicle.com/opinion/openforum/article/sf-recovery-drug-crisis-18327395.php

hollyroller@ gmail.com

I wonder how far those "Residence Homes" are "Close to Schools?" Or "Individuals?" "The Library?"
I am sure "everything will be fine."
By the way. I am renting out my Two Car Garage on Oak Grove to Family of Four. Until last week.
They pay for the "Porta Potty" too...
$4200.00 per month.
Sad to
Let me know if you have anyone to recommend.
I will even let the "New People" drink out of the Garden Hose. FREE!


You had to see this coming....

2 facing recall effort on Millbrae’s council
Proponents say it’s because of their La Quinta Inn support

An effort to recall Millbrae Councilmember Angelina Cahalan and Vice Mayor Maurice Goodman is in beginning stages, with advocates citing neglect for Millbrae’s financial limitations, ignoring community concern and pointing to their support of the county’s planned conversion of the La Quinta Inn into permanent supportive housing for formerly homeless.



Elected officials: Startlistening to voters.
You don’t know better than they do.

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