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July 07, 2023


hollyroller@ gmail.com

Social Racism.
How is it that less than 1% of the Population of The City of Burlingame that use these "Bike Lanes" deserve well over 1.2 Million Dollars a year to maintain these "Lanes" (engineers, attorneys, Caltrain, COB Council, Media, Construction Firms, etc.) is spent by US to provide a lane for 3- 60 plus year old people wearing Jacked Up "Grateful Dead Tee Shirts and Crocs?
(Not you Joe, your other two friends.)

Paloma Ave

City Council, No further bike lanes on California Dr. There are currently bike lanes one block east on Carolan, between Broadway and Oak Grove. Do not deprive businesses of parking in front of their stores and do not close down lanes approaching the worst intersection in San Mateo County!

Gerald Weisl

Do you think the owners of businesses which will lose valuable customer parking would have signed leases had there been no easy place for customers to park?

And then...

With traffic going to be restricted on El Camino due to Caltrans work in removing trees, is this the best time to reduce traffic capacity on the only other major artery in town?

These should not be difficult dynamics for City Council members to understand.


Funny holly. Vintage Grateful Dead t-shirts are way to valuable these days to bike in. And I will never own any Crocs--and certainly wouldn't bike in them. I clip in with my SPDs.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Whatever you say boss.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Did anyone know that Jerald was as Roady with The Grateful Dead?
I did not either.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Does anyone wonder if the COB Rec & Park Director views the TV show of the same name?


There's a bit of a "compromise" reached per the DJ. Here's a few snippets:

During a City Council meeting Wednesday, July 5, Public Works Director Syed Murtuza said allowing the unprotected left-hand turn from the northbound vehicle lane into the west side business driveways between Broadway and Carmelita Avenue would compromise safety for convenience. While it is not his recommendation, he reluctantly decided to allow it and monitor the area.

“Vehicles traveling in the northbound direction can be allowed to make left turns into the driveway at the midblock on the west side of the street, however, there’s a caveat, that it needs to be carefully monitored for safety,” Murtuza said. “And if it’s unsafe changes may need to be done to … make it safer.”

Maverick Jack’s restaurant, which is located on the eastside of California Drive, also voiced concerns last week, citing the project would restrict southbound vehicles on California Drive to make an unprotected left turn into the business’ driveway.

The project will result in the city removing 12 parking spaces on the west side of California Drive for a temporary bike lane, until the city raises the railroad tracks above the Broadway intersection. After, the city plans on moving the bike lane permanently on the east side of the street. U-turns will still be allowed at Carmelita Avenue, although Murtuza said it might be tight for some larger vehicles. And the city added nearly 20 parking spaces on the east side of the street, he added.

Construction is set to begin sometime this year.

I would say we need a lot more "monitoring for safety" all over town. I constantly hear about and have experienced aggressive driving vis a vis pedestrians and cyclists. The 12 spaces still get removed......

PS. hollyroller, please try to stay on topic. I would not like to delete some of your more off-topic comments. Please.


Calling the entrances to pretty big parking lots driveways seems a little deceptive. Kumon, Kerwin, Mokutanya and the car shop have lots of parking in back that their customers rely on.

Paloma Ave

Yet another poor decision. Constantly caving to the very small cycling public, at the expense of the vast majority driving public.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Is Maverick Jacks related to Jacks across from "Tanforan" in San Bruno?

Paloma Ave

Hi Holy - I haven't commented on your (not smart) posts in sometime. But, have you ever heard of google?


I hear the project starts next week and people are asking why it wasn't done before school started. Also the lights on California are messed up because the paving project damaged the sensors.

Aside from the terrible impact on local merchants on California, the northbound California traffic is predicted to be very congested leading to long backups on Carmelita as cars will not be able to easily turn left into backed up traffic.

Hoping for the best......but it's just a hope. Word on the street is even the cyclists don't get it.


One lane southbound is already jammed back to Broadway.


Did anyone read Josh Becker's pie in the sky opinion piece in the Daily Journal where he wants grade separations up and down the peninsula? The guy is such an empty suit. Burlingame has been trying to gather up the money just to do ONE grade separation and this guy wants a dozen or more. All hat, no cattle.

Paloma Ave

One lane on California Drive, from Broadway south to Oak Grove, demonstrates how out of touch some members of our City Council are, who have capitulated to the bicycle community.

It is estimated that less than 3% of local residents bicycle, while over 90% drive.

How is our city council representing the majority of it's citizens?


It is definitely time to not allow Beach, Brownrigg and Ortiz to be our representatives. They have done a terrible job of only representing THEIR OWN interests.

It is time for Burlingame voters to smarten up!


One of State’s worst intersections now made worse.
We can’t keep electing these people.


This was unanimously approved. Not just Brownrigg or Beach or Ortiz. All 5 on the council gave it a high five back in February 2023. Donna Colson actually led and made the motion to approve. Ortiz seconded.

Check the tap 50 mins in:

Hold them all to account.

Paloma Ave

I just wanted to advise the Burlingame City Council that there are two car lanes on Murchison, between El Camino Real and California Dr., that DOES NOT have a bike lane!

Perhaps you can get busy having a bike lane installed and cutting car traffic down to one lane?

hollyroller@ gmail.com

I agree with Paloma. Paloma stole that idea from me.

Jonathan Swift

California Drive is such a spacious roadway that it should really be configured not solely for motor vehicles and bikes.

Please think about having a lane for skaters and skateboarders.

There should also be a special lane for people walking their pets, dogs especially with periodic fire hydrants.

I'd advocate for a special lane for those with baby strollers or people in wheelchairs.

Can we have some streets around town suitable for horses? Saddle up, Burlingame!!! I've already seen some hitching posts on Burlingame Avenue and Broadway, but these are presently used for bicycles.

Eric Isero

In the last year I have started biking the 4 miles from my house down California Drive to Murchison in Millbrae. Everyone that can should try to get out of their car as much as they can. It is better for your mental and physical health and saves on gas/emissions. My formerly 15 minute driving commute takes 16 minutes on a bike and it is much more pleasant (even more pleasant when the project is one). I support the bike lane. One only needs to look toward bike friendly communities like Palo Alto to see what can be done to encourage kids/adults to bike to school and home.


The project is already in trouble. There was an accident two or three days ago with a Samtrans bus hitting a car waiting at the light on California. There are perfectly good bike lanes on Carolan just yards from California. Use those and put California Ave back the way it was. Simple.


Wait until El Camino is closed for the years long construction.

Jean Stephens

Why can’t the businesses pay for their own parking lots instead of relying in taxpayers to subsidize their profits??

I will vote for keeping people safe over more corporate welfare.

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