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May 11, 2023



In a normal state the carrots described here would be applied much more than the stick. But we are not in a normal state. I applaud these two for trying. I suppose hope springs eternal.


Right on cue some whiny mouthpiece for the Burlingame Socialist Party (total membership = 5 people) has a letter in the Daily Journal because you and your neighbors should pay for their housing. Check this nonsense out:

Much has been written about local cities’ obstructionism in addressing our housing crisis, so we are thrilled the state is getting involved. For example, in Burlingame, SB35’s streamlining has jump-started the redo of a privately-owned abandoned car wash lot — roughly one year from start to groundbreaking — into 69 very-low-income units. This compares to another similar project that went through the usual city approval process; it started in 2014 and is still not completed. ((There's probably some very good reasons for that, but she doesn't want to elaborate))

We owe the state for the needed increase in RHNA targets, ((the targets the state's own staff admit are wrong? Those targets?)) along with real consequences should cities not identify sites that could help them meet their allocations. Hopefully, going forward, available public land will no longer be taken for granted.

Again, in Burlingame, without such accountability, during a severe housing crisis, the city prioritized using public land and funds to build an $80 million+ Recreation Center (to replace the earthquake-susceptible ancient one--had this whiner ever been in the old Rec Center?), rejecting constituents’ calls to build housing on top (Hey, I'd love a top floor unit looking over Washington Park with amenities on the ground floor--where do I sign up??). They also approved a market rate assisted living facility (at a taxpayer cost of $80 million) and are on track to approve even more market rate housing — all on public land. (Whoops, I guess this clown missed the giant new subsidized housing project downtown)

AB1482, which caps rent increases at 10%, while far from perfect, is better than the nothing Burlingame City Council unanimously endorsed when faced with a citizen initiated rent control measure (Every sane economist in the world states rent control is a lose-lose-lose proposition. Get real)). The law also provides some additional renter protections, all of which the council refused to even agendize, despite more than 50% of its residents being renters. ((I always like the use of "protections". Who's getting protected Laura?)

There’s more, including SB9 and SB10, and more to come, fingers crossed.

Laura Hinz
Letter writer is a member of Housing for All Burlingame.

Even their little 5 person organization's name is stupid. If you are here in Burlingame, you are already here. Who exactly is she looking to "house" that isn't part of the current "All Burlingame".

As noted in the original post, some of our council members actually have a clue unless Ms. Clueless here.

Actionable suggestion: Nobody who has ever been associated with Housing for All Burlingame should get a taxpayer subsidized unit. Period!


I forgot the DJ link in case you thought I was making this nonsense up for clicks:


Lemmings R Us

These people need the government to be their mommy and daddy. Very sad.

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