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April 19, 2023



I wish the large grocery store chains here would get those reverse vending machines for recycling bottles and cans like they have in many European countries.

Gerald Weisl

Governor Newsom spoke about the dollars in the State bank account for CRV 'deposits' being unclaimed, not realizing most people put their cans and bottles in the recycling bins instead of redeeming them for the five and ten-cent deposits. The original intent of the charge for cans and bottles was to clean up the streets. That has happened.

I sent Governor Newsom a note asking when he last redeemed $5 worth of cans and bottles, but he has yet to respond.

The "convenience zone" is centered at a supermarket. In our area, it's Mollie Stone's. If there is not a bona fide recycling center within a one mile radius, then all "beverage retailers" are required to take back cans & bottles and pay people for them.
Then the business owner can take those cans and bottles to the recycling center.

In our town, the nearest place is on Amphlett Blvd, precisely 1.21 miles from Mollie Stones, thus obliging all beverage retailers to redeem cans and bottles.

Then this can create a game of "hot potato," with one retailer taking those newly-redeemed cans and bottles to another beverage retailer in the neighborhood.

Welcome to California.


I'm sorry. If you make over $150k you only get .03 back per can. If you make under $25K you get .20 per can.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

What is the point you are attempting to share?

hollyroller@ gmail.com

On the "other hand," in the 1960's myself, and a lot of kids would bring Glass Bottles to Safeway, get "money." Spend it on Candy or more Soda. Unfortunately, the only people I see collecting Cans and Bottles now are usually over 20 years old. Next thing "you know" Burlingame will begin having the BPD do stake outs on Hillside to catch the poor people who just want a Roof and Food. The BPD really has been forced by "City Hall" to "Stake Out" Recyling Bin Theft. Silly.


I get Phinancier's point--it's like the electricity proposal.

My point is we hear about supporting small business and making it easier to do business (e.g. in B'game) but then Sacramento or San Mateo County or sometimes the City (taking parking spaces on California) turn around and do the opposite. It frustrating how much harm do-gooders do.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Excellent Point Joe.


For the "We are governed by idiots" file from the DJ and Bay City News, we read that instead of fixing the scamdalous recycling program we already have, the geniuses in Sacto are "adding to the pile":

California lawmakers have approved an update to the state’s bottle recycling law that will add an estimated 200 million containers per year into the recycling stream by including fruit and vegetable juice containers.

The measure seeks to bolster California’s beverage container recycling program, reducing the amount of plastic and glass going into landfills and helping to stabilize the recycling market, Dodd’s office said on Friday.

“We’re taking a big step toward cutting our state’s waste stream while uplifting our recycling program,” Sen. Dodd said in a statement. “This bill reduces the amount of recyclables we put into landfills, provides a financial lifeline to recyclers, and maximizes consumers’ options for redeeming deposits on beverage containers. Ultimately, it will help us meet our recycling goals.”

They can't even get recycling to work, but are bound and determined to fix global warming......

hollyroller@ gmail.com

@ 1975"we took a 'HS Field Trip from Pacifica to Yosemite. One of the "educational" aspects was "Re-Cycling. Day Two in Yosemite, we learned from the "USDA Maintenance Superintendent," within the Yosemite Sewage Treatment Plant, though "recycling' was encouraged, it was not Cost effective. Everything went into the same "Landfill. All the way out to Altamont CA.

Jennifer Pfaff

@2023 chaos continues to reign in public and private garbage receptacles. In California's public spaces, there tend to be 2 to 3 "choices". The more choices, the worse it gets.

One seems to be for the real garbage but could include compostable stuff--some of which ends up in the green bins at home. But it's the other two that are all over the map, and looking down into the pits is no help at all.

Most seem equally as perplexed, or just pick one and toss.

Are those plastic flatware pieces supposed to be recyclable, or not? The tops of the coffee cups? Dirty paper plates and napkins? Starch and Bamboo? Are those for the compostable side, and what if there doesn't appear to be a compostable side.

Sometimes I wonder if those 2-3 part rigs actually just lead to one pit. The dead battery disposal from home causes lots of headache, particularly as the little illustrations on the can lids become faded. We continue to have debates about the soiled pizza boxes for the same reason.

The worst has been in SoCal, where (at least up to a couple of years ago) the system is frequently the all-in-one style of yore, but with signage for obsessive recyclers: SORTED-OFFSITE.

Recently I saw the addition: "...by Skilled Workers" at an airport.

Anyhow, if there really are actual workers at the 'other end' of the pile, I sure hope they get better instructions than most of us in the general public.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Dear Jennifer Pfaff. "We-The World" are F'd.
@ 48% of American voter's support "Universal ignorance." Other than "another 'World Wide Disease" 'Ignorance" is the choice for almost one half of the US. Think about it "All?"
Our "US Culture" cannot even figure out how to "Get Rid" of garbage.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

I have NO IDEA how to make things better either..

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