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March 26, 2023



Here’s what you do to make this thing work:

Incentivize the suck.

The counties give tax rebates to cover the cost of voluntary conversion.
Early adapters get 90-100% covered. Later conversions get less money. All voluntary.

Now, on to the problem of homelessness and the frantic building of really non-affordable (read “subsidized”) housing.

We don’t have a homeless problem.

We have a drug and alcohol problem with people from drug cartels to do-gooders enabling the dysfunction.

Stop High Speed Rail, use the money to build a city where the homeless addicts can be housed and put into treatment. They get better, they return to open society. They don’t want treatment, they stay in the city receive food, health care, etc, but no drugs or alcohol.

Gavinius Caesar

I, Gavinius Caesar, have decreed that SVB shall not let my wineries' cash deposits vanish. I have called Zeus Bidenius who fixed it all. Go about your business, my subjects.

Handle Bard

These bans are quite drastic. I have to wonder what happens when people figure it out and then realize they could go weeks (months?) without heat or hot water as the whole house gets reworked?

The horror, the horror.

Pols support measures like these when they no longer are able to address crime, mental health, fentanyl crisis, drought, failing public schools,...
It's an admission of failure so please remember these woke idiots during election time and vote them all out of office. Their party affiliation is usually a good tell.

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