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November 15, 2022



A friend told me the city of Burlingame has recently hired a Professional Arborist to "Oversee/Manage" the Beautiful Trees of Burlingame.
I am looking forward to the Official Recreation & Park Department Announcement.


Since Disco is retiring this seems like an obvious next move.

Bill Ralston

Mr. Disco "retired" quite a while ago...he's just physically leaving.


That really is a beautiful photo! Thanks.


I have met Mr. Disco a few times. He seemed like a very Jolly Fellow.
I am sorry to learn he has retired but Happy he survived the Recreation and Park Dept.
I am sure there will be an appropriate replacement.
Master's Degree in "something."
I bet the Salary is Awesome....
"Our Fair City" is Awesome too.
Happy Trails "Jolly Fellow" Non-Binary. Disco


Let’s hope that the our city government has the common sense (with the emphasis on “common”) to hire a trans person from the BIPOC community for this landscaping job to help balance the work force for these new times. We have to accept that it will cost a bit to get management quality but it shouldn’t be that much more then the current salary and compensation – see transparentcalifornia.com for current specific salaries.

Paloma Ave

MBGA - I like the new picture!


That is a very interesting post MBGA.
What does BIPOC mean?


BIPOC = Black, Indigenous, and People of Color

WTF, people -- the post is about a couple of beautiful trees. Knock it off.


Easy HMB.
I understand your POV. I am confused though.
We all may have learned something here today.
One insight being that you HMB have an issue with BIPOC people.
I hope not.


I think you are off-base and may be confusing HMB with MBGA although I don't think either have any issues with anyone--city salaries maybe, but people? Nah

HMB is correct, we are far afield of the two beautiful trees in the Baywood district. Back on track, please?


Truth be known, I hate red leaves.


Let's not have BV become another Nextdoor, please!

I only defined BIPOC because hollyrolller asked. Maybe I should have replied, "Google it." Sheesh...


What is "Nextdoor" HMB?
Other than that all the trees in Burlingame look great. The Tree Dept. provides a very Professional Benefit for "Our Fair City." Red Leaves or No Leaves the Trees in this Town are outstanding!


Google it.


Correction. This post is about two trees and a stump.

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Who will speak for the poor stump?
what happened to that "Tom the Tree" stump, piece of wood?

hollyroller@ gmail.com

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone.

Cathryn Baylock

Poor Tom the Tree took his place in the Burlingame-Hillsborough History Museum only to come down with a bug (or bugs, I should say). He has gone to his final resting place in the woodchips in the sky. RIP, Tom!

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