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November 09, 2022



If you think voter ignorance is bad now wait until there are 10 new high density apartment buildings with little tiny apartments filled with people who are just passing through Burlingame. One of my local friends keeps track of how many people he walks past that keep their head down and scurry by. It's growing. The developers and the council toadies are already putting us on a path to be SF. Saw a stinky homeless dude today but he only had one bottle of beer with him. Deal with it.


I guess things could be even less convincing:

On Tuesday, Pennsylvania State Representative Tony DeLuca, a Democrat, was re-elected to the state House despite the fact that the 85-year-old died from lymphoma in October.

Early voting numbers Tuesday indicated that Mr. DeLuca, a Democrat, had a sizable lead over Green Party challenger Zarah Livingston. Mr. DeLuca, the longest-serving member of the state House of Representatives, died last month at age 85 from lymphoma. It was too late to change the election ballots or change the candidate running for the 32nd District, which includes Penn Hills, Verona, parts of Plum and Oakmont.

The election a candidate posthumusly is certainly not without precedent. in the 2020 election, late North Dakotan Republican David Andahl beat longtime incumbent Jeff Delzer to win a seat in the House of Representatives one month after his death.

And, of course, in 2000, Missouri Governor Mel Carnahan was elected to the U.S. Senate three weeks after his death in a plane crash.
So, there you have it.


And another pointed but insightful letter to the editor of the WSJ from a Floridian:

Ms. Noonan’s column took me back to my earliest voting experience, when I was advised by my Dad never to put that little sticker on my shirt. His vision was certainly prescient. He went on to explain that if that little sticker reminded someone to vote, more than likely that vote would be an ill-informed one. He elaborated that if you can’t even remember when to vote, chances are your position isn’t well-formulated. Word to the wise.

Dave Wood


You are completely oblivious to how statistics work. You could have a baloney sandwich as a candidate and it will still get a large percentage of the vote.

Also, district elections are good for democracy not bad—stop with the misinformation. Plenty of case studies and data support this.

If you have an issue, throw your hat in the ring and run for office.

The fact that people don’t vote or that no one else decided to challenge Brownrigg or Ortiz are different issues. Quite frankly, the problem is with how the districts were formed or gerrymandered by the current council.

We need to implement maps by people such as the initiative by the league of women voters.

Stop whining old man.

Howard C

You got the old man part right. The rest is just BS.

Down goes Frazier, down goes Frazier


Thanks @Trump2024. You have unwittingly provided a perfect example of a low-information voter advocating for something that is impossible. I could not "throw my hat in the ring" because I live in District 4 which did not have an election this time around. You are spouting off about something without doing a lick of homework. Nice job.

Here are the districts. I'd love to have you tell us how this was "gerrymandered". Can't wait for your next screw-up:


Paloma Ave

It appears Trump2024 & Howard C have an issue with us 'experienced seniors' expressing an opinion.

How noble of them.


The voter suppression is one thing. You have identified an even more pernicious effect. Candidate suppression.


There are three House races in California that still have not been called. The election was two weeks ago. Guess which party's candidates are leading in all three?

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