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November 07, 2022



I am beginning to question this whole climate change mantra and how sustainable going all electric will be in the future.
It has been an interesting couple of years where just like dealing with Covid you did not have time to accept the solutions because if you don’t something really really bad will happen.
No one is talking about how electric vehicles will require mass mining. A lot of that mining is being done in far away place that use child labor and is going to be so environmentally destructive. Electric vehicles will come at a massive massive costs.
Unfortunately seems everyone is drinking the “kool-aid”.

Peter Garrison

The free market would handle this if people would not buy these expensive and impractical electric cars.

But the market isn’t free as California is manipulating the market by halting sales of new gasoline powered cars in the near future.

If California would just stop HSR I could believe that the government had some common sense, but no.

Read Quentin Kopp’s editorial in the DJ about the stupidity of HSR and his remorse in once thinking it was a good.


You can read an excerpt of Kopp's piece here: https://www.burlingamevoice.com/2021/04/high-cost-rail-part-154-kopp-speaks-outagain.html#comments

The link is also there to read the whole tale of woe.

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