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November 03, 2022


Peter Garrison

Life Lesson: Don’t borrow more than you can afford to pay back.

Lesson 2: Pay back your loans.

You should learn this in college…

Paloma Ave

Buying future votes with YOUR money.


If anyone could present a good reason to forgive "student loans" i would be all for it.
There are many ways to repay all student loans. I believe that no matter what place in life a Student Loan Debtor is in when applying for relief, ie kids to raise, business, Heart Surgeon, Special Needs, Run a Farm or Oil Well. Commit to at least two years of Community Service. They will not get to choose what their work is, or where they go. This is not punishment. It should be a Personal and Moral Reconning.
Two years of work for our Country to repay over one single person's 1.5 million Dollar debt in two years is a gift.
How about jail or wage attachments? How has that not happened?
Time to stop giving a pass to theft and wasting Money on people who manipulate the "System" for their own reasons.
Two years. 1.5 million Dollar debt forgiveness. Good Deal.
Or make the Thousands of Debtors file Bankruptcy.
Have there been any contributors to this Topic that actually present a case as to why they do not have to repay their loans?
If anyone living in Burlingame that can afford a $15-25,000.00 Mortgage a month and not be able to repay a loan that got them to their place in life is a criminal.
Sort of like Trump.


You mean more like Hunter Biden and daddy.


In yesterday's Daily Post we got another perfectly matched pair of non-answers from the peas-in-a-pod. The question was Are you satisfied with how the Administration is handling the southern border and the people who cross it, or should there be changes?

No answer to The Question from either of them. Canepa says they aren't an imminent threat and we need a pathway to citizenship. Mullin goes on about voting to NOT share immigration data with the Federal government, the DREAM Act, DACA and expanding Medi-Cal to illegals. Very sad.

All this the same week that an illegal Canadian who crossed the southern border 14 years ago, lied about citizenship to register to vote (voter fraud for years) and took a hammer to Paul Pelosi in his house.

Paloma Ave

Expecting a democrat to criticize another democrat? Not bloody likely, unless your Kamala!

Handle Bard

Election 2022. More free stuff. More free stuff.

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