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October 12, 2022



I think you meant oh-for-two


Timing is everything

One of the most closely watched economic data releases of the month, the year-over-year headline number for the September consumer-price index came in at 8.2%, down from 8.3%, but it was the rise in the core CPI number, which strips out volatile food and energy prices, that got the blame for the selloff, posting a monthly rise of 0.6% versus a Wall Street forecast of 0.4%.

The increase in the core rate over the past year climbed to a new peak of 6.6% from 6.3%, marking the biggest gain in 40 years.

Peter Garrison

thanks guys for keeping us up-to-date on this stuff. I appreciate it.


You're welcome, sir. By the way, I ran into another friend in town today who read this post and I realized I didn't get around to taking a position. I'll probably vote FOR it as a better basis than what we have now. I just think it could have been so much better if the Big Guys were paying the city real money to operate here.


Seems absurd that Facebook will only pay $750 a year.


I skipped over the second part of Measure X - the weed tax. It's a no-brainer and should have been crafted on its own as Measure H for "high". The ballot paragraph would be about three sentences long. The DJ is high-lighting it here:


I guess I know more than the average bear about the weed distribution business from just one well-connected visit; which you can assess here:


BUT the interesting bit of the DJ's piece by Nicholas Mazzoni is at the very end and it goes to the point of this post. See if you can translate this:

Businesses that generate $250,000 income or lower will be charged $200 a year; $250,000 to $1 million will be charged $300; and $1 million and above will be charged $750.

About 7% of Burlingame’s 8,700 businesses fall in that $1 million or more category; 93% percent of the city’s businesses will pay under $300, Colson said.

For a business that makes more than $1 million, $750 might not sound like a lot of money. The reason the fee is so low is that multiple businesses in Burlingame, specifically the car dealerships, restaurants and coffee shops own multiple businesses and would burden them more than it would help the city, said Colson.


I guess we need to raise Mom and Pop's business licenses so we can lay out $1.4M in a 55 (yes! 55) year loan to some developer to build subsidized by us apartments?



Doesn't that subsidized housing seem a little small these days? Common people, we can do better. All you need to do is copy and paste a few more stories and you can get this big boy:


Since (D) leadership intends to make everywhere look and be the same we should be dropping the potentially problematic names of cities, and just go to calling them sectors. It’s much more democratic and easier to administrate. Burlingame should change its name to USCH/BA/sector37.

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