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September 29, 2022


Mark Lucchesi

Russ, thanks for the article. We are out of town celebrating our youngest sons wedding, but would have attended the meeting. Appreciate you being my ears. Do you if there are going to be anymore candidate forums prior to the election. Mark Lucchesi


I have not heard of any more forums and doubt any are planned.

Russ is joined by another notable columnist, John Horgan, asking similar questions:

The contradictions along the Peninsula continue, seemingly without an end in sight. In spite of cries of alarm about a lack of available water supplies, fears of imminent sea-level rise and associated flooding, ongoing traffic congestion and a lack of available housing, plans for ever more office buildings continue to emerge.

It’s a real head-scratcher. Even as warnings about all of the above issues persist, municipal authorities from Brisbane to Redwood City ponder their next massive office developments.

Millions of square feet of office space are on the table at this point. According to the latest San Mateo County fiscal analysis, about 65 million square feet of fresh development is anticipated here in the next six to eight years.


Gerald Weisl

Please keep in mind that each Burlingame resident now has but one City Council representative, not five. As a result, the race for a seat on the council is weak and, given that the results are pre-determined thanks to the district election mandate, we should not be surprised by the sparse attendance.
Our City often does not plan ahead and, instead, reacts to what has happened (or is happening). The term "kick the can down the road" is one which may have originated here in Burlingame. Planning for how to deal with greater population will be addressed after the horse is out of that barn.
Being a Broadway business owner, I can tell you while there may be lack of "pride of ownership" to some degree, there's also something called "lack of funds." Staying afloat in these challenging times is difficult. And now, keep in mind, Burlingame is looking to increase the cost of doing business in town by raising the business licensing fees in the November election. As it's a so-called "off year" election, the powers that be know it should be easier to get approval for a tax increase than in a general election year.
Add to the mix the increased cost of rent, insurance, water, electricity and staffing and then you can tell me how we can dress up the storefronts here.

So while the forum may have been disappointing, not having five City Council members who are responsive is more of a disappointment.


Cannot imagine what this new tall building in the old post office space is going to look like towering over our downtown. It’s taken a year to dig that big hole so you know it’s going to be something substantial. If you look around the downtown there’s nothing over 2 stories. Thanks to the bad decisions of a few, we’re stuck. Nothing gets challenged anymore. There is no consistency with what already exists.
Developers all over Burlingame have convinced our City Council that this is the way to go and there is absolutely no pushback.

Sometime in the future people may walk by and look up and say “how did that ever get built?”


“Sometime in the future people may walk by and look up and say “how did that ever get built?””

I take your statement a little different than you may have intended.

More likely they will look up at that building and wonder how people even could build it.

Cathy Baylock

NEXT FORUM, NEXT WEEK: League of Women Voters – Candidate Forum – Wednesday, October 12th – 6-8PM (on-line)
To access the forum via your computer – go to:

· www.zoom.us/join
· Meeting ID: 863 1083 2430
· Passcode: 111055
· You can also join via your phone – 1-669-900-6833


Kudos! Very well written. Very "Visual" too.
When living in Burlingame, your Mortgage is @ $20,000.00 a month, 2.5 children and everything that goes with that. Nobody has the time to care who is on the COB Elder Commitee.
That is, until a serious "catastrophe" happens-it will, and all our City Elders have NO IDEA what to do. "You Tube" will never be able to show ANYONE how to respond. The COB Elders might be loading up their family in a $250,00.00 RV with a Tow Behind Land Rover and F Burlingame....Well at least the East Side.
What a Mess.

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