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September 13, 2022



Thank you Eileen White.



She started out as an Accounting Specialist........all you need to know


While there are multiple entries for Eileen M. White in the Transparent California search results posted above, consider this:

One has compensation reported from the East Bay Municipal Utility District (EBMUD) as "Operations & Maint Dept Mgr" from 2012-2016 and "Director Of Wastewater" from 2017-2021.

One has compensation reported from the Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District as "Accounting Specialist" from 2012-2018.

The overlapping dates might make observant and curious readers ask, "Perhaps these are two different people?"

It's easy to find the press release mentioning that the quoted Eileen White came to the Water Quality Control Board from EBMUD.

It's also easy to find that there's still an Eileen White listed on staff as an Accounting Specialist at the Vallejo Flood and Wastewater District.

Let's all slow down, everyone.


While I like all the sleuthing I have to ask "Who cares?" EBMUD is just one of many agencies bringing in water and, um, sending it out. This problem is way above any single agency head's pay grade.


The pay grade is one of the reasons we have a problem financing projects. But I take your point that the problem in essence is mostly about unfunded growth.


I love finding on-point articles and data when I just posted on some topic. This letter in yesterday's WSJ about the Jackson, MS disaster is an example. I think it supports part of MBGA and my thoughts on the topic:

Regarding “Jackson’s Water Woes Explained” (Review & Outlook, Sept. 6): As a retired operator of a wastewater facility in California, I can tell you that the first contributing factor in a water-system and treatment-plant failure is mismanagement by the board of directors or relevant governing body. Its role is planning, financing and permit compliance. The plant’s prior flooding incident served as ample warning. The leaders should have hired consultants immediately to write up a capital-improvement plan to address flooding. If they had worked on a threat analysis, flooding would have been a high priority.

The second failure was likely on the part of plant staff. At around 30 years, this facility isn’t very old. They are designed to operate for 50 years or more with proper maintenance. Cleaning filters is usually an automatic function based on head pressure as the filter gets dirty. Critical equipment spares such as pumps, motors, variable frequency drives and more need to be pre-purchased and ready.

The third failure was likely by the local governing agencies. Every water and wastewater-treatment facility has an operating permit along with annual inspections. The shortcomings of the Jackson, Miss., plant should have been noted on inspections and addressed promptly.

Bob Waters


The YIMBYs will never pay for anything because they have nothing except big mouths. In their heart of hearts, they are happy in Mom's garage. She does their laundry, cooks dinner for them a couple times a week and gives them all the leftovers for the microwave in the garage.

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