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May 10, 2022


Rob Adams

I can see it now… a speciality cocktail at the French Laundry called “The Newsom” tall glass, no ice (water shortage), no booze (train to nowhere) and you have to share it with no less than four others (housing push). $10…wait, just went up to $14.

Peter Garrison

Funny Rob!


You might want to check out on youtube:

"The Tallest Bridge In The World Cost $147 Million".


Just to put the billions in perspective, the US government is spending $33 billion to arm the Ukrainians as they try to fend off the Russian Army and in the process, save Western Europe from any further aggression. California will be spending $105 billion, conservatively, to build a rail system that is years behind schedule and will never operate at a profit. While it's an apples to oranges comparison, can't help but marvel that trying to save democracy (in terms of dollars only) is costing about a third as much as HSR. Rebuilding Ukraine, whoever pays for it, is of course a far different calculation.


It’s cheaper to fight the Russians in Ukraine than the Democratic Machine in Sacramento.


That's an interesting bridge in China. I guess the point of putting it here is that our incompetents couldn't even get the drawings for such bridge done for $147 million.


This spoof piece by Joe Mathews in the Chronicle is really good up until the close:


Then he quotes the recent poll I noted in the original post--my original assessment stands. If someone reads his spoof and still is in favor of this boondoggle, they are clueless.


This should be entertaining. I love the "just move it underground" request--like we didn't go through all of this 15 years ago. Cost. Complexity. And what's known as "porpoising" when a train going 120mph (about half the supposed speed) on the Peninsula goes up and down in a short space. The Authority is going to "porpoise" all over this:

An ongoing dispute involving a proposed 488-unit apartment project in Millbrae and the state’s high-speed rail plans took a turn last week, with the Millbrae City Council initiating proceedings to acquire a portion of land that could move the housing forward but throw a wrench in the bullet train plans.

But Millbrae officials, pointing to myriad disruptions the train could cause locally, plus other uses for the prime downtown real estate, have requested the tracks and station be built underground.

The City Council this week approved a resolution of necessity, the first step in eminent domain court proceedings, which could allow the city to acquire the thin strip of land in question.

The resolution states the housing development is a “more necessary public use,” than the bullet train, something the city may need to prove to take control of the parcel. It also questions if the train will ever come to fruition given a lack of funding for the Bay Area stretch.

“It’s going to be many, many decades before high-speed rail comes this way,” City Manager Tom Williams said, who pointed to the housing emergency declared by Gov. Gavin Newsom.


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