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May 21, 2022



I want the pox report. When will county start posting? I've heard there's a vax on the way.


Thanks, MBGA, that's funny. Just came across the "wave count" for Covid--this is the fifth.


Anecdotally the surge continues and some of the people are getting pretty ill even having had a booster, etc. The B'game number jumped much more than the County rate which slowed down:

Total Cases: 134,492 - Up 2,969 in the County for the week -- down about 60% from last week's jump.

Burlingame Cases: 4,535 - Up by 286 over last week, so 54% higher than last week. 388 cases in the last 30 days so some of the increase might have been catching up from earlier.

Hospitalizations in the County: 41--about the same.


Today's Comicle headline asserts that we have seen the most recent peak and are in slight decline. That's not born out by the SM County numbers. Alameda County brought back the indoor mask mandate as well. Here's how the week went:

Total Cases: 140,702 - Up 6,210 in the County for the week -- double last week's increase.

Burlingame Cases: 4,535 - Up by 108 over last week, so less than half of last week's increase. 436 cases in the last 30 days.

Hospitalizations in the County: 31--down 25%.


Moderna's announcement of a new vax for Omicron was accompanied by talk of new variants popped up this week with BA.4 and BA.5. BA.5 is now 7.6% of cases nationally. Locally our week looked like this:

Total Cases: 143,453 - Up 2,751 in the County for the week -- less than half of last week's increase.

Burlingame Cases: 4,746 - Up by 211 over last week, so almost double last week's increase. 437 cases in the last 30 days--flat which is odd given the increase.

Hospitalizations in the County: 38 - about the same


Even with more summer socializing, the numbers show a pretty quiet week Covid-wise:

Total Cases: 146,098 - Up 2,645 in the County for the week -- flat week over week.

Burlingame Cases: 4,746 - Up by 70 over last week, so a notable slow down. 401 cases in the last 30 days--as things taper down.

Hospitalizations in the County: 43 - about the same


It was another pretty average week in the County according to the official numbers. I heard of several breakthrough-boosted cases among friends and acquaintances. Also keep hearing the Moderna booster will kick yer butt:

Total Cases: 148,771 - Up 2,673 in the County for the week -- flat week over week again.

Burlingame Cases: 4,746 - Up by 164 over last week, so more than double. 396 cases in the last 30 days--flat week over week as a higher week this week replaces a higher week a month ago.

Hospitalizations in the County: 28 - down 15


As I said in the original post from May, things are blurry out there Covid-wise. You can read all about the BA.4 and BA.5 and how there is a surge. You can read about the government telling Pfizer they should update their vax--like Pfizer did know that and hasn't been working on it for weeks or months....but here we see about the same numbers as the last few weeks:

Total Cases: 151,848 - Up 3,077 in the County for the week -- up about 15%.

Burlingame Cases: the county website is having a "data source error"

Hospitalizations in the County: 39 - up 11

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