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April 08, 2022



If you need another reason not to vote for Beach read todays article in the Daily Journal about the license plate cameras. I'm not sure who she thinks she represents but its not me.


I want a council that acts on the needs of the voters;
not a council that tells us what they think is good for us.

Safety and good finances, good roads and responsive government departments.

So simple.

But vote for Beach cuz she’s the only woman in the running?
Sorry, I’m not sexist.

Paloma Ave

Of the three major candidates who is the least offensive?

Mullin sold us out by voting yes on SB9 & SB10.

Beach decided that new construction should be banned from using natural gas.

Canepa is already annoyingly on camera any chance he gets.

Who would cause the least amount of damage?

Just Visiting

First publicly viewable "debate" is available online. It was climate-focused:

Sue Lempert was impressed by the Republican, but even the most optimistic Republicans and decline-to-states reading and commenting here know he isn't going to be elected in this district. Maybe in decades past, and maybe in the future, but not in 2022. Lempert's opinion here:


Paloma Ave

In reading the above article, it appears that Mullin & Beach admire Speier, whereas Canepa admires AOC.

That drops Canepa off the list of suitable candidates.

That leaves Mullin and Beach left (as the top two contenders).

Since Mullin betrayed the voter's by voting yes on SB9 and SB10, I will be voting for...


Don't be so sure Beach would not have voted for 9 and 10 if she had the chance. She seems more AOC inclined than I would like.


Start the slow turnaround and vote Republican.

Even the predicted loss will send a message and may give courage to voters and candidates for next time.


I can't possibly vote for another democrat in this election, even if they are the only ones on the ballot. That is why I will not put a sign in my yard for Beach. I will not be responsible for promoting another democrat into office. I will vote for the Republican, even if it's a lost vote in our county as it needs to start somewhere! I'm astounded what they have done to the Country in just a year and I hope the mid term elections, stop the bleeding, at least for a bit.


Beach's gender pandering is repulsive. #electrightmoms.

Paloma Ave

Don't forget. Mullin is supposed be having coffee with his constituents tomorrow morning at Leonardo's Deli in Millbrae, between 8 a.m. and 9 a.m.

It would be interesting to meet some of my neighbors, such as Joe, Holy/Hollyroller, resident, MGBA, Mom, Bruce, etc.

Come on now, we are all curious!


Thanks, Paloma. LMK when the candidates decide to do a cocktail hour townhall---no way I will be in Millbrae at 8am even for free espresso and a doughnut. Il Fornaio, Sapore or Rocca's bar at 5pm--all in.


Sue Lempert?
Is this the "lynch pin" that helps you determine how to vote?
Don't Vote. Please.

Paloma Ave

I haven't gotten up for anything this early in many years.

There were about 30 to 40 people in attendance.

Kevin spoke for about 15 minutes, then took questions from the group. Many attendees urged him to fight for the reopening of the Mickelson Pool at Mills Hospital.

A couple of us raised the issue of SB9 & SB10. His response was that this would only affect 2% of current homeowners.

Not once did he mention his upcoming campaign.

Overall, I am glad I attended.


How is 2% of current homeowners possibly correct? I guess if you count condos and assume things that are already zoned higher than R-1....... I still don't believe it.


I was there:
- Yes, about 30-40 people
- Average age: 75 or 80
- Race: all white
- Sex: the most passionate and moving statement came from a woman with a horrific story of the evil indoctrination and control that she has been fighting against the school system trying to groom her children. Really sad, and my heart goes out to her and her children.
- Mask ratio 5:1 masked, including Mullin and his staff. He warned that Washington DC does not consider this covid BS over and that we should expect to see restrictions come back – or at least that was my take.

Mullin is your typical democrat, proud of spending money and apparently clueless about the problems.
He dismissed an opening comment from someone that pointed out that he is supposed to represent our views, specifically about SB9 and 10. He feels that he should administrate per his better understanding of the issues and can ignore his constituency.

I have to agree with Joe. These type of mini events can only be done under the influence of martinis.


The Comicle continued the trend in non-journalism today with an article about nothing but fundraising:

Assembly Member Kevin Mullin significantly outpaced his competition in fundraising for the open congressional seat in the Peninsula in the first quarter this year, turning around what was an initially disappointing showing in the opening weeks of the race.

---Their only real insight that goes beyond just reading the FPPC filings was----

Overall, however, the numbers were muted for a district covering a wealthy area and the only open congressional race in the Bay Area, where congressional seats often stay in the same hands for years, if not decades.


Maybe, just maybe, nobody is particularly enamored with any of the candidates......

Just Visiting

Areas of actual difference between the Democratic candidates from the "debates" to date:

(1) Canepa and Mullin favor Medicare for all; Beach is for "universal affordable health care," but not Medicare for All.

(2) Canepa and Mullin favor free college and loan forgiveness; Beach favors reduced costs for public universities and JCs and loan forgiveness aimed at certain fields of work.

(3) Mullin voted for SB9; Canepa supports it; Beach opposes it.

(4) Mullin and Beach both call climate their #1 priority; Canepa does not. (Curiously, the Republican also says the environment is one of his top priorities).

(5) Canepa models himself as the San Mateo AOC; Mullin is 100% a Jackie guy (shocking, right?); Beach says Eshoo/Pelosi are the people she would model herself after.

(6) Canepa emulates AOC, Mullin says he's the most progressive person in Sacramento, Beach says she wants to build relationships with the pro-life representative from Indiana and the conservative vet from Texas to find common ground on the non-hot button issues.

All three have received union PAC money, with Mullin receiving the most.

Paloma Ave

From reading the posting by Just Visiting, it appears only Beach has a modicum of common sense.

Mullin and Canepa are typical free-spending socialists who have no problem spending taxpayers money anyway they can, in order to buy future votes with YOUR money.


what a joke.

I would vote for a candidate whose only platform would be “I will stand against ANY and EVERY bill or law that Democrats support. If they are for it, I’m against it. Democrats are a scourge on this state and on this once great country. Vote for me.”

Our country’s only hope is that the new Replacement-Americans that now outnumber us Legacy-Americans wake up and at least save themselves and stop voting (D). But that’s long shot here.

Lemming R Us

Someone has been drinking the Kool-aid at the beach. If Beach is so able to build relationships how come not one of her peers on the council are endorsing her? They had a good close look for more than five years and do not seem impressed. That should tell you something.

At least Mullin and Canepa have managed staffs in their offices. Beach manages Beach and no one else. It probably ought to stay that way.

Paloma Ave

Again, I am talking about the lesser likely to do damage. None are ideal.


For the record, I entered my request into the portal that is on Mullin's website a week ago and have no response so far. I asked if the 2% number Paloma Ave. quoted above was an accurate report on what Mullin said, and if so, what are the statistics and assumptions behind that 2%? Crickets so far..........


I received a respond from Mullin's office today. It reads:

Thank you for reaching out to Assemblymember Mullin’s office. The Assemblymember was referring to a study from the UC Berkeley Terner Center for Housing Innovation, which I’ve linked here: https://ternercenter.berkeley.edu/wp-content/uploads/2021/07/SB-9-Brief-July-2021-Final.pdf. While he may have been painting with a broad stroke with that 98% number, the report studied the potential impacts of SB 9 and concluded it would have minimal impact on most existing single family lots. I hope this answers your question.
It may take me a couple of days to read the 21-page brief, but will report back soon.

Just Visiting

In other words, Mullin is saying that SB9 was political theater for politicians to check a block saying they did something without actually doing something.

But it isn't theater for single-family home owners who are concerned about their neighborhoods. The citizens initiative it appears to have spawned (likely for 2024 when there is a more energized voting bloc) could have significant impacts that are much different than what it was nominally intending to accomplish.


Tom Elias’ editorial in the Thursday Daily Post says that the estimates were terribly wrong on how many housing units are needed by 2030.

He says that Bonta‘s credibility is damaged because of the “unsubstantiated, possibly phony, estimates of housing need. This should discredit any lawsuits Bonta threatens against cities.“

So, Burlingame City Council? Push back against this fake housing need estimate.

“… the state housing agency estimates have no proven basis.”

Protect your citizens from this fraud.

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