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February 24, 2022



Like the decision to take away 200+ parking places for bike lanes in San Mateo.

The residents, who don’t ride bikes to work, need the spaces so they can get to work and get home. They made that clear. One government official said that the council didn’t make it clear enough what needed to be done.

The government needed a bigger hammer.

How about the council listening to the people?


Tom Elias in the Post yesterday was pushing the ballot measure to stop SB9 and 10. Time to get that effort going.


I read Elias' column. He started with the recent judge's ruling stopping a big development in wildfire territory in Lake County and then posited that there were more limits coming in remote areas thus putting more pressure on suburban areas. Then he gets to "SB9 and SB10 which all but eliminated single family zoning...but those new laws require no new parking, no new water supplies, no new school buildings, no traffic mitigation--none of the measures developers of new tracts have had to provide over the last few decades."

He finishes by noting how politicians take donations from developers, and notes plenty of office space is empty and likely to stay empty. He's thinking wildfire zone limits may make "force legislators to make OKs automatic for much less expensive (office) conversions, even if that means less profit for their developer patrons." Bulleye except that any conversions still need the bits he says are missing.

All of this comes home in B'game here: https://www.burlingamevoice.com/2021/12/planning-for-a-rollicking-rollins-rd.html#comments


100% agree. MRNA has messed up this county. And the state and the country. This vaccine crap and the mandates and business failures, handout scammers, printing trillions, excuse for election fraud, masking and vaccinating children who have a 0.000000000001% chance of dying from covid, was completely unnecessary. The virus could have been effectively handled with therapeutics that were criminally kept from the public. People should tried and hang for this.

ohhh, sorry, I see this is about RHNA, not MRNA... but this MRNA thing is also unnecessary in a free country, which unfortunately our country ain't no mo.

You masked for it, you got it.

Lemming R Us

Anyone care to bet that if Santa Clara and San Jose run dry Eshoo and Khanna will be screaming for water equity and demanding the upper peninsula give them water?

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