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December 26, 2021



You are kidding, I hope.
If not, a New Burlingame Pueblo will have a detrimental effect on the Community of Burlingame.
Happy New Year my "Friends."

Jennifer Pfaff

I agree, Holly. This is AEJ (Alter Ego Joe) imagining himself on Kool-Aid...

Paloma Ave

I find this post one of the most insightful I have read.

Why is there a big push to turn our suburban areas into urban areas? And why are our state politicians in favor of letting this occur, even though we have told them NO?

Bruce Dickinson

The news is real, but good ol' Joe, being a thinking man's man had to throw a curve-ball, and do a nice tongue-in-cheek color commentary about the planning (or lack thereof) of such an grandiose housing expansion endeavor. The funny thing that Bruce Dickinson notices is how long have we discussed the issues and resultant externalities and yet, our local gov't agencies always seem to be caught by surprise. Water, traffic, parking, infrastructure, schools, etc etc always seem to be the after thoughts.

Folks the infrastructure and planning for new capacity comes BEFORE the housing, not the other way around!


Joe, dude, you're doing my material.


Thanks for the complements, folks. This the Burlingame Voice version of a cross between Where's Waldo? and a Civics test. Can you find all 10 fictitious accomplishments?


Joe is really Bruce Dickenson.


Ha! You are far from the first person to think so, including some VIPs, but I assure you I am not as creative, articulate or verbose as BD :-).

Did you pass the Where's Waldo? test holyroller? Did you find all 10?


Joe, all of the 27 sentences you wrote (let alone the links) are filled with an impressive amount of real, not fictitious, accomplishments if the goal is to destroy the place and Build Back Better(D).

BTW, Waldo's left the building.


Read about the HMB city council stopping their plan to switch from gas to electricity after the plan being so unpopular with the voters.

One council member said, “How about the voters telling us what they want instead of us telling them what we want?”




Is there an app for counting sentences MBGA?

I wish it were as simple as them trying to destroy the place but me thinks it is just pure incompetence from top to bottom. Like D.C. in miniature.


It's a tragic combo of a lot of destructive factors. My point being that current pols have belief in the BuildBackBetter(D) world view. But I'll agree that incompetence is a big factor, for sure.

But it is the incompetence of the citizenry. Burlingamers, Bay Areans, and CaliPfornians want these Democrats or they wouldn't be voting for Democrats. For gosh sakes, look at the Warden Newsom recall numbers. People that vote for Democrats are incompetent to decide how to run a functioning republic. They have made it a one party state.

Here we are on this forum discussing the successor to a Jackie Speier and trying to find someone decent between one Democrat and another Democrat. It's embarrassing.


I could handle old school Dems but this Progressive bunch are craaazzzy.

Bruce Dickinson

Maybe Bruce Dickinson is Joe's projection of his alter-ego!

I kid, I kid. There is no way people would or should confound our writing styles or insights ;)

Will lust leave that right there ;)

Paloma Ave

We would be better off if all politicians were just sent home.

Then no more damage could be done!

Just enforce the laws on the books and stop making life more difficult.

Barking Dog



The whole bike friendly concept is a joke. It is plain unsafe to bike to Broadway or the Ave. with kids. No less than ten close calls on bikes.


Notice since the Covid thing that people, especially kids, are riding on the sidewalks? Chaos.

There is even a sign between the Apple Store and the parked police car telling bike riders to keep off the sidewalk.
(The sign itself is a hazard to navigation…)


Paloma Ave

Hey Chula Vista - You might be happier living in Foster City.

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