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November 06, 2021



Happy New Year everyone. It is having a rough start for many people as Omicron is definitely more highly transmissible than prior variants. I went from personally knowing of one or two people who had Covid to more than a dozen in one week. Here are the County numbers:

94.3% of the County over age 12 is vaccinated. Up 0.3%.

Total Cases: 60,008 +3,144 in the County for the week--Double last week's increase that was 4X the week before.

Positivity: 3.9% - up a full 2.0%

Burlingame Cases: 1,921 Up by 132 from last week--almost double last week's increase. Cases in the last 30 days are 256.

It's time to be extra careful out there. The press seems say this will peak quickly, but who knows?

Jennifer Pfaff

This is (at least) day 3 of Peets on Burlingame Avenue being shut; there is a CLOSED sign in the door, but no other verbiage. According to Peets corporate, it's due to Staffing issues (likely Covid related).


CalMatter.org is reporting this today: California on Tuesday notched its highest COVID-19 test positivity rate since the pandemic began at a whopping 20.4% — a figure that doesn’t include rapid at-home test results not reported to public health authorities.

The County Dashboard has the 30 day positivity up to 6.7% when it was just 3.9% last Saturday (see above). That would mesh with a 20% rate over the last few days.


I have a friend whose wife is a doctor. He said she called a patient the other day to tell him he was covid positive. She said there was a lot of noise in the background and she asked him where he was -- he said he was at work. As a barista at Peets. Now, I don't know WHICH Peets. But as my friend said, "Can you imagine how many people this guy infected?" Let's just call him Covid Larry, as in rhymes with Typhoid Mary -- who was also an asymptomatic carrier of disease. Though I suspect "Larry" had symptoms if he went to the doctor to be tested!

Gavinius Caesar

I, Gavinius Caesar, hereby proclaim that I have no idea what to do right now. I had some ideas but they all seemed bad so I will just do nothing except worry about the climate in 2050.

Just Sayin'

We may well be better off if Caesar doesn't do anything at all. Just sayin"


I've known all week that this Saturday's update would be big and it is. The week saw the Biden administration do the Big Pivot away from "we're gonna stop this virus" to "we're gonna learn to live with this virus". Some of us knew this a year ago or more.

Here are the numbers for the week:

94.7% of the County over age 12 is vaccinated. Up another 0.3%.

Total Cases: 67.141 - +7,133 in the County for the week--more than double last week's increase and perhaps the highest week ever. The only way to gauge it is to go back and read the old posts' update comments.

Positivity: 2.9% - down 1.0% which seems odd unless a lot of people without Covid are getting tested just in case.

Burlingame Cases: 2,162 - Up by 241 from last week--almost double last week's increase that was double the week before. Cases in the last 30 days are 475.

It's a great time to take extra care out there. One thing I've noticed is the public messaging around sanitizing your hands has disappeared. It makes one think that perhaps the transmission is really all in the air?

I talked to several people who got it in the last two weeks and it ranged from "no real symptoms, I just got tested because someone I was around got it" to "I went to bed for a day and a half and felt OK after that". That's learn-to-live-with-it spectrum.


I know people who probably have covid (sick with the symptoms) who are not bothering with the test because they can't get an appt or don't want to wait in line. And since they work from home or are retired they figure it's just easier to isolate than deal with the hassle. So take that positivity rate with a grain of salt. A family of 6 I know had to get tested after one of them got sick. It took 6 days to get an appt, they had to wait in line 2 hours (even with appt) plus had to pay $150 a pop. (Not clear why insurance didnt cover -- I suggested she seek reimbursement.) How many people are going to go through all that hassle?


Wow. $150 a pop. I did takeout from Pizza My Heart last night where they shut down in-restaurant dining a couple of days ago. The Comicle has an article today saying that is becoming more common as Omicron progresses.


The numbers are up again this week, but I was actually expecting them to be up by more than they they increased. Apparently some hot spots around the country seem like they have peaked. Talking to some B'gamers who have had it, there are a range of symptoms from nothing to a couple of days of best rest with flu-like symptoms. One wag said he was glad he finally got it over with..........

Here are the numbers for the week:

95.2% of the County over age 12 is vaccinated. Up another 0.5%.

Total Cases: 75,672 - +8,531 in the County for the week--up 1,400 from last week.

Positivity: 13.3% which is a massive jump and may underestimate reality since some people are just assuming they have it and not bothering to get tested--just straight to isolating.

Burlingame Cases: 2,420 - Up by 258 from last week--basically the same increase. Cases in the last 30 days are 709.

Stay safe.

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