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November 18, 2021



I'm gonna bet they get an F on that test.

Paloma Ave

Should they be called 'renaming advocates' or 'renaming activists'?

Just leave it as is. Some SJW will find a way to become a victim, no matter what name is picked!

Bruce Dickinson

It's clearly another agenda, Joe. C'mon, even Bruce Dickinson, a lifelong Democrat (originally from NY) knows that there's not a chance in hell that anyone identified from the Republican party will be used to name a school in Burlingame. This is California, where it's one way or the highway (to Texas!).

You bet that McKinley, Roosevelt, Washington, and Lincoln elementary schools will be the next ones renamed (in that order).

The old saying "those who don't learn from the past are condemned to repeat it" in California has turned into: "if we erase the past, there's nothing to learn because we are already so enlightened"

I'm sure all our community's children..who were out of schools for over 6 months during the pandemic, will really benefit from this naming crusade!

What a joke! These purported "enlightened" champions of this stuff are actually and ironically the most dumb, and narrow minded, and intolerant!

Joanne Bennett

Said it before (when SF was contemplating this) and will say it again, don't they have better things to focus on?

My daughter who lives in SF was furious that SF was contemplating this name change in the middle of a pandemic when the kids were still doing distance learning. If I were still a Burlingame school parent I would be too!

C'mon where are the priorities here and yes have already lost another daughter who took the highway to Texas!


Looks like a good way to get a recall campaign started in Burlingame.


There is another whiny Karen letter in the Daily Journal today about renaming BIS for Ginsburg. Ms. Soley should stop the sexist whining. RBG did nothing for education except reduce class sizes.


Well, the idea is back after a year...............

Calls to rename one of Burlingame School District’s campuses after the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has led district officials closer to adopting a formal policy outlining how the building renaming process would be triggered and subsequently pursued.

“The whole community would have to say I want this; so, I’m OK with this because there’s actually a process,” Trustee Elizabeth Kendall said during a board meeting Nov. 8.

A year ago, Sari McConnell, a district parent and former president of the Burlingame Community Education Foundation, petitioned for the district to rename Burlingame Intermediate School after the late Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.
Depending on the size of the facility, the district estimates renaming structures could cost between $75,000 and $250,000 for signs and other campus updates, Superintendent Chris Mount-Benites said.

But officials shared concerns renaming one campus could spiral into a larger discussion, pointing to the controversy the San Francisco Unified School District ignited when engaging in a similar discussion. Their process spanned about two years and led to substantial community pushback that ultimately stalled the renaming process and led to recall campaigns of multiple trustees.
Following the board’s direction, Mount-Benites presented the board with a proposed policy inspired by similar requirements in other districts that contained three triggers for renaming a district facility. The first, considered the easiest to achieve, would be a three-member vote by the board.

Trustees decided to forgo the third option, arguing voters own district facilities, as taxpayers, and should have a say in future changes. Trustees also agreed to lower polling thresholds needed to trigger a renaming, though, from 85% to 80% in option 2, making the target easier to reach.
I foresee a lot of wheel-spinning and expense--not just cash, but staff and trustee time. In the meantime, Sandra Day O'Connor beats RBG all day IMHO.

Paloma Ave

Just leave it BIS.


I forgot the link to the DJ article:


Mildred Stemmis York

I say we just make up a name.

Mildred Stemmins York


Peter Garrison

Or… Pay for naming rights! Looking at you, Elon.

Or… to be safe, change the name every year and the signage can be made out of craft material by the school kids!


The sad part is if you spend time with middle school girls they don't feel in the least inferior to middle school boys. Nor do they care much what their school name is. This is a Soccer Karen issue.

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