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September 05, 2021


Everything was Jake

Gavin is beholden to unions (all of them) so he needs to keep this boondoggle rolling. Never mind we don't have enough drinkable water, reliable energy, or safe streets. We do have fleeing companies, one less house seat, illegal immigrant influx, rampant fires, and highest taxes. Gavin wants his pyramid. Worst governor EVER.


Dear Jake,
Could you please share your conclusion that "Unions" have anything to do with:
Drinkable Water
Reliable Energy
Safe Streets
Fleeing Companies
One less House Seat
Illegal Immigrant Influx
Rampant Fires
Highest Taxes
Dear Jake, what do "Unions" have to do with your believes?
I'll Wait.


C'mon man. The unions bribe or threaten the liberal politicians who use the ill gotten gains to get reelected and jam up the works. Pluck the goose. Where you been, son?


This is just what I expected.
You do not have any ability to respond due to your personal "feelings."
No facts at all. You are a Bigot...


holly, you can go here for some facts: https://www.sfchronicle.com/projects/2021/newsom-california-recall-donors/

I count 17 union donations of $500K or more which is where I stopped counting.


I am very aware that there are "all kinds" of PAC's involved in Politics. Unfortunately.
I do not have the energy to post the thousands of Corporations that "straight up" HAVE to SUPPORT Politicians. Or loose business.
I did not read the article you suggested. I will.
Have a Great Evening all. Happy Yom Kippur!


Sigh. The boondoggle continues pouring good money after bad. In this week's non-news news:

The California High-Speed Rail Authority (Authority) Board of Directors today certified the Final Environmental Impact Report/Environmental Impact Statement (EIR/EIS) and unanimously approved the approximately 90-mile San Jose to Merced project section in Northern California. This action completes the environmental clearance for nearly 400 miles of the high-speed rail project’s 500-mile Phase 1 alignment from San Francisco to Los Angeles/Anaheim – including a contiguous stretch between Merced and Palmdale plus January’s clearance of the Burbank to Los Angeles section.

The Board’s actions mark their first certification of a project section environmental document in the Northern California region and the first in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Board’s certification of the San Jose to Merced Final EIR/EIS and approval of the project section is a critical milestone that moves the project section closer to being “shovel ready” for when pre-construction and construction funding becomes available.

The Authority Board of Directors selected Alternative 4 as the approved project alignment among the four alignment alternatives studied. This alternative modernizes and electrifies the existing rail corridor between San Jose and Gilroy, allowing for both high-speed rail and Caltrain service.

“Next to San Jose, Gilroy will be the next most significant transit hub on this stretch,” said Gilroy Mayor Marie Blankley. “Gilroy Transit Center is very much ready for this to happen.”

East of Gilroy, the alignment includes more than 15 miles of tunnels through the Pacheco Pass in the Diablo Range. The Board will consider certification for the final environmental document for the San Francisco to San Jose project section this summer.
Only 15 miles of tunneling. That's gonna be a lot of "shovel-ready money", my friends.

Paloma Ave

DemocRATS just can't say no to the labor unions.

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