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September 29, 2021



While I am talking about California Dr., here is the latest on bike passage from the DJ. We shall see what the ramifications of dropping a lane end up being:

Burlingame officials are moving forward with plans to build a critical stretch of protected bike lanes on California Drive, bridging a dangerous gap in current bicycle infrastructure along the commuter corridor.

The lanes will be built on a 0.8-mile portion of California Drive between Broadway and Oak Grove Avenue, continuing the current bike route which links Murchison Drive to Broadway. The portion south of Broadway will receive a “road diet,” going from two vehicle lanes in either direction to one lane in either direction with a center turning lane.

Unlike existing bike lanes on California Drive, a 0.6-mile span from Carmelita Avenue to Oak Grove Avenue will be built on the east side of the street only, with a buffer of parked cars separating bicyclists traveling both north and south.



It has reached the point where I am surprised when someone uses their turn signal.

Handle Bard

Carolan already has north and south bike lanes. They are 40 yards east of California. What is the purpose of shrinking California? I love bike lanes but the Bard thinks this maybe a waste of money by people who like the idea of bikes but never mount one.


Dear HB,
Let Democracy settle the "BLBS."
How many bike riders use this road in a Year?
How many Vehicles use this road in a year?
Millions of motorcycle riders all over the world understand the dangers of "Riding."
That is their choice. They do not have to ride a motorcycle. However they do.

Do Motorcycle Riders need a "special lane?" A lot of people believe they are "owed and deserve their own lane."
What's up with that? Are you more special than your neighbors?
Consider personal responsibility HB.

Paloma Ave

Holy - You are right! (I never thought I would say those words.)

Bicycle riders are a vocal bunch of whiners and complainers who constantly fail to obey the motor vehicle code.

The council is wasting more taxpayer money and frustrating more motor vehicle operators by kowtowing to these very few people.

Handle Bard

You are agreeing with me, hollyroller so why poke at me?

It's not just Burlingame either.

A proposed project adding new bike lanes and a bike boulevard in the San Mateo North Central neighborhood that will remove 214 parking spaces has residents concerned, but with city reassurances it will work to alleviate parking loss.

“One of our City Council’s top priorities is to implement bicycle and pedestrian projects that address safety and align with adopted city plans,” Public Works Director Azalea Mitch said by email. “In some cases, project implementation requires challenging tradeoffs like the loss of parking. We recognize that removing 214 parking spaces will impact the community. We are exploring options to address this as we work on improving road safety for all users.”

According to a city report on the North Central Bike Lanes Project, bicycle lanes will be added on East Poplar Avenue from El Camino Real to North Delaware Street, North Delaware Street from East Poplar Avenue to Indian Avenue, and Humboldt Street from Peninsula Avenue to Fifth Avenue. A bicycle boulevard will be added on Indian Avenue from Delaware Street to North Humboldt Street, Poplar Avenue from Delaware Street to Eldorado Street, and Eldorado Street from Poplar Avenue to Indian Avenue.


Thank you, Handle Bard. I meant to post that DJ article as well. Can you imagine losing 214 street parking spaces? Oy.


Unfortunately, for most people over 40 this is another new cultural event that is not going to change.
If technology changes the way we use Cell Phones while in an Automobile things will be this way for a very long time.
If the Cost of a "First Time Offender" is treated like a "First Time Drunk Driver," the loss of a Driver License, upwards of a $10,000.00 fine, Community Service, and the possible loss of a Job will stop this "life threatening" habit. Especially in Burlingame, and Hillsborough...
You know, some people are just more special/important than "You."

Peter Garrison


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