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August 05, 2021


Groundskeeper Willie-SMUHSD- More "retirements"- Why pay the legal expenses?

Superintendent Kevin Skelly's “retirement” from the SMUHSD is scheduled for May 2022.

Skelly recently negotiated a contract extension at $329k per year + benefits and retirement to 2024. That is some serious cash (and retirement perks) to leave on the table.

On another (more hidden) note, the SMUHSD Board agenda shows that Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black's Executive Assistant (30+ years) has also decided to retire in May 2022. (coincidence?)

Skelly, Black, and the Mills Principal are still scheduled to face an Assistant Attorney General in the coming months regarding the suspension of their credentials. They will then be in SM Superior Court for the Mills High School legal suite.

The SMUHSD is now not only paying a separate legal firm to defend it in court, but also a high priced special counsel to defend them in front of the Attorney General.

If Skelly is gone, then what is the point of paying for the defense of the others who won't be around anyways?

Pregnant Teacher Threatened-Sup to her to get another job-

Pregnant teacher physically threatened and called a "Fucking Bitch" by a student. Superintendent tells her to "get another job."

Its all on the SMUHSD Zoom from its January 20, 2022 Board meeting

The SMUHSD Board Meeting is getting 100 new views per day and growing as this clip is messaged from one person to another, all because of the bravery of this one public speaker-

The video is set to 9:30 and the first public speaker- Danielle Kellner


It has been reported that Ms Kellner is ONE of the teachers who filed a complaint with the CTC Education Misconduct Committee against Skelly and Black.

She was forced to choose between the safety of herself and her unborn child or her job.

As she states on camera, "she was pregnant and crying in the Superintendent Office" and he told to find another job.

She left her job and the state.

If she did file a complaint with the CTC, then she signed an affidavit affirming her complaint as fact.


Sorry the last comment ended up in the spam folder for a day or two--not sure why.

1000 views of a Board Mtg?-Pregnant Teacher Threatened

920 views and climbing-

Response of the Board- Silence

The video is set to 9:30 and the first public speaker- Danielle Kellner


Pregnant teacher physically threatened and called a "Fucking Bitch" by a student. Superintendent tells her to "get another job."


whats the latest with skelley and black?

The Rev-Divine Intervention -Time to put the house in order.

Divine Intervention?

Its time to put the house in order-

Proverbs 12:22. "Lying lips are an abomination to the LORD, but those who act faithfully are his delight"

Enter the Rev. Marlyn Bussey-


“They (Superintendent) have to be a person of high moral standards and a person who’s not willing to bend and bow and who’s not willing to be talked into doing what they know is not good for the district.”-Rev Bussey-

"The search for a new superintendent comes as Dr. Kevin Skelly announced his retirement at the end of the school year in mid-January after about seven years with the district. Skelly has been both lauded for his devotion to the district and criticized for alleged mismanagement after a Mills High School teacher accused them of negligently disregarding her attempt to blow the whistle on abusive students, urging her to inflate grades and retaliating against her."

It looks as though there is more attention here than the Board would like. They were not planning on a divine intervention.

1 Corinthians 14:40
"But all things should be done decently and in order."

The Rev-Secret SMUHSD-Board Meeting on 2/22/22-What could go wrong?

Secret Board Meeting- Yim-GATE? or worse-
It's worse- =Cover Up 101-

Why are there NO minutes posted of the "secret" Board Meeting at 1:00 on February 22, 2022-

Maybe the Board forgot that they represent the Public-

It was a two issue CLOSED SESSION Agenda-
there are NO minutes posted or reported from one Month AGO

C.1. [* ] Public Employee Discipline/Dismissal/Release/Complaint pursuant to Government Code Section §54957
C.2. [* ] Public Employee Evaluation pursuant to Government Code Section 54957- Title: Superintendent



Looks like the last time they published minutes online was for the Dec. 13 meeting.

Joe's warning comes to fruition -Skelly & Black-named as individual defendants-

Joe’s comment portends the fate of those who though they were in control.

“I do wonder if an appeal to the Attorney General might not be the trigger that takes this from an investigation of one series of incidents at Mills to a broader review of SMUSHD events there and elsewhere? In my experience, which is quite substantial, there is always a "be careful what you ask for" component to personnel issues.”

In less than six months, this issue has flipped, the barn doors are flung wide, open and the is s*#t spilling out everywhere.

SM Superior Court- Public Document Odyssey Portal

Superintendent Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Black are NAMED as individual defendants in the civil cause. (Filing changed from district liability to individual liability)

This teacher has had to bring legal action against individual administrators to stop the negligence-

"The proposed amendments will add Kevin Skelly, Kirk Black, and Pamela Duszynski as defendants in the Third, Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth Causes of Action, and clarifies that two letters that the original complaint only alleged as being issued by Defendant San Mateo Union High School District were signed by new Defendant Black."

Does this mean these individuals will have to pay their own legal expenses and portions of the damages?

Superintendent Skelly negotiated a 2-year contract extension in August 2021 and then announced his "retirement" in early January. The Board publicly backed Skelly in the CTC Education Misconduct charges and then he abruptly retires after Winter Break?

While it is reported that there is a firewall blocking flow of information from the administration to the Board keeping the board in the dark on most everything, the district is also hemorrhaging tax payer dollars paying a “boutique” law firm to defend the Mills case and an outpouring of disgruntled employees (current and former) voicing discontent.

There are now almost 1,200 views of the the Board meeting where the Pregnant teacher states that she was physically threatened and called a "Fucking Bitch" by a student and the Superintendent’s response is to "get another job." The court documents reference similar negligence at Mills High School.


The Board needs to express its anger in public rather than trying to create a dysfunction image of peace.

Keeping secrets while trying to hire a new Superintendent will not turn out well. A new leader should get a clean house and s/he should not have to clean it themselves.


Out of interest, I went to Odyssey and managed to find the amendment noted above. I'm not sure if this link will take you right there given you have to read some T's & C's to get into Odyssey. No registration required, just reading. Give it a shot if interested:


Can't pass the buck- The Trustee is now accountable to their constituents

Single Districts = Individual Responsibility-

By-District Elections and individual responsibility.

A complete explanation of these how these issues (and the others related to them) manifest is expected, including a public disclosure of the legal and investigation expenses paid out by the district. (An expensive boutique law firm was hired out to represent the individuals at tax payer expense)

The new By-District election maps make individual Trustees personally responsible to their assigned districts. The Trustee responsible to the constituents who live in the Burlingame and Mills High Schools district is not facing an election until 2024, but they represent these individuals now. A disclosure of the financial and environment impacts of these and related events should be disclose to the taxpayers represented by each Trustee.

According to the election maps, a new Trustee representing Hillsborough and San Mateo will be elected in November. This candidate for this seat should get up to speed on these issues and explain to their Hillsborough and San Mateo constituents how they plan to get to disclose how all of this took place and how proper Board oversight could have prevented it.


Chancellor arrested at SFO- BHS turns 100- Superintendent Search-

“Sunlight is the best disinfectant”

Burlingame High School will turn 100 during the next school year, will there be something to celebrate?

Former San Mateo County Community College District Chancellor Ron Galatolo was arrested at SFO this past week as he returned from travel in Europe. The school leader is being charged with 21 felonies for alleged mismanagement of district contracts and other improprieties.

Who Guards the Guardians-

Superintendent Search
• April 13 -Board, Reviews applications and selects candidates to be interviewed (
• April 29-30 Board interviews candidates; selects finalists
• Early May -Board completes the validation process of leading candidates
• May 19 Board approves superintendent’s contract

BP 4119.21 Personnel
The Board of Trustees expects district employees to maintain the highest ethical standards, behave professionally, follow district policies and regulations, abide by state and federal laws, and exercise good judgment when interacting with students and other members of the school community. Employees shall engage in conduct that enhances the integrity of the district, advances the goals of the district's educational programs, and contributes to a positive school climate.

It should be evident by the events of the past few years that there are no “in house” candidates who qualify to lead the SMUHSD. It is hoped that the Board will not only fully vet any applicants but also inform the new leader of the events and challenges that precede their new role.

As one SMUHSD Board member recently stated during a Superintendent Search meeting, we need someone who is really going to “own it” when they make mistakes.

The Board will only get that type of a leader, if they model the behavior they desire.

It’s time for the Board to own it.

It's the only way to set a healthy path to the future.

BHS Principal Belzer-Stepping Down-Collateral Damage?

Yim-Gate- continued-

BHS Principal Belzer-Stepping Down

In the shadow of Yim-GATE, Belzer was moved from Mills High School to BHS when the SMUHSD could not attract a principal applicant to take over BHS. The two BHS Principal finalists in 2016 refused to accept the position and Superintendent Skelly was left with no other options but to force the internal transfer of Belzer.

Belzer is a good soldier as he was forced into a situation no one wanted to take over.

Collateral Damage seems to be a theme of the current and outgoing district administration. This should not have happened to a quality person and educator.

Principal's message to parents-

Dear BHS Panthers,

I am writing to share that I have submitted a request for a leave of absence for next school year and will not be returning as Principal of BHS. My request is for next year and I will continue to serve in my current position as BHS Principal until June 30.

I am choosing to focus on my family and spend time with my aging mother who has experienced some health setbacks over the past year. I am requesting a leave in part to have the flexibility to be able to help her in her home state of Wisconsin. I will reevaluate my family situation in a year and decide if I will return to the District in an administrative position if one is available for the 2023-24 school year.

The District will begin the search for my replacement after Thursday's Board meeting and I know our District will prioritize finding an instructional leader worthy of our school and community.

My time at Burlingame High Schools has been a time of professional and personal growth and I am grateful for the opportunity to have served as Principal of Burlingame High School these past 6 years.

I look forward to connecting with students and staff over the next several weeks and am excited to finish my time at BHS with this outstanding Senior Class and look forward to a great end of the school year.

Thank you for your continued support and for all that you do to make BHS the school it is!

Paul Belzer, Principal

Mom of 2

Does anyone know what is going on with the suspensions of Skelly, Black and Duszynski? I cannot find it on the CTC website. It’s been over a year..
Where is the transparency with regard to the district’s financials being spent on this matter? From what I can gather, their defense is being being paid for by the district… the taxpayers. Apparently the Attorney General’s Office is paying approximately $15,000 per administrator to investigate and institute legal proceedings against these individuals.
How much of our money has the district spent on this matter? And when will it end?

Follow the Money- its worse than you think...

How about the $500k to $1 million already spent on the investigation and legal fees of related items known to be negligent?

By its own admission during a prior meeting, the Board acknowledged that it was misled(?)

They stated that the first time the Board was hearing about these issues, was when they read about them in the Daily Journal.

Cover Up- Again?-BHS Principal Selection- "cut and paste posting" -Why the external search firm?

What is going on behind the curtain?


This should sound alarm bells across Burlingame-

This is a confidential application process and only the search firm will receive your correspondence. Please do not contact anyone at the District Office regarding this position. Your communication should be directed to Leadership Associates only

1) The Burlingame High School Principal posting is a "cut and paste" without edits. (Just take the Superintendent Posting and use it again... no one will know)

2) According to the job post at EdJoin.org, The Superintendent Search Firm Leadership Associates is coordinating the process RATHER than the normal internal SMUHSD HR Department.

The SMUHSD never uses an outside firm for hiring principals-

"is seeking to hire a Superintendent."

Job Summary
Principal of Burlingame High School District

The San Mateo Union High School District is seeking to hire a Superintendent. Leadership Associates, an executive search firm, has been contracted by the District to assist with the recruitment for this position.

For instructions on how to apply, please visit the Leadership Associates website at:
You will be redirected to the Leadership Associates website and will receive a response within 24 hours.

A position description will be published at a later time. You will be notified by Leadership Associates as soon as it becomes available.

Learn more about SMUHSD: https://www.smuhsd.org/

For general information contact:
Sarena Fairrington, Executive Assistant
Leadership Associates


Leadership Associates


It's not unusual for a school district to use a search firm. There are a lot of things to criticize the district for, but this isn't one of them. And yeah, sloppy cut and paste jobs happen -- whoever sent in the info forgot to change "superintendent" to "principal" in the first paragraph but it's right in the heading and the link goes to the correct job. These things happen. As for telling applicants not to contact the district office but the search firm only -- that's normal. I'm by no means an apologist for the SMUHSD and the board, but these are not the things to get exercised about.
For those who want to read the job descriptions:

Sunshine Please- Pay attention to the abrupt change in practice- apply disinfectant

You are not wrong... "it is not unusual".. but it is not the practice of the SMUHSD...

The SMUHSD always uses the search firm for its Superintendents... but NEVER for its site principals. NEVER.

Focus- why the change?

Why can't Black and Skelly pick the next BHS Principal...like normal times?

How about a public disclosure of the expenses regarding ALL of these issues?

Investigations, legal defense, financial settlements, etc. Why does the public NEED to ask?

This IS a dramatic change in practice at a time where there is a SERIOUS need for disclosure and an explanation.

Has the SMUHSD EVER used a search firm to select a site principal? (NO)

Mills High School teachers are reporting that its second Assistant Principal reported that she is leaving to return to the classroom. That leaves a single administrator, the principal who is facing a 120 days suspension of her credential. Does that mean that Mills High School will open in December 2022?

Superintendent Skelly, Deputy Superintendent Black and the Mills Principal are still facing the Deputy Attorney General with their credential suspensions in the very near future.

(The board did not know about these issues as well.)

The Board promised the BHS community an investigation of the issues preceding and surrounding Yim-Gate in 2016, yet the district administration NEVER took any action.

The result was that the Grand Jury had to step in actions of swastikas and ignorance.

The informal poll shows eight (8) SMUHSD administrators either stepping down, demoted, "retired", or resigned in a single year. (This does not include the exodus from the district HR Department following an "investigation.")

That is a big number and there may be more to come.

The implementation of Leadership Associates to select the next BHS Principal is a good thing, the question to be answered is what bad thing is being covered up?

Then again, how often is a school district's Superintendent and Deputy Superintendent of HR facing the loss of their credentials due to extreme negligence?

The Board needs to be open and transparent in representing the people.

This may include a public admonishment of the administration for its negligence.

At $330k per year, the Superintendent is getting well paid to take the criticism.

It could be worse, just look up the hill at CSM.

Chancellor arrested as he steps off the plane returning from Europe. How did THAT happen?


Long story short -- because of the current mess, the district is taking the unusual step of hiring a search firm to fill the BHS principal spot.

So much money wasted on legal fees, bureaucracy, corruption (yikes, what went on with community college chancellor!) -- these people need to be held accountable.


It would seem that in the day of Linked-in, Indeed.com, Monster and Ziprecruiter we might still use a search firm for very specific and CHEAPER parts of a search. We certainly should not be paying like in the old days.

Board-We need Honesty and Candor (Zoom linked)

HMB. “Because of the current mess….”

The mess is not current, but well over five years old.

Below are the Board’s own words about what has transpired… yet nothing to the public. One sage observer stated that the Board’s relationship with its administrator employees looked to resemble that they were “buddies or pals,and engaged in a friendship rather than a professional working relationship.”

This has caused the Board to lose sight of its duty and ignore the serious warnings about the state of the district.

The Board even ignored fire alarm of the Grand Jury’s HATE@School report illustrating that the district administration was ignoring its duty

“After the three incidents at Burlingame High School, District administrators stated they did not believe such incidents reflected the dominant school culture.”

Leadership Associates- and the Zoom Board Meeting-

The Board may well be using the Leadership Associates firm to select the Burlingame High School Principal because of the ongoing debacles continue to destroy the trust and culture of the district.

In recent months, the Board has become aware (woke) of the district administration’s ongoing failure to engage in ethical actions and to keep the Board properly informed of critical issues.

During its “agenda setting” session with Leadership Associates to select a new Superintendent, the Board aired their concerns regarding the past six years of the Skelly Administration.

The Board’s comments about what they wanted in the future leader, were a product their recent awareness of the debacles of the past six years.

What do you want in a Superintendent? (Zoom Meeting-March 1, 2022) 1:49:00

•Honesty and Candor-Griffen
•Acknowledging that decisions “may not have been the best one.”’-Lees Dwyer
•Integrity -Lees Dwyer
•Communicate candidly with the Board -Land
•We don’t like surprises -Land
•Own your mistakes- -Land

In April 2020, the Board had NO IDEA that Skelly and Black were having their credentials suspended by the Education Misconduct Commission.

The Board first became aware of these issues via the Daily Journal. Black and Skelly’s second appearance with the Education Misconduct Commission on different charges in October 2021 should not have been a surprise.


1:56:10- Listen to the words and watch the body language of Land and Lees Dwyer
Hanley seriously questions the truth and "flow of information" from Skelly to the Board- Land and Lees Dwyer vigorously agree and comment.
Lees Dwyer comments about learning from the Newspaper rather than Skelly.
Hanley- "and tell us first."

The Board has been kept ignorant of significant amounts of information which has resulted in on debacle after another.

Leadership Associates were called on the phone and asked if they were "informed" of all of the issues including the upcoming appearances of Black and Skelly in front of the Deputy Attorney General of California regarding the suspension of their credentials.

Leadership Associates stated that they had been made aware of the issues and serious concerns with Dr. Black, the representative then stopped talking as she knew she was not supposed to comment on that information to the public.

The new By-District elections make Trustee Land the representative of Burlingame High School. As a representative of the taxpayers, he should address the questions and concerns of his district regarding both the past and future of BHS.

The two districts representing residents attending Capuchino, Mills, and Aragon High School will be elected in November. Individuals seeking to represent these taxpayers should also hit the pavement and address the growing concerns in these schools as well.


Right. The "current" mess has been ongoing for years. And was preceded by other messes. Think Laurence, or Johnson.


It looks like the new superintendent will be a Burlingame native and BHS grad. That is probably good news. I hope we didn't spend too much money on a recruiting company just to have a local grad end up with the job. https://www.smdailyjournal.com/news/local/san-mateo-union-high-school-district-names-superintendent/article_23e4871e-d340-11ec-9159-efbe54c71049.html?utm_source=smdailyjournal.com&utm_campaign=%2Fnewsletters%2Fheadlines%2F%3F-dc%3D1652536809&utm_medium=email&utm_content=headline

BHS Grad-New Superintendent

Randall Booker would have been in the BHS class of 1991. The 91 grads are now parents in the district and know what BHS was and what it has become.

Booker did transfer to Santa Rosa, but he would have grown up with the Class of 91 crew through elementary and middle school.

There is lots of cloak and dagger (more dagger) moving about at the district office. There have been(are) major shifts in site administration and the frustration among the sites is easily measured.


I will get around to a fresh new post regarding the new supe and principal, but in the meantime let's just place this bookmark here:

Burlingame High School is set to have a new principal, Dr. Jennifer Fong, to replace Paul Belzer, who served as its principal since 2016.

Fong will be recommended to the San Mateo Union High School District Board of Trustees to serve as the new principal at its June 9 board meeting. With board approval, she will be starting at the school with about 1,500 students July 1.

Fong has been in San Francisco Unified School District since 1996 as a science teacher then an assistant principal at Mission High School and Abraham Lincoln High School. She then became the supervisor of English Learner Support Services at SFUSD. She has led the College and Career Readiness program for the past eight years.


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