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August 05, 2021


WWVD-What Would Vic Do?- Vetting Needed

The demise of local journalism gives rise to unscrupulous acts and a dereliction of duty by elected officials and public employees. There is no fear of accountability or public shaming if there are no local journalists vetting the stories.

The story should be an analysis of the demise of what was a great institution and another casualty added to the heap, rather than an upcoming “retirement” celebration.

Re-arranging the deck chairs will not stop the ship from sinking, as it needs a complete overhaul.

The taking of an early victory lap by elected officials before the job is done only leads to more problems.

We can only hope that Mr. Booker has been thoroughly and properly informed, rediscovers the roots of his Burlingame childhood, and brings the tools to remove the infections that have plagued the system.

Mom of 2

Let’s hope Mr.Booker brings in his own team to clean up this mess. The Board still needs to answer for their role in this debacle. They didn’t listen to the public and they never made a statement.

What Vic Would Do-A blueprint for action-

There is a reason that the street in front of BHS is Vic Mangini Way. It's time to reflect on the first 100 years of BHS and get the (district) campus back on track.

How about rather than just wishing that Mr. Booker brings in his own team, we provide him with a blueprint of what needs to be done.

Instead of the district continuing to hemorrhage tax payers money funding Black and Skelly’s legal bills in two separate cases, the Board could facilitate a fully external team to evaluate the current “situation” and provide Superintendent Booker a complete outline of the issues and a game plan to “Hit the Ground Running.”

The information and data collected by the Leadership Associates Superintendent Search Firm is already in possession and most likely paints a clear picture of the issues that need to be address. (We know that both Skelly and the Board will not articulate the REAL problems because then they would have to take responsibility) Confidential interviews with site principals, teacher leadership, and parent groups create Day 1 Game Plan for Superintendent Booker. Any board of directors for a publicly held corporation would approve such an action and expense because of the time and money it would save in the long run. There are employees who have an incentive to distract the new leader from their past to perpetuate their own futures. A confidential plan would also let the Board and Mr. Booker know who to release ASAP rather than offering an additional year’s contract on July 1 as is the practice. The exiting regime gives an additional year of employment to those they know are deficient, further delaying the transition to improvement and sanity.

The Board does need to make a public statement. The board has continually ignored public knowledge and input, granting Skelly a two-year contract extension over the stated concerns of local and state officials. The Board gave Skelly a blind “vote of confidence” only to be betrayed.

The new By-District election places Trustee Land in the position of communicating the constituents of Burlingame regarding his actions in these issues. Trustee Land is now the only Trustee responsible to Burlingame so the responsibility to come forth on these issues and those of Burlingame High School and Mills High School rest on Mr. Lands shoulders.

This same Board believed that Superintendent Skelly was the delivered savior who would move the SMUHSD forward. Skelly articulated that his experience would prevail, yet he too became the mouthpiece of the manipulators, ignoring the facts and leaving Burlingame far worse than when he found it.
Burlingame High School will celebrate its centennial anniversary next year, but who is left to pass on and tell its history?

If Skelly had been presented with a blueprint outlining the issues and concerns of the SMUHSD, he never would have trusted those who abused him nor would he have so eloquently defended Principal Yim’s story of the “Dick in the Box.”

This is a homecoming for Superintendent Booker and a real opportunity in the post COVID environment to push the SMUHSD to a place of honor and success rather than “just another wealthy school district.”

Spend the money, collect the information, produce a report. Give Mr. Booker what he really needs to make change.

If Superintendent Booker is saddled with leftover deadweight administrators advanced one year contracts by his predecessor, it’s going to be another expensive and wasted period of time.

Jiminy Cricket- Yim-Gate was a hoax-the truth hurts, but it also heals

Jiminy Cricket tried to keep Pinocchio on the straight and narrow.

The SMUHSD can use a Jiminy Cricket right about now.

Yim-Gate- was a hoax- and the Board fell for it.

The lengthy posts linked below tell the story that no one wants “out.”

The Board was "taken for a ride" and Superintendent Skelly is now "retiring."

Need Proof? Go to the (9:45) mark of the Board Meeting linked below. (1,379 views!)

Watch a “former” teacher disclose to the Board how she was harassed and threatened in her classroom and ignored by the administration. (she made this appearance because she and her claims were dismissed)

“At 8 months pregnant, I came to Skelly’s Office crying and begging for protection, he told me to get another job.”


This administration has been withholding critical information from the Board for years- starting with Principal Di Yim and BHS.

Yim-Gate was a deflection from the real issues which is now known to be an "inside job."

Now that the depth of the lies has been “discovered,” the Board is confused and embarrassed, yet responsible to fix the extensive damage.

The board would like everyone to look forward to Superintendent Booker (A Burlingame Choice) as the savior in 2022 and ignore the past and the damage. Not so fast….

Superintendent Booker cannot clean up the mess if he is chained down by being forced to “carry” the same district office "leaders" who created the mess.

The contracts of these individuals must be made public and approved by July 1, 2022. The public is waiting.

Booker needs a clean house and an opportunity to rebuild. -BHS specifically-

The Grand Jury or a state auditor should step in to do what no elected official has the integrity to do-- tell the people the truth.

The last time the Grand Jury came to town it was because BHS had a second swastika incident (because one swastika incident is not enough) and the now outgoing district office stated that swastikas did not reflect the "dominant school culture."

How many swastika incidents are needed before it is defined as problematic issue in a high school culture?

BHS is headed into its centennial celebration with set of leaders who don't know or understand the community or the school.

Principal Yim hated Burlingame High School and its community. She wanted to destroy its traditions and culture, and eradicate its history. (statement of a current BHS teacher)

Ironically, Yim’s “shaking her money-maker” to the "Dick in the Box" with the senior boys of the water polo team ended her time at BHS, but the damage was done. Superintendent Skelly was manipulated and issued a public apology to Di YIm as HE believed that she had been “wronged.” (because Skelly was manipulated by his own people)

After resigning from BHS, Yim ran off to Las Vegas in a post marital affair with another SMUHSD district office leader.

Can the city and campus rally to the cause?

BHS has always come back.

The failed attempt by the district to close the school in 1982 comes to mind. BHS was reborn and became the “go-to” school as students from around the district begged for a transfer to the BHS campus.

The new by-district elections places Trustee Land into a single member district and he alone has the responsibility to represent and communicate the facts to the BHS community.

The public wants and needs the truth- It's the Board’s job to deliver the truth.

"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong" and it did.

Now it’s time to reverse course and clean up the mess.

Superintendent Booker will need the “Best and the Brightest” to support him as he will soon uncover the disgusting mess that caused considerable damage.





Just How Bad is it-The Board's Body Language tells the tale

At the SMUHSD District Office, employees have literally walked out the door, quitting their jobs in frustration. The environment is bad enough that individuals just don’t care. The morale of the staff with “boots on the ground” has plummeted, yet the leadership keeps playing the fiddle.

The Board needs to send a clear and physical message to its employees and constituents that it is taking the transition seriously and will empower the NEW Superintendent with the tools and budget needed to rebuild the district and its schools.

The current message of “business as usual” is not comforting or plausible. The iceberg is clearly in front of the Titanic, yet the Board seems to believe that the ship can take the impact.

Allowing the outgoing administration to continue to implement its ideology, will spiral the damaging momentum forward, pushing actual recover that much farther down the road.

Let them go now.

The level of frustration of site administrators’ who have not left, is visually apparent and worrisome. The district will replace almost 1/3 of school site leaders. Those who remain will be left to pick up the pieces. These individual needs to know where they are going and who is going to direct them.

This damage isn’t from COVID, it's the product of a complete lack authentic of leadership. A lack of ethics or leading by example. Parents, community members, and employees have publicly called out the leadership for making appealing comments in front of the Board and then changing their tone and comments when the doors are closed.

If the Board fails to perform the necessary surgery, it’s going to be attending its own autopsy.

This isn’t a financial debacle which is visible on a balance sheet, it's the death of the esprit de corps that is essential for public organizations to flourish.

The hypocrisy has reached a comical level where mistreated or lies by central leadership are expected.

The Board recently had its own “come to Jesus” moment when THEY discovered that the administration had been misleading them and withholding information that was essential for making governing decisions.

The Board did not even know that the administration’s credentials were being suspended until the members read about it in the SM Daily Journal.

The video link below offers some damaging content - the Board is very candid and forgets they are on Zoom.

The Board’s body language is enough to see how bad things are-

Got To (1:56:00) at the link below-“Tell us EVERYTHING and TELL US FIRST”
(1:56:40) -What Trustees Land and Lees Dywer-they are vigorously “nodding” in agreement about Skelly’s lies and then they “break up laughing” at finding out about the lies “in the newspaper.”


The SMUHSD has only six comprehensive schools, yet it is losing eight (8) of its administrative leaders. That is almost 1/3 of the site level leadership. The administrative compensation in the SMUHSD is exceptionally high. These people just got fed up and got out.

The 2021-2022 School Year in the San Mateo Union High School District

1. SMUHSD Superintendent Kevin Skelly “retires” after CTC Scandals
2. Capuchino High School Principal- steps down-back to teaching
3. Burlingame High School Assistant Principal- steps down- back to teaching
4. Burlingame High School Principal - “Leave of Absence”
5. Aragon High School Assistant Principal- resigns-moving
6. Aragon High School Assistant Principal-resigns-moving
7. San Mateo- High School Assistant Principal-left
8. Mills High School Assistant Principal- “resigned”

Under Investigation by the CTC Education Misconduct Committee
• Superintendent Kevin Skelly-Credential Suspension-Appeal to the Deputy Attorney General of California
• Deputy Superintendent of Human Resources Kirk Black- Credential Suspension-Appeal to the Deputy Attorney General of California
• Mills High School Principal - Credential Suspension-Appeal to the Deputy Attorney General of California

• Deputy Superintendent -Chief Budget Officer Liz McManus- forced out. (December 2020)

Listen-Threats, Lies, and Audio Tapes- Yim-Gate- Alex Butterfield

Listen to the evidence-

Evidence in hand shows Yim-GATE was based on fraudulent actions and the Trustees have refused to take action.

The Grand Jury needs to investigate-

Listen to the audio-

Glenn Mendelson hit the nail on the head in his remarks to the Board in March 2016

While many parent supporters spoke at the meeting, the insight of Mendelson on an "alliance of a few teachers with Yim to push out Nelson was right on target.

Go to the (2:49:10) mark on the audio

"There are a group of teachers, some with questionable student related issues of their own have been hiding behind Principal Yim after they were exposed for their wrongdoing."

"THEY are the ones pressuring Skelly and the Board for the transfer."

"This group of teachers appear to have BHS and the district in a choke hold."

"they are pushing for Nelson's transfer to get even."

"An alliance has been created to ensure Nelson is transferred."


In his address to the Board, Superintendent Skelly THEN stated, (3:23:45)

“I reject teacher conspiracy on this issue.” (Then why bother to mention it)

This statement to the Board is right after Skelly offers an apology to Principal Yim from the District for her "Dick in the Box" performance. (where she had already "plead guilty"to the prior superintendent)



Confirming the Conspiracy-

In February 2019, Superintendent Skelly CONFIRMED the teacher conspiracy alleged by Mendelson.

Skelly KNEW in March 2016 when he made the statement to the Board “I reject teacher conspiracy” that it was exactly what had taken place.

In February 2019, Skelly stated that AFTER Principal Yim resigned and before Nelson’s Involuntary Transfer, two BHS Teachers arranged “secret meetings” with him, where they persuaded him to make carry out the Nelson’s transfer.

Skelly refused to name the teachers or investigate their statements.

The teachers involved in the "secret meetings" were identified by their peers.

Yim-Gate was a fraud, and its damage continued to destroy BHS.

Skelly paraded around the Board acting as if he knew everything when actually knew nothing at all. His words to the Board and the public were void of facts.
(3:19:00) audio link

The Board is currently holding a Skelly-Fest, celebrating his departure while continuing to suppress the evidence and damage.

The Board's ignorance of these issues and refusal to take action only escalated the juvenile antics and behaviors of this small group of teachers at BHS. The problem in this case, was that the action were against students and parents THEY did not like.

Skelly is gone on July 1, 2022, but the other culprits remain.

There are community members who are aware of these issues as well and have pressed the Board to take action.


The Trustees are well aware of the abundance of facts, links, evidence, audio and video that are damning, but have allow the leadership to take no action to protect the community, its students or its tax dollars.

Why no action?

Because up to December 2021- They believed Skelly, until they were informed that he wasn't telling the truth. The Board called it a "communications" issue.

Got To (1:56:00) “Tell us EVERYTHING and TELL US FIRST”

(1:56:40) Trustees Land and Lees Dwyer-are vigorously “nodding” in agreement about Skelly’s lies and then they “break up laughing” as they recall finding out about the lies in the SM Daily Journal.

Threats, lies, and Audio Tapes


What a mess for Superintendent Booker to clean up. Has anyone even warned him about Brutus and The Ides of March?

Pulling a Fast One?-They think the public isn't looking

While Superintendent Skelly is leaving, it looks as though the Board is attempting to intentionally ignore the rest of the necessary housecleaning, "pulling a fast one" as they believe the public is not paying attention.

An observant lawyer reviewing the situation summed it up with the following-

the Board is "Too Chummy" with its administrators and that only leads to deceit.

During the last SMUHSD scandal, Superintendent Sam Johnson withheld from the Board the fact that he put the district $3.5 million in debt and the construction costs were $73 million above cost. Then Board President Marcia Cohn-Lyle responded that the Board and Johnson were a Team of Six? and would fix the problem together. Johnson was thrown out and so was the Board (who are also the current members getting scammed)


The SMUHSD is a Shakespearian Tragedy and the outcome of what may be these final acts are no different.

“Something is rotten in the state of Denmark.”

(its been rotting for a while)

Let me see. (Hamlet takes the Skelly)
Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him, Horatio, a fellow of infinite jest, of most excellent fancy. He hath borne me on his back a thousand times, and now, how abhorred in my imagination it is!

(Skelly lives in the "good old days" (some say good old boys) and fails to engage what needs to be fixed)

“Nay, then, let the devil wear black, for I’ll have a suit of sables.”

(The Devil)

“This above all: to thine own self be true,

And it must follow, as the night the day,

Thou canst not then be false to any man”

(No Ethics-No Honor)

“The lady doth protest too much, methinks" (and far too often!)

"Whatever can go wrong, will go wrong."
(Not Shakespeare, but the culprit nonetheless)

As the tragedy closes, Things end poorly for everyone, including the "good guys."

BHS and the Burlingame Community are paying the price, victims of the Folly of Fools who will walk away laughing.

Yim-Gate (and its associated scandals) was a fraud. This one may not cost the district $3.5 million, but it might come close.

There is a Board Election in November while the Burlingame seat is not on the docket, these issues should still be ripe.

The Deputy Attorney General may still have the last laugh.

Superintendent Booker either deservers a better start or a bigger dust pan.


And Sam Johnson got his name on the Performing Arts Center at Cap -- I shake my head every time I drive by.

Report us?- We'll get you-

"You've got a nice kid there. It'd be a shame if anything were to... happen to your daughter."

File a complaint, we’ll get you-

While Superintendent Skelly exits the building on June 30, there is still a significant amount of S*#T to cleaned up and thrown out.

The Board continues its role as a dysfunctional enabler, allowing the administration to strong arm employees who report improper, unethical and illegal behavior.

The district office is retaliation central.

-On File with the SM Superior Court-

In or about October 2017, a District human resources staffer, Lulu Davidson, called Petersen and spoke to her on the phone for over 40 minutes.

Davidson claimed she was trying to “protect” Petersen and informed her that the District did not like it when employees made reports like the written report Petersen made about the assault.
Petersen told Davidson she would not withdraw the report and Davidson WARNED Petersen to be “careful,” and mentioned that she knew Petersen was a single mother, saying “you have to think about keeping your job and raising your daughter,” or words to that effect.
(legal brief-SM Superior Court)

"...she knew Petersen was a single mother..."

It would be a shame if something happened to you or your daughter…

Read above-It's coming up on a year and these actions are still viable.

It would be interesting to know what others actions have take place over the past year?

Superintendent Skelly- signed a two-year ($329k per) contract extension in August 2021-

Five months later in January 2022-
after stating that he loves his job and doesn't plan to leave, Skelly "resigns-retires" leaving $658,000 in pay as he parachutes out the golden door.

The Board knows something and they don't want the public to find out. Collusion is never a good color on anyone.

There is much more to be concerned about than just this one case....

"You've got a nice kid there. It'd be a shame if anything were to... happen to your daughter."

$40 million price cut Crestmoor High School


A $40 million price reduction?

Which deal was bogus, the first or the last?

How does the Board explain a $40 million price cut?

SummerHill Homes, will purchase the former Crestmoor High School in December set the price at $85 million.

The SMUHSD board trustees approved an amendment to that agreement that reduced to purchase price to $84.3 million

An earlier deal with a different developer estimated a selling price of up to $125 million, but that deal fell through last August.

Last August-Right after Skelly got a two year extension on his contract?

Why take $85m ($84.3) when the selling price was $125m?

Who is the master deal-maker?

Its only the public's money that is being abused...


Skelly-Gate- It was an inside job

Orange is the New Black-

Yim-Gate has now become Skelly-Gate as the SMUHSD continues its attempts to cover up its negligence.

In August 2021, Skelly inked a two-year contract extension at $329,000 per year. On January 12, 2022, he announced his “retirement.”

Yim-Gate was foolish and an inside job. The players did not think they would get caught by holding "secret meetings" to pass lies.

These were very big lies that Skelly kept “under wraps” but with his departure, there is not one to continue the cover up and Superintendent Booker "is sure to find out."

Fool me once, shame on me. Fool me twice, shame on you.

So what did happened between the time Skelly signed his $658,000 contract extension in August 2021 and when he resigned on January 2022?

According to Board member statements made ON ZOOM, Skelly’s early departure was related to “extreme communication and disclosure issues.” The Board FIRST found out about Superintendent Skelly, Deputy Superintendent Black, and the Mills Principal’s credential suspension form the SM Daily Journal.

It's time for the SM Daily Journal to jump in and investigate these items again.

To make matters worse, the Board then parroted the talking points of the trio’s legal team, making the Board look even more foolish.

The Board gave Skelly the contract extension AFTER they discovered the credential suspension had been hidden from them. The SM Daily Journal called it a, “vote of confidence.”

Common sense (and $658,000) would dictate that this should be enough motivation to stay on straight and narrow, but no such luck.

Over the next few months, the district office leadership and related others continued to engage in acts of extreme negligence which now may have both civil and criminal ramifications. The plan was set so that the leadership would not get caught. The leadership did not plan on the actions of a “loose cannon,” and the fact that the things that could go wrong, did go wrong.

While Skelly took his golden parachute and bailed out, the trail of garbage left behind has already begun to rot. The Board has ignored the cue’s that they have SERIOS issues to remedy and they too may be individually implicated in all this mess.

The actions from (and protected by) the SMUHSD include threats of violence, threats of termination of Whistleblowers, and false reports which could lead to police arrest SHOULD be enough for the Board or District Attorney to take action.

Like the BHS Swastika incidents, (because it was ignored and covered up) this is going to take an external investigation (Grand Jury or private legal firm) because the folks who are supposed to be honest and ethical just won’t do the job. When the SMUHSD leadership (and by definition… THE BOARD) is covering up violations of both civil and criminal law.

Follow the $$$$- Blocked Public Record Requests

Why is the SMUHSD blocking a legal Public Record request for financial disclosures on the Skelly-Black administration?

One year ago, in August 2021, the SMUHSD Board granted Superintendent Skelly a two-year extension on his contract at $329k per year DESPITE the fact the Superintendent's credential was scheduled to be suspended. Skelly TOLD the Board that "all is well," but it wasn't. That was a lie in a much longer list of misleading statements and withholding information from the Board.

After getting caught in a "fib" the Superintendent announced his "retirement" in January 2022 only months after landing the lucrative extension on his employment which HE stated "I love the work and I'm not leaving."

The Willful Negligence of Withholding Information

The Skelly administration placed a"Firewall" around information and facts that should have flowed to the Board. The administrators blocked anything that could place themselves or their jobs in jeopardy.

Ironically, the Lozano Smith Law firm that is supposed to represent the SMUHSD also represents the individual administrators in their wrongdoings. The Lozano firm is also the one who is blocking the Public Record Requests.

So the Lozano Firm continues to collect $$$$ while playing both sides of the field, refusing to inform the Board of the negligence of its administrators. Lozano lawyers represented Skelly and Black in front of the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee-twice. This was NEVER communicated to the Board prior to the first hearing.

How can Lozano represent the interests of the SMUHSD and NOT communicate these SERIOUS infractions to the Board?

Prior to becoming "informed," the Board got up on a soapbox and defended Skelly and Black believing the "tales" they had been told.

How did the Board eventually find out about Skelly and Black getting their credential suspended?

The Board read about it in the SM Daily Journal, just like everyone else.

How much has this already cost the district and how much more is it going to cost?


Am I not reading the CTC search for Skelly and Black properly? I'm not seeing their records flagged/nothing under Adverse and Commission Actions. Is this because the matters are under appeal?
What a shady business! It will be interesting to see if the board has learned anything from this debacle.

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