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August 05, 2021



Dear Joe.
There is a "stalker" attempting to represent me-"Hollybuffoon."
I will be contacting BPD tomorrow regarding these threatening Posts.
This is a Personal Safety Issue.
Expect a Phone Call.
Not from me, the Burlingame Police Department.

Boots on the Ground-COVID in the Air- Where is the DashBoard?

Boots on the ground and COVID in the Air- Reports from inside the schools are not good.

Go to 39:00:00 (39 min)

While the district administrators sit in their Ivory Tower watching a Bevy of Beauties dance on the field below, safety protocols are ignored and the risk of the spread of COVID-Delta increases.

The SMUHSD does not want to report its cases… Check out the rest of the Bay Area below.

Comprehensive List of Bay Area School COVID Dashboards

CTC Educator Misconduct #2-Yim, Black, and Skelly are charged (again)

Charged- by the CA Educator Misconduct Committee

This is the SECOND round of charges against the SMUHSD-

Superintendent Kevin Skelly
Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black
Burlingame High School Principal Di Yim

After an extensive investigation across the summer by state investigators and a review by the Commission on Teacher Credentialing, the leaders of the SMUHSD have "once again" been charged with ethics violations as well as violations of state and federal law.

Documents are posted on the Burlingame Parents FACEBOOK page Citizens for Mr. Nelson and the Truth at BHS.


Where is the Board?

Yim-Gate-BHS-Part Duex

Yim-Gate-BHS-Part Duex

How many school districts in the state have two superintendents and two principals under indictment by a state governing and investigation agency?

Superintendent Kevin Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black have now been charged in TWO separate incidents involving both Mills High School and Burlingame High School.

The new indictments of Superintendent Kevin Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black are related to their actions at Burlingame High School.

Former Burlingame High School Principal Di Yim has also been indicted by the CTC Education Misconduct Committee.

There are more indictments for BHS teachers that may be on the way as well.

These new charges are in addition to those earlier for actions at Mills High School-

The CTC Education Misconduct Committee has recommended Adverse Action of credential suspensions of 30 days for Skelly and 14 days for Black.

Mills High School Principal Pam Dusznysnki was also charged and has been recommended for a 120 day suspension.

Prior to the publication of these second charges, SMUHSD Board members criticized the investigations of the CTC and Robert Griffen stated to the Daily Journal

“We are confident that when, and if, this matter reaches the Attorney General’s Office for review, no adverse action will be taken against these outstanding administrators,” Griffin said.

The Board President's premature discharge of a defense of the administration shows a strong disconnect from the facts of the current environment and challenges the public to question what the Board actually knows.

If these actions move to the Attorney General’s office, they will move with an entire second set of charges that will need to be explained or defended.

The SMUHSD seems to believe that there is smoke, but no fire. This is how a district gets burned.

The district administrators do not hold any personal expense for their defense and thus have no skin in the game when spending other people’s money.

According to documents, the SMUHSD is paying for Lozano Smith partner Mark Waterman to defend Skelly and Black, even though the district itself is not at peril.


It’s time the SMUHSD Board consult its own legal counsel and actually represent the taxpayers and students.


It is very disappointing to see and experience the administrators of this School District go back and fourth over power plays that only benefit their own Personal Agendas.
Inevitably, these "Brainiac's" start to believe-"this place can not run without me."
That is what happens when Civil Servants spend to much time feeding off the "Public Trough."
If there is no term limit for these Public School Administrators, there should be.
Happy Labor Day All.


I think we are at the point where the Trustees need to make some sort of public statement about why they are doing what they are doing. This stinks to high heaven and if there is something else we don't know then we need to know it.

Yim-Gate-BHS-Part Duex

What the public will learn is that EVERYTHING that went down at BHS prior to and after Yim-Gate was a retaliatory lie.

There are going to be some employees who may not come outside because of the lies they have told to the public and to the Board.

The Board is represented by its own Legal Counsel provided by the County while it pays a Lozano Smith partner Mark Waterman $500 per hour of taxpayer money to defend Skelly and Black. Former Principal Yim is in Vegas and on her own.

It would be great if Yim just flipped on these two. What does she have to lose?

As one BHS Teacher who is about to be charged once stated in a sworn statement to block a public record disclosure,

"If this information becomes public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment." In her own words, she describes her feelings about what she did.



Maybe it is time to "press the refresh button."
If the Board wants what is best for the Students, Parents and District, "They" should be very welcoming to another Resignation/Vote in order to Start over; Immediately-Post resignation.
30 Calendar days.
I am sure we all would like to know how, and why business, communication, finances and the large amount of "Disciplinary" actions taken against administrators, and Educators are the Daily M.O. at the School District.
Or do the Board members rely on a paycheck from the District? That would wrong. Very Wrong.


Board members (some, at least) rely on health insurance from the district -- if I had a nickel for every time I was asked about running for school board and told, "And board members get health insurance!" I'd have enough money to take a nice vacation.
I'm not surprised people don't run for school board -- and that incumbents tend to stay (often past their 'best by' date). It is a very time-consuming office (especially if you actually spend the time to study the packets and all the financials -- not to mention the endless meetings). I don't know what the stipends are for meetings these days, but nobody is doing the job for the money.
We can complain about these folks all we want (and we do have legitimate grounds for some complaints) but anyone who thinks they can do better, please, throw your hat in the ring.
A good board needs a combination of new people with energy and ideas and experienced people with institutional memory who 'know the ropes.' What a board doesn't need is incumbents who have lost the energy to do the real work the position demands.

Yim-Gate-the Board has been deceived-Now they know-what are they going to do?

Timing is everything.

This Board put Skelly on a pedestal from the first day he came to the job. Marc Friedman called Superintendent Laurence the Absentee Superintendent and Skelly looked like the gold standard compared to what was leaving. The transition of power paralleled the demise of Burlingame High School at the hands of Di Yim. The BHS Parents Group had basically lost their s*%t and wanted her gone.

Skelly claimed he could deliver, and the Board believed him.

The Board should know 100% of what the Superintendent knows. If there is even a hint of a legal issue, the Board needs to be made aware. If/when the Board discovers that “significant’ issues are withheld from them, then they should take the Superintendent to the woodshed for a closed session discussion. In Palo Alto, Skelly intentionally withheld critical information regarding an investigation by the United States Office of Civil Rights from the Palo Alto Board and it cost them dearly. Its Déjà vu all over again.

Skelly and the SMUHSD Board had no idea of the depth of issues in the district or at BHS. Black and Yim did and knew they would lose their jobs if they were discovered. Black and Yim had been under investigation by the United States Office of Civil Right for months in 2015. If the new Superintendent found out, they would be out of a job. They lied to, misled, and withheld information from Skelly and the Board and put the blame on the Whistleblowers. It worked. Black controlled any/and all investigations and handled the legal issues. Black has a law degree and knows how to work the system.

Superintendent Skelly wanted to get paid after being tossed by the Palo Alto District (for not minding the store) and his #1 priority was to remain employed for a lengthy period of time to boost his retirement earnings. Skelly’s style is to build a firewall around himself so that he always has deniability. “If you don’t tell me then I’ll never know.” People who were negligent in their own right were “retired” and others who “knew too much” were thrown under the bus. At least two key district office employees “who knew where the bodies were buried” were threatened and/or run out. The SMUHSD became a very toxic and dysfunctional place, unless you were in the “in” crowd.

Skelly believed 100% of what he fed by Black as did the Board. The Board believed they were informed but they were only given what the administration wanted them to hear. The negative issues never came to the surface or reached the Board.

For example, the SMUHSD engaged in systematic racism from 2010 to 2015 where it did not identify a single African American student for Special Education services. A state agency discovered this issue but it was buried from the Board.

Its not like the SMUHSD Board wasn’t contacted or warned. The Board has received large volumes of information which they have ignored because it conflicted with what they were being fed. If the Board packet does not include complete information, then they won’t know what is going on.

The indictments by the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee and the Mills High School lawsuit are strictly about retaliation against Whistleblowers. Employees who did the right things and filed complaints with district, state, and federal agencies about ongoing negligence in the district. The SMUHSD’s normal practice is to create a hostile work environment around the individual and then blame them for the action. Deputy Superintendent Black brings the charges back by the unlimited resources of the SMUHSD’s legal firm (who also wants to get paid).

Why now?

The CTC Education Misconduct Investigators are a small shop who do not care about the BIG Superintendents or law firms. They are hardworking “cops” who are out to protect the students. While their normal tasks are to remove negligent teachers, they sometime get cases like the SMUHSD. They can’t be bought or threatened by big law firms. They close or dismiss more cases than they take to indictment. The do not indict unless the violations are clear and supported by the facts.

The indictments do not start an investigation, but rather they are the end of one. When the CTC files the charges, guilt is already established, the teacher is just getting a chance to respond to questions and a decision of credential suspension or removal will be made. The indictments receive by Skelly (now 2), Black (now 2), and Yi means that they have already been found guilty, the only phase left is sentencing.

This is why the SMUHSD is taking the first set of Credential Suspensions to the Attorney General’s Office, because the expensive lawyers have more clout there than at the offices of the CTC. This second round of indictments of Skelly, Black and Yim has now spoiled the part at the AG’s office as they will not be able to pass off these actions as a “one off.”

Superintendent Skelly and the Board have been deceived, tricked, hoodwinked, or whatever term you want to use. They have been used by these shysters who only wanted to earn more money and credits towards retirement.

Think about it. Superintendent Skelly has a pretty impressive career. He was the Runner Up as Superintendent of the Year in the United States just two years ago, and now he is facing multiple indictments to remove his credential. That doesn’t make sense, except if you take into consideration his folksy good-natured way that he treats most people which was an invitation to take advantage of him, which is exactly what happened.

Skelly is about to sacrifice his career to save Black’s. That is foolish. The Board is now fully informed of what transpired and they need to act.

Trustees Griffen, Handley, and Lees Dwyer will most likely end with their current terms and/ or they will be eliminated via the By-District elections. Trustee Andrade Zuniga will win her seat, but Trustee Land is going to have to rely on the “good people” of Burlingame to re-elect him as a by-district Burlingame election will bring “other” candidates to the race. Candidates that did not allow Burlingame High School to be destroyed. If Trustee Land takes the lead on the SMUHSD district office “house cleaning,” it may be a positive step towards his own march to become a superintendent as well as saving his current seat, otherwise, he will go down with the rest.

When the information in the CTC Education Misconduct Committees Confidential Investigation Reports hits the media, its game over for the administrators and the Board.

When Superintendent Sam Johnson improperly spent $85 million from the SMUHSD General Fund, the Board announced that they AND Johnson were a “team of six” and would stick together. Johnson resigned after a 95% vote of No Confidence by the teachers, and the Board was voted out… when they ran against these current Board Members.

Negligence is bliss

Footnote- The Administration rushed through the new contracts for Skelly, Black and others, giving Skelly two additional years and Black one. One Trustee stated, "Skelly was warned in closed session that nothing else should come up as we have the means to reverse our position and terminate the contract."

Well, something came up-

Paloma Ave

After reading this thread and hearing about what is being taught in high schools and colleges around this country, I was wondering if it is time to abandon public education?

If parents were required to pay directly for a child's education then perhaps we could get politics out of the equation?

Just wondering...


Larry Elder for school choice.


All Politics is Local.

When the locals ignore the politics, the system becomes corrupt.

Burlingame does have school choice. Those with the money are choosing to leave the public schools.

All Politics is Local.

In 1981, due to declining enrollment, the SMUHSD planned to shut down Burlingame High School.

The Burlingame and Hillsborough parents were not having ANY of this S%&T and made it clear to the Board that closing THEIR high school was not an option.

The newest school, Crestmoor High School was closed instead.

The reason that district administrators and Board members do what THEY want and ignore the public is because they see THEMSELVES as the benevolent stewards of public education.

An example is one of the current criteria (Board Agenda for 9/6) for the establishment of the new By-District boundaries that could cost a Trustee their seat. This is gerrymandering by the sitting members. Where a current Trustee resides is not relevant to representation and should not even be in the discussion.

8.The boundaries of the trustee areas may consider avoiding pairing two or more incumbents in a single trustee-area, to the extent legally allowable.

Burlingame High School belonged to Burlingame. It was the destination for all local families who were embraced by the teachers, coaches, and leadership.

Today BHS is a toxic and dysfunctional space invaded by carpetbaggers who have come to syphon the financial support provide by the parents and give little more than criticism in return. The BHS staff smiles when cashing the Parents Group’s check and starts the badmouthing and retaliation as soon as the door is shut.

Public education works in many places across the country, but it requires the pubic to be active in the education. Previous generations of BHS parents got off the sidelines and refused to take NO for an answer from anyone at BHS. Burlingame lost control of BHS when they abdicated their role to the district administration and the Board. Burlingame parents with financial means have left the school to go private and others will soon follow.

The SMUHSD is currently an open sore that needs immediate attention. Superintendent Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Black have been indicted with their SECOND set of charges by the CTC Education Misconduct Committee, the legal authority governing education credentials. If the District Attorney or the Chief Physician at the hospital were losing their license to practice, public would be outraged and stay as far away from these people as possible.

The CTC Education Misconduct Committee is not the group of buffoons they are made out to be by the SMUHSD Trustees. They are both professional and independent guardians of the state’s education system with a task of removing individuals who have engaged in improper, illegal or unethical behavior.

Superintendent Kevin Skelly
Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black
Burlingame High School Principal Di Yim
Mills High School Principal Pam Duszynski

When Principal Yim was removed from BHS, Skelly could not find a principal to take over BHS. The finalists for the position dropped out once they gained a complete understanding of what had transpired. Skelly then had to mandate a move to bring Belzer to BHS and elevated an unprepared Dusznski to lead Mills High School. Since Skelly was deceived by Black regarding the real issues, Skelly’s actions then destroyed two schools instead of fixing, BHS the one that was infected.

The SMUHSD Trustees need to listed to the CTC Education Misconduct Committee rather than criticize them. The local trustees have also been deceived and will be embarrassed when their ignorance is put on display for public evaluation.

“They are good people,” Dwyer said. “I believe none of the three did anything warranted anything the CTC has done.”

If they are good people, then why did the CTC just drop a complete second set of indictments against them?

Why does the Board know NOTHING about what has transpired yet is spending $500 per hour in legal fees to defend these leaders.

How does a Superintendent get himself into a mess this complicated and the Board has zero knowledge?

A real group of public leaders would put Skelly and Black on administrative leave and bring in a separate and independent law firm to fully investigate the actions which is about to cost the SMUHSD a large amount of money and the careers of two Superintendents and two high school Principals. (That is how a transparent and ethical public Board would handle this issue which is now VERY real)

Despite the announcement of the second set of charges against Skelly and Black, there is no Closed Session Public Employee Evaluation scheduled-

The Trustee want the districts draw to protect THEIR seats, but they do not want to represent YOUR needs. The district operates for the students and the parents, not for the welfare and compensation of its administrators.

All Politics is Local.

When the locals ignore the politics, the system becomes corrupt.

Former Superintendent Sam Johnson mismanaged $85 million in public funds and had a 95% vote of no confidence against him, forcing him to retire.

This Board then granted him the
Samuel Johnson, Jr. Performing Arts Center at Capuchino High School-


Bruce Dickinson

Nice summary KRN. Could you provide more detail as to the nature of the whistleblowing complaints at Mills HS? We're pretty familiar with what happened at BHS.

Keep up the good fight!


BD, this was my comment on the Dividing Up the High School Board post from April 1. I think it captures everything we know about Mills so far:

This probably won't end well:

A Mills High School teacher is alleging San Mateo Union High School District officials negligently disregarded her attempt to blow the whistle on abusive students, urged her to inflate grades and retaliated against her, according to a recent lawsuit.

Patricia Petersen, an English teacher at the Millbrae high school for two decades, claimed that administrators discouraged her from reporting a violent attack by a student, attempted to sweep other incidents under the rug and coerce her through intimidation, according the lawsuit.

A lawsuit filed Wednesday, March 10, in San Mateo County Superior Court detailed these allegations and an assortment of other claims painting Mills High School as an oppressive working environment with an overbearing, mistrustful administration.



Joe has it!

Here are the details

The CTC Educator Misconduct Committee has found Superintendent Skelly, Deputy Superintendent Black and Mills Principal Duszynski guilty of these actions. This was established when the case was reviewed by the Committee and moved to Formal Review.

If the complaint had no merit, it would have been closed at an earlier stage. The Committee on Credentials then found that these actions met the burden for an Adverse Action of credential suspension.

The appeal to the Attorney General’s office is to reverse the suspensions, not the entire investigation and its findings.

The following is derived from court documents filed with the SM Superior Court. Prior to filing a lawsuit, Petersen went through the internal appeal protocols in the SMUHSD including a closed session meeting with the Board.

Therefore, the Board should have been made aware of these facts by the administration.

It is reported that Petersen ONLY wanted the disciplinary letter removed from her file and an apology from the administration for its false and negligent actions.

As a result of the arrogance and negligence of the SMUHSD, the taxpayers will pay for legal and investigation fees in addition to what Petersen will win in court.

Report filed with SM Superior Court-(complete statement can be downloaded from the site)

September 15, 2017, Petersen was assaulted by a student at Mills. A report of the incident was filed but the administration did not take any action. Petersen learned that this student had a reputation for threats and violence and that many teachers at Mills had experienced similar behavior from him.

Principal Pamela Duszynski called Petersen and attempted to pressure Petersen not to turn in the written report, stating “you can’t do this” or words to that effect. Duszynski also dismissively said “that’s just what [the student] does when he gets riled up,” or words to that effect. Petersen asked that more information be provided about dangerous students so that teachers could protect themselves.

October 2017, a District human resources staffer called Petersen and spoke to her on the phone for over 40 minutes. HR staffer claimed she was trying to “protect” Petersen and informed her that the District did not like it when employees made reports like the written report Petersen made about the assault.
Petersen told HR staffer she would not withdraw the report and HR staffer warned Petersen to be “careful,” and mentioned that she knew Petersen was a single mother, saying “you have to think about keeping your job and raising your daughter,” or words to that effect.

On or about October 6, 2017, the same student attempted to hit Petersen with his backpack. Petersen again made a report, and again nothing was done by Mills administration or anyone else in the District. It is alleged that the same student later attacked a Mills assistant principal, and that the District at that point finally transferred that student out of Mills.

Petersen requested that the SMUHSD revise it Dangerous Students Notification policy as ONLY the teachers of the individual student are warned, not others.

February 14, 2018, Petersen was shown a photo of graffiti on a classroom door in the math wing of Mills that included death threats against teachers. Petersen is informed and believes that this was not the first time such graffiti had been discovered by her coworkers. Petersen reported the graffiti to the police. Petersen is informed and believes that Mills administration and the District had previously failed to report such matters to the police and had instead simply painted over similar graffiti.

Reports of student violence, aggressive and destructive behavior as well as students in possession of weapons on the campus have been made to the administration without viable actions taken to remedy the situations.

It is reported that the CTC Education Misconduct Committee Investigators interviewed Mills Teachers to validate these claims.

September 29, 2019 a student was transferred into Petersen’s class who began to engage in harassment. It is believed that the student had a “no contact” order from at least one other teacher.

Throughout the fall semester of 2019, this student sexually harassed Petersen both verbally and physically, including but not limited to by repeatedly hugging and attempting to hug her after she told him not to touch her, by making inappropriate comments and asking inappropriate questions about sex and/or Petersen’s personal life.

Petersen reported all information to administration. Administration refused to act as it would be “denied an education” if he were taken out of Petersen’s class. The student was left in Petersen’s class, and continued his harassing behaviors, through the entirety of the in-person instruction portion of the 2019–20 school year.

Petersen reported (as have others) required attendance with administration where there is “pressure” placed on the teachers to pass students when a teacher issues too many grades of D or F.

After the COVID shutdown, Petersen “went out of her way” to help one of these failing students by meeting the student in a public place and providing testing materials to the student . Petersen informed the administration of her actions and has a text response, “Thanks for doing all you are for her. I know it’s not easy.”

Petersen discovered that the student had cheated on the test and failed the student. This triggered allegations by the upset student which were proven false by law enforcement. The student has also acknowledged that her reports were false.


On May 14, Principal Duszynski emailed Petersen and referred to the matter as “an unfortunate situation.”

On May 15, after speaking with Principal Duszynski, but not Petersen, Superintendent Skelly emailed Petersen requesting her to give the student credit for Petersen’s class and “move on.”

This was a formal request from the SMUHSD Superintendent to pass a student who was not passing the course PRIOR to the COVID shutdown and had not completed any work to pass the course.

On or about May 18, Petersen put the student’s name on a “No Credit” list of students she did not expect to pass her class.

Petersen is informed and believes that the District nevertheless issued the student a passing grade in Petersen’s class.

On May 26, the District, by Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black, issued to Petersen a letter titled “45-Day Notice of Unprofessional Conduct/90-Day Notice of Unsatisfactory Performance” threatening Petersen with dismissal from her employment with the District. The letter claimed that Petersen had engaged in unsatisfactory performance and unprofessional conduct by meeting the student arranging to meet another student on campus, and failing to create supportive and positive relationships with students.

The letter was rife with falsehoods and distortions, including, but not limited to, the false claim that nobody in Mills administration knew Petersen was going to meet with the student before it happened.

Dr. Black’s letter of reprimand threatens Petersen with dismissal if she does not correct the “deficiencies” the District identifies, yet deficiencies lack any factual basis, and if she does not follow the directives of her supervisors, notwithstanding that they are the same supervisors who have previously ignored Petersen’s safety complaints, attempted to pressure Petersen into not making legally protected reports, and attempted to cause Petersen to issue passing grades to students who had not earned them.

Dr. Black holds a law degree and has passed the bar. Therefore, he knows what is legally and ethically required of him to perform his job.

Why engage in negligence over such a petty power grab?

This statement, filed in court by an individual teacher in the SMUHSD rings true for a list of others that have preceded it. A list of false and misleading allegations without facts to support them results in an adverse employment action taken against the employee.

The efforts to fight the district only makes the teacher look embarrassed and humiliated. Those in the past have quit and left.

On the other hand, the administration has the power, the process, and law firm to bully the teacher and send a chilling effect to others to not dare take on the SMUHSD HR Department.

A toxic and dysfunctional workplace environment indeed.



Board comments to the SM Daily Journal illustrate their own ignorance of these issues-

The Lozano-Smith law firm represents the SMUHSD Board and has full and complete knowledge of the negligence of these individuals, yet does not report these concerns to the Board Members.

Attorneys from the San Mateo County Counsel also represents the SMUHSD Board and has knowledge of the negligence of these individuals, yet does not report these concerns to the Board Members.

The administrators are the employees of the Board. It is becoming very clear that the Board needs to take action… at least to save its own integrity.

The SMUHSD Board of Trustees blasted the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing the SM Daily Journal for finding Superintendent Skelly, Deputy Superintendent Black and Mills High School Principal Dusznski guilty of improper, unethical, and negligent behavior

The following comments were reported by the SM Daily Journal during the initial weeks of August 2021.

During the week of August 27, 2021, the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee announced a Second Round of indictments against Skelly and Black based on a second and independent complaint-

The Board has placed into the public eye, just how much the Trustees do not know about what is going on within the SMUHSD.

When the CTC Education Misconduct Committee announces the move to Formal Review, it has already fully investigated the charges and found the individual culpable. The Formal Review hearing is to determine if an Adverse Action of credential suspension or removal is required. These individuals have already been found guilty. The Final Review is regarding sentencing.

To put it bluntly, these SMUHSD administrators’ actions and failure to properly inform the Board are making the Trustees look like idiots:

Robert Griffin, President of the SMUHSD Board of Trustees

Comments on August 5, 2021-SM Daily Journal
• CTC needs to reconsider “its initial erroneous decision.”
• “Each of these administrators have exemplary records of service,”
• “The committee has acted irresponsibly and without regard to the facts, the law or the public interest in its decision.”
• “We are confident that when, and if, this matter reaches the Attorney General’s Office for review, no adverse action will be taken against these outstanding administrators,”

SMUHSD Trustees Land and Lees Dwyer
August 16, 2021-SM Daily Journal

• “They are good people,” Dwyer said. “I believe none of the three did anything warranted anything the CTC has done.”
• Trustee Land shared disapproval for the CTC’s decision and claimed the investigation was “not done well”

Then on August 27, 2021- AFTER the above comments were made-

CTC Educator Misconduct Committee

The following are sent to Formal Review regarding an independent and second set of charges for improper, unethical, and negligent behavior against SMUHSD teachers

• Superintendent Kevin Skelly
• Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black
• Former BHS Principal Di Yim

Trustee Land states that the CTC investigation was “not done well.”

What was “not well done” was the due diligence of the Board-

It looks like the CTC investigations were done well enough to catch Skelly and Black TWICE and then also snag TWO SMUHSD Principals for improper, unethical, and negligent behavior. This would also include retaliatory action against individuals acting as Whistleblowers which is strictly prohibited by California law.

The Board’s ignorance of the actions of its administrators may have caused it to participate and approve in adverse employment actions which may place the SMUHSD as significant financial risk.

The retaliatory actions taken by the SMUHSD against these teachers was intended to impair an employee's job performance or prospects for advancement. The employees were engaged in protected actions (reporting negligence and civil rights violations) and the retaliation is the adverse employment action seeking to chill any others from taking similar actions against the employer.

CTC Eduction Misconduct

Credentials in Limbo

Contract Extension


There is a GREAT Example of the Firing of an Entire School Board that took place last week.
It can be done.
There are very responsible professionals lined up to fill Vacated Positions.
If anyone is interested in the how and why of "Starting Over" you should read this article.
If you can not find the article via internet,

Please contact:
500 N.9th St. Gallup, NM. 87301
I believe the "article" appeared in "The Independent" 08/30 or31/2021.


Last spring the entire board in Oakley resigned after they were caught making some really boneheaded remarks on mic. I believe the seats were filled by appt, but I'd have to look that up to make sure.
Responsible professionals lining up to fill vacancies? 😆 😆 😆

Gerrymandering=Corruption:Trustees are manipulating  criteria to save incumbency

More Corruption-gerrymandering

Trustees manipulating the criteria to draw the new districts.

Listed in the Criteria to Guide the Establishment of Trustee Areas:

8. The boundaries of the trustee areas may consider avoiding pairing two or more incumbents in a single trustee-area, to the extent legally allowable.

The districts will be drawn to protect the current incumbents.

In a previous BV thread (linked)
"The discussion regarding the redistricting mandate by board members and a single public speaker revolved around incumbency, their ideology, and how to preservation of their seats. It was disclosed that three members live in 94404 and the other two live in 94010."

See the attachments to item L3 on the SMUHSD Agenda for Sept 9, 2021


See the linked BV Thread

Gerrymandering=Corruption:Trustees caught on tape

The Administration produces the content for the Trustees to approve-

8. The boundaries of the trustee areas may consider avoiding pairing two or more incumbents in a single trustee-area, to the extent legally allowable.

How did item #8 make it to an agenda item?
Look back to February 2021-

Trustees caught on tape:

Listen to the discussion on how to save incumbent seats!

Saving Trustee Incumbency- Discussion with the SMUHSD Trustees
See 2:21:00
SMUHSD Board Meeting February 25, 20201

Superintendent Skelly Charged by CTC Again! Third Strike (#3)

Superintendent Skelly Charged Again (#3)

Superintendent Kevin Skelly has been hit with a THIRD charge by the California Commission of Teacher Credentialing Education Misconduct.

The CTC Investigators have sent Superintendent Skelly to Formal Review in a third and unrelated case. These charges are not single incidents but rather a bulk of issues bundled into a single hearing and disciplinary action.

Superintendent Kevin Skelly (charged in three cases)
Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black (charged in two cases)
Former BHS Principal Di Yim (charged in one cases)
Mills High School Principal Pam (charged in one cases)
BHS Teachers (charges pending)

In addition, the individuals should face discipline in the SMUHSD for violations of administrative code regarding investigations and retaliation.

Administrative Regulations

AR 1312.3
Individuals who knowingly give false statements in an investigation shall be subject to discipline up to and including suspension, expulsion, and or dismissal, as shall any individual who is found to have retaliated against another in violation of this policy.

According to California State Code (Administrative Regulations) teachers and administrators who knowingly “give false statements” (lie, mislead, or withhold information) shall be subject to discipline up to and including suspension, expulsion (students) and or dismissal. (employees)

The SMUHSD Board is currently holding evidence showing that select BHS teachers, Principal Di Yim, Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black and Superintendent Kevin Skelly lied to, misled, and withheld evidence from Investigators and the Board in order to cover up their negligence.

In specific cases, these individuals (as employees of the SMUHSD) were acting with malice in retaliation against students, as they had been caught by parents engaging in violations of the law.

While the SMUHSD Board has been gaslighted, the CTC Education Misconduct Board has followed the excessive trail of known evidence and continues to charge teachers and administrators in the SMUHSD.

The SMUHSD is currently paying for the individual legal defense of Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black and Superintendent Kevin Skelly. The SMUHSD’s Lozano-Smith’s has brought on a partner-specialist Mark Waterman, out of Los Angeles to handle the defense of these falling administrators.

“Mr. Waterman has had a high success rate in assisting his employer clients to obtain summary judgment while defending against numerous employment claims, including discrimination, harassment, and retaliation.”


As the Board continues to be deceived, which law firm represents the public’s interest in honesty, ethics, and continued waste of public tax dollars?

SM Daily Journal

The following comments were made BEFORE the second charges against Black, Skelly and Yim were announced. Now we have a third level of charges.

“Trustees Greg Land and Dwyer noted multiple long conversations had already been held in closed session, removing the need for further open discussion. Any criticism of Skelly was given in closed sessions, Land said, calling the process a “respectful way” to provide constructive feedback.”

How many charges by the state will have to be filed and executed BEFORE the Board does anything? It seems the closed door sessions have not produced much truth from the school leaders to the Board.

Trustee Land shared disapproval for the CTC’s decision and claimed the investigation was “not done well.”

“They are good people,” Trustee Dwyer said. “I believe none of the three did anything warranted anything the CTC has done.”

If the CTC’s Investigation was not “well done” then why are charges continuing to fall like rain? How many more charges are coming?

Does the Board even know about the additional lawsuits that are being filed?

The SMUHSD Trustees do not get the charging letters from the CTC, nor have they seen the evidence packets. The Board’s comments supporting the administration are not based on anything more than the word of these administrators, which now seems to not be worth much.

It’s time for local investigations and resignations- this is an embarrassment.


So when do these charges show up on the CTC website? I see nothing listed under "Adverse and Commission Actions" when I search for Skelly or Black, for instance. Does this information only appear if someone has been convicted? If they are acquitted as not guilty or not proven, is the charge not listed? I'd love to know how this process works.


And by the way, I just checked the court website re Petersen v SMUHSD -- case management conference that was scheduled for 9/13 has been continued to 11/18.


A Layer's Outline of the complete CTC Education Misconduct Process


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