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August 13, 2021


Paloma Ave

Apparently the council members, who voted for the natural gas ban, don't have the guts to admit they have ever made a mistake?


Or from Cher in Moonstruck, “Snap out of it!”
The more we limit our resources the more we are able to be manipulated by China.
Vote Larry Elder.


Don't you just love how everyone jumps on the "save the planet" bandwagon without doing the research. I often tell my adult children my grandparents did not own a car in SF for years. They grew their own vegetables in their yard and hung their own clothes outside to dry. My grandma would walk around the corner to the neighborhood market. They lived a more "sustainable" and simple life than any of us ever will!
So let's get "real" here.


The "news" is apparently burying the actual news that OPEC told Biden to, um, forget it. They like the higher prices and if he wants to increase supply for this country, he has plenty of options available.........


From today's WSJ:

Soaring natural-gas prices in Britain have prompted U.S. fertilizer maker CF Industries Holdings Inc. to close two U.K. plants, in a sign that Europe’s energy crunch is affecting industry as the economy struggles with several other disruptions amid the recovery from the pandemic.

Businesses across Britain are complaining about high energy costs, with some steelmakers forced to halt production for periods during the day as the price of electricity rises almost seven times higher than at the same point last year. Power markets have also jumped in France, the Netherlands and Germany, ahead of anticipated higher demand in the winter.

Natural-gas prices in Europe have been boosted by a range of factors including the pandemic recovery, a lack of fuel in storage, strong demand in Asia and recent still weather conditions sapping wind power in the North Sea. European nations have turned away from thermal coal and nuclear power, leaving them with fewer alternatives to back up power sources. Almost 40% of European coal generation capacity has been retired since 2016, according to S&P Global Platts.


In an editorial titled "Biden Suddenly Loves Frackers" this weekend, the WSJ opines on more news you won't read in the SF Comicle:

Falling poll numbers concentrate the presidential mind, and the result can be startling. Look no further than this nominee for headline of the year from Politico this week: “ Biden team asks oil industry for help to tame gas prices.”

Stranger things have happened, but we can’t recall one. For nine months President Biden has been pursuing policies to squeeze oil-and-gas producers to limit production and eventually go out of business. Having begged OPEC in vain to boost oil production, Mr. Biden is now having to suffer the humiliation of beseeching an American industry he vilifies as destroying the planet to save the day.

This is the politics of falling job approval. Crude oil prices have doubled since the November election, and this week closed above $80 a barrel. This has flowed into gasoline prices paid by voters, with the national average for a gallon up more than $1. A federal agency is warning that Americans who use natural gas for heat could pay 22% to 50% more this winter.

A Reuters report says the White House is now “speaking with U.S. oil and gas producers” about “helping to bring down rising fuel costs.” Politico adds that this “outreach” to the oil industry is “an awkward shift.” No kidding.

Paloma Ave

Come on Beach, Brownrigg and Ortiz. Time to right that wrong.

Be brave now and maybe the rest of California will take note.


News reports say the higher-polluting 15% ethanol gasoline will be allowed to be sold through the summer instead of have the 10% blend (E10) go into effect. Guess that climate thing is not quite as important as we have been told........

Jennifer Pfaff

Is anyone following this ridiculous $400 State gas rebate discussion? I mean, seriously-- what a total waste of time. Just send every taxpayer a $400 check, regardless of car ownership or wealth (or lack thereof) and let the people decide how to spend it, gas or other. How much more time and money could possibly be wasted on this debate? A 3rd grader could come up with the answer.

Wondering Wasssup

We need oil so we can charge our electric cars in California. Open those pipelines say the elitist left.


OPEC just CUT oil production by 2 million barrels/day so what Biden to do---loosen restrictions on Venezuela, of course:

As the Biden administration looks at relaxing sanctions to allow Chevron Corp. to pump oil in Venezuela again, the company is preparing to navigate myriad challenges in the country that could limit its ability to increase production quickly.

Chevron will have to manage everything from fuel shortages to accident-prone oil infrastructure to security and corruption risks that could hamper its efforts to revitalize the country’s gutted oil industry.

Some analysts said Venezuela’s oil production could increase by about 400,000 barrels a day in a matter of months to a year. That isn’t nearly enough to offset up to 2 million barrels of daily production the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and its Russia-led allies said they would cut Wednesday.

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