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August 29, 2021



Unless I come to this venue to see a band that I like, nothing is worse than attempting to eat dinner, converse with your company, and try not to complain-to anyone. Lasky got out of there just in "time."


Here is a trip down memory lane for those who like live music. The Circle Star was a fun venue with an oddball collection of artists as this podcast notes:


Paloma Ave

At Circle Star, in 1974, the opening act was Kenny Rogers and the First Edition. Next up was Tommy James and the Shondells. The featured act was Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons.

Oh what a night!


Opening: Tom Waits
Main: Frank Zappa


I'm not sure how many times Zappa played the Circle Star, but I saw him there on his birthday. I remember a dozen guys had bought seats in a row and at one point they all stood up and took off their shirts. They had painted "Happy Bday FZ" on their chests. Frank had been in a bad mood complaining about how bad the electrical ground was on stage (imagine that, a rotating stage with weak ground!). When he saw the chests, he smiled, said "all right, thank you" and things got better. That would have been '82, '83 or maybe '84.


Looking it up it appears that he played there in '74 and '84. I saw him there in '74, and noticing the dates for those shows it could have been on my birthday. Things are a bit vague at this point.

Paloma Ave

Does anyone remember a music venue in the 1960's, here in Burlingame, called the "Y"?

If so, where was it located?


Bruce should know.


Live soul band (70s 80s) at Max's tonight, Monday. March 21 2022. Motown Monday.


Sapore on Burlingame Ave had live music a couple of weeks ago, the place was pack and the music was great.


This just in from the library system---Belmont seems to have it together with multiple dates--- there are none I can see in our lovely library or elsewhere in town.

Jazz Appreciation Month returns to San Mateo County Libraries! To celebrate, we have live jazz concerts lined up throughout the month of April.



Here is a tip for you local jazz fans. Broadway Grill is upping the ante this Friday with a top-shelf group of musicians in town for a series of events. Local saxophonist and band leader Andrew Speight has assembled the band who will play two sets at the Grill starting at 9pm on Friday (June 3rd). A $25 cover charge will be in effect and a shorten menu of food will be available until 10pm. Call the Broadway Grill for reservations.

Playing will be Ralph Moore on tenor sax, Lewis Nash on drums, Matt Clark on piano, Essiet Essiet on bass, Melissa Morgan on vocals and, of course, Andrew Speight on alto.

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