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July 16, 2021


Dump Newsom Now


GAVIN NEWSOM: We are stepping up our game. I hear you. I get it. We need to do more and do better. These last two years have been devastating.

CHANG: But an investigation from CapRadio and the California Newsroom collaboration found Newsom has overstated the success of forest management projects, and last year, the governor cut funding for fire prevention. Scott Rodd broke this story for CapRadio and joins us now from Sacramento.



Dump Newsom.
Stop HSR.
Build dams.
State run homeless/rehab institutions.
School choice.


"Dump Newsom.
Stop HSR.
Build dams.
State run homeless/rehab institutions.
School choice."

Of course. But if we don't ensure fair elections ....

Dump Newsom Now

Kamala is skipping her campaign stop for Newsom tomorrow. Is she looking to save face as he goes down?


He doesn’t want her here.

Dump Newsom Now

US District Court rejects lawsuit to declare the recall unconstitutional. Game on.

Dump Newsom Now

Newsom finally got around to issuing an emergency wildfire order. It allows emergency personnel to vote in the recall election outside of their home district. Yep, that is his priority. To get out the vote. Dump Newsom Now.

Dump Newsom Now

The last person who was in the room with Biden when he decided to pull out of Afghanistan is coming to California to stump for Newsom on Wednesday. I guess she doesn't have anything better to do.


Dear Fellow BV'ers.
Here are my observations on this last "Column."
-Larry Elder is a Joke Vote. If things in the US were rolling along just fine, I would still not support this Entertainer. Lets face it everyone, at this time it would be a REALLY Bad Idea to pull a lever for the Joke Vote.
-Cassandra, Larry Elder? Tongue & Cheek? I hope so.
-What is with the "Cultural Appropriation" of the Word/Phrase, "Woke" Paloma?
-JP, the "Wokesters? Seriously. Wokesters?
I think JP may really be Tom Hanks Son. Go Giants!

Paloma Ave

Hi Holy - You appear capable of posting, but have you heard of this website www.google.com?

You can go to that site and type in words and/or phrases and get definitions.

Or do you just like asking 'not smart' questions?


holly, let's not lose the forest for the trees. Do you agree with my 7-day platform? Do you think Newsom will do any of it--never mind all of it? If not, why keep him? Just asking.

p.s. I can do my week 2 initiatives but why bother, he wouldn't do any of those either.


You are a patient one aren't you. He won't listen and certainly won't learn.


Dear Paloma,
As long as I can continue to have fun with you, there is not a single topic you comment/post that I do not get a "Chuckle" out of.
Regarding my comments, that is Fun too. (With the exception of one of my grandkids posting in my name.) What can I say..Chip off the "Old Block." He was punished.


Holly remember:


it's up to you.


Dear Resident,
I like this BV Site because I do Listen. I do Learn.
Unfortunately, you are "projecting" your limited POV.
"No Question is a Bad Question."
Unless the person listening is incapable of Hearing.


"Good One!"
Thank you MBGA

Dump Newsom Now

Is the First Partner a political liability?


50 bucks says you don't read this in the San Francisco Chronicle or the San Jose Mercury News


Icky Newsom.

PS- Biden is the Trump you thought Trump was.

Dump Newsom Now

If Jennifer Seibel Newsom did what this says and nobody is going to attack Rose McGowan with less than bulletproof evidence then "they" need to go. Where is #MeToo? Busy covering up for covering up for Cuomo.


Dragging us back on topic, here is a bit of Victor Davis Hanson's latest piece. You can click through for the whole thing at the bottom:

California once was run by alternating conservatives and mostly centrist Democrats.

True, paleo-liberal governors like Pat Brown greatly expanded the welfare state. But they also believed in pushing integration, building freeways, dams, aqueducts, and power plants, while preventing forest fires, directing the mentally ill into state hospitals, and ensuring the state enhanced the housing, timber, oil and gas, nuclear, and agricultural industries.

So why and how would anyone deliberately destroy that heritage?

Why allow California to have the highest aggregate basket of income, sales, property, and capital gains taxes in the nation, the highest gas and power prices in the continental United States, and nearly the worst schools and infrastructure, the largest populations of homeless, welfare recipients, illegal aliens, and, soon, criminals?

The new Democratic Party liked to redistribute money for the poor and so obeyed the orders from the rich. But they ignored old-fashioned infrastructure that once had allowed the middle class to drive quickly and in safety, ensured them water during droughts, curbed their forest fires, and allowed their children to leave school competitively educated.

Instead, reaction not prevention was the new mantra. Governors Jerry Brown and Gavin Newsom failed to thin out forests, build water storage, and allow affordable housing.

When those problems exploded, they reacted by citing climate change or some right-wing bogeyman as the culprit rather than government dereliction. They preferred utopian high-speed rail solutions to pragmatic problem solving. And they ensured none of their crackpot ideas ever affected themselves.

And why worry about producing lumber for houses, irrigated crops for food, or oil for gasoline, when the right Californians would always have the money to import their hardwood floors, arugula, and fuel from grubby others far away who would make or grow in silence what was needed?

Yet ideas eventually have consequences. Soon even the left-wing paradise on the coast was infected by the anarchy they had created for others less important elsewhere.


It's worth your time even if you fundamentally disagree

Dump Newsom Now

Don't forget all the felons who got released because of Covid. Not is the time to Dump Newsom.


I do not understand how people living in CA. could be so angry that Trump lost, that they would vote for Larry Elder. It would be the equivalent of "shooting" your self in the foot for a Non Issue.
(This recall has Trump all over it.)
The only benefit that Big Larry may do, he is all for eliminating Prop 13-Completely. In my opinion long over due. How many people have listened to Larry's Pod Casts? Newsome is a fine Governor. Don't we have enough on our "collective plate" already?

Lorin Flynn

Jack and I were so disappointed not to see your name on the ballot. Your platform rings true with us!

Christopher Cooke

The resounding defeat of the recall highlights just how unpopular the former President is in California. Newsom made this a choice between him and Trumpist loyalist Larry Elder. A smart move. Most voters in California reject the antivax, anti science and extreme prolife views of Mr. Elder. If this had been Newsom versus a moderate Republican such as Kevin Faulconer, the results may have been different but such Republicans no longer have a place in the California Republican Party.


No such thing as “extreme” pro-life.
As if there were people who were “extreme” pro-death.
Just life or death.

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