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July 16, 2021


Everything's Jake

You definitely would've had my enthusiastic vote! Maybe the next recall?

Paloma Ave

You have my vote!

Too bad we don't live in a state where common sense is the norm.

Handle Bard

Now wait just a minute. You mean to say you will not be sending out 10 or 20 or 30 BILLION dollars of bribes to the poor folk in CA? That dog won't hunt.


You don't have to run for Governor to make a difference. You've never held office Joe. Let's go. No time like the present. District elections just around the corner my friend.


Hey, if Josh Becker can do it so could I, but I take your point!

Paloma Ave

We need longtime residents to run for council. People who care deeply about our great City of Burlingame, who are not trying to change us to what THEY want.

The Beckers, Dumdums and Maddys of our area need to be defeated.


Newsom and his opponents continue to crisscross the state in campaign mode. In Tulare County on Tuesday, Newsom signed a $6 billion bill to expand broadband infrastructure.

Oh goody. How to focus on the critical stuff first.


Bread and circuses while the barbarians are at the gate.

Vote Larry Elder


For me, the disappointing parts about $6 billion of California taxpayers' money going to broadband deployments are: 1) It's really not the government's place to be building telecom infrastructure, 2) If the state does it, they will most likely mess it up with dated technology and HSR-like construction, and 3) I'm sure they have no idea what is coming in the way of low-earth orbiting and geo-synchronous orbiting satellites being deployed to solve the very rural access problem. About the best one could hope for is to give the $6B to one or more of these companies......


How will the wokesters frame Larry Elder as a racist? There must be some plan.


So easy: Mr. Elder has culturally mis-appropriated white supremacy models that thwart equity concerns of non-white minorities = racist.

This stuff writes itself.

Paloma Ave

There is no such thing as 'cultural appropriation'! Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

'Cultural appropriation' is a woke saying for constant complainers. Everyone can go ahead and disregard that phrase.




Just so you don’t think I made up the “cultural appropriation” attack used from the woke side, here is a racist quote from a SF School Board member from today’s WSJ: “As for Ms. Collins, she has been too much even for her col­leagues. She was stripped of her vice pres­i­dent ti­tle and com­mit­tee as­sign-ments when tweets from 2016 emerged, one of which ac­cused Asian-Amer­i­cans of us­ing “white su-premacist think­ing to as­sim­i­late and get ahead.” Yet she re-mains on the board, which she is now su­ing for $87 mil­lion on grounds that she is the vic­tim here.”

Vote Larry Elder


The poll, conducted by the University of California, Berkeley’s Institute of Governmental Studies with support from the Los Angeles Times, surveyed Californians most likely to vote in the upcoming recall election, set to take place on September 14.

The poll showed 50 percent of respondents opposed recalling the governor, while 47 percent supported removing Newsom from office. The difference between the two responses is within the poll’s margin of error. Only 3 percent of respondents said they were still undecided.

Dump Newsom Now

Got my ballot today. Time to Dump Newsom Now.

Dump Newsom Now

If California had kept its color-coded reopening system governed by COVID rates, 19 counties — including Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento — would be blocked from reopening schools. Time to Dump Newsom Now.

Dump Newsom Now

The Newsom ads are flying on TV and radio. They don't say a word about how great a job he is doing. Nothing. Wonder why. They do say Vote No to protect California. What?

I vote yes, I want to protect California


Interesting! No claims to be a good governor. Just fear the guys on the other political team.

It’s like Biden doing stupid things to show he’s different than the previous guy: border chaos, foreign relations chaos, energy independence chaos.


Recall Newsom.

Dump Newsom Now

How nice that the voter guide about all the other candidates shows up a week AFTER the ballot. Dump Newsom Now

Dump Newsom Now

Newsom had an idea yesterday. Let's go to Big Basin and see last years fire damage. He doesn't want to get too close to Dixie. I might melt his hair product. Dump Newsom Now


There are news reports out to the effect that the mail-in ballot envelop is not as secure as one might like because of the location of the holes in the return envelop. I just checked my ballot and indeed if you put the ballot in with the vote on Question 1 facing the side of the envelop with the signature line, the hole to the left of your signature can line up with the yes/no bubbles you fill in. Be sure to turn the ballot the other way.

Dump Newsom Now

Newsom is suppressing the vote. Don't let him get away with it. Vote for somebody. Anybody. Dump Newsom Now.

Dump Newsom Now

Sure NOW Newsome decides to move forward with five new energy projects set to be fueled by both natural gas and diesel. (KQED) Dump Newsom NOW


In my opinion this type of Newsom pandering/backtracking is the core issue with the recall. It drove my original Day 4 action above. You would have to be an idiot not to know that we have a wobbly electric grid and virtue signaling about fossil fuels, nuclear (closing Diablo Canyon!!!) would only make it worse.

Then he has to backtrack and seek out more power that is 24 x 7. It's sad. When people say the recall is a "waste of money" you can point to these sorts of moves by Newsom to dispute that. The recall is estimated to cost $100-150 million. We have a $267-298 billion annual budget and money flowing like water (wait, bad analogy for California), money flowing like mad from Washington. If the recall just gets him to do three or four sensible things that he would not have otherwise done, it's money well spent.

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