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July 28, 2021



I am sure "Normal/Vaccinates" understand Global Warming...The "Flat earthers," maybe not. Anyway, it is a Fact that more traffic forces "commuters" to seek Public transportation. Therefore more infrastructure, good jobs, less pollution, etc. How can that not be a reality, if we all want to live any longer?


LOL, holly, are you arguing that we should encourage more congestion in the name of less pollution?

On an unrelated topic, I've been remembering how many delays there were in the Avenue project as they found very old, buried private gas tanks. Back in the day, people had their own tanks--before service stations became popular. Anyone care to guess how many they will find on ECR when they start digging, how long it will take to "remediate" them and how long that will stretch out this "two year project"??


Not "congestion" less Cars.
RE: ECR Timeline. That may be as important as the Project. Do the people who "Only" use ECR as a commute, who do not live in Burlingame(especially the people who live on both sides of the street) really care how long the project takes? The effect on the Community?
There really is no "Good Way" to manage the PR.

Paloma Ave

Holy - You might want to have your caregiver lookover what you post. It seems to be more incomprehensible with each post.

Just a thought, meant in a positive way.

(Paloma Ave and Joe in 2022?).


I suspect a difficult day a the senior center. If you need to take your anger out on someone that's Cool.
Better than Beating a Spouse or Family Pet.

Handle Bard

I challenge anyone to drive north up El Camino at this hour and tell me that the eucalyptus trees on the west side of the street are not important to driver and pedestrian safety.


Before we really dig these trees out, one urgent thing we need to do is to build more traffic lights. The big eucalyptus trees block the view of checking the traffic and when there is no traffic light, it is super dangerous to merge on ECR. But we live here and need to do this everyday. It is super frustrating and not safe at all.


The uneven sidewalks are cool when you skateboard in Burlingame area.

Handle Bard

It's not a bug. It's a feature. Also quite fun on a mountain bike.


You guys can joke around all you want about chicken*hit bumps in the sidewalk but imagine if the disaster we have been living through on El Camino for weeks went on for YEARS. This is ridiculous. I'm happy about the new water main but CUTTING DOWN ALL OF THE TREES BECAUSE THEY CANNOT FIGURE OUT DRAINAGE is insane. We will be crawling up and down El Camino over steel plats FOR YEARS. Wake up people. Tell Brownrigg and Beach to get their *hit together.

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