May 29, 2021


Get over yourself

Oh no. Someone without any home might be getting some money!

Poor little multiple home owner. Do you need a tissue?

Matthew 26:11

Matthew 26:11. Refresh your memory.

Do not overrate what you have received, nor envy others. He who envies others does not achieve peace. - Buddha


Joe, Thanks for summing up the issue succinctly. You are spot-on as usual.


@GOY, no. No tissue needed. I do enjoy when the millennial socialists with the useless, expensive college degrees show up though. Perhaps over time you might learn something here.

I'll be dead and gone when the kick-the-can-down-the-road state governance comes home to roo$t, so YOU better buy a Costco sized package of tissue because YOU will be the ones paying and suffering the degraded standard of living.

Now, back to the topic at hand. Newsom put a $500M drop-in-the-bucket line item into the obese FY21 budget for wildfire control. He hasn't a clue what it will be spent on, but we can be sure it will represent "equity". I suggest more homeowners get out there and rake.

I still have a couple N-95 masks from the pre-Covid days for when the sky turns orange. I'll be buying more but not from the fraudulent company Newsom gave a huge, no-bid contract to that had to be exited. Enjoy this blast from the past:


The state issues bonds like I buy Starbucks. WTF?

Christopher Cooke

I agree we don’t need a bond to pay for fire protection, given the large budget surplus. But, why should the state government pay to clear brush off of private property? If you buy a house in a forested area, you have a responsibility to clear the brush or risk losing it in a fire. Also, for that matter, why should the state pay to provide fire or flood insurance to people who move to areas that have a high risk or fire or flood? And, I think PGE does deserve plenty of blame for the fires it has caused by years of neglect in trimming trees near its power lines.


Is the state paying for private property clearing, fire insurance or flood insurance? They aren't paying any of those costs for my complex. Maybe my HOA is missing out on some secret handout.

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