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May 06, 2021


Just another sinner

How many of my Neighbors went to Church Today?

You have prompted me to comment after years of reading this site. You sound like a faux religious person. If you are one of the sad cases that believes the government should step in and deliver the all of the help that is your (and my) personal responsibility so you do not have to do it, then I pray for you. And I oppose your efforts. If you are just thoughtlessly tossing around nonsense, then I also pray for you.

Barking Dog

I will break my own rule and respond to you Holy. Read what I wrote again please. A poster asked a question and I answered with I info I had available. I ASSUME Mr. Larios is a renter. Based on a simple search and other factors. Can you provide any knowledge of Mr. Larios' ownership?
Experience? I don't know about that. Activist, Yes. Does Mr Larios feel single family housing zoning needs to be destroyed? Yes

Your last 3 sentences are typical jibberish out of you that only you understand.

Paloma Ave

Why does it seem that most of our local whiners and complainers (who think of themselves as activists and advocates) come from OUT-OF-STATE?

A few examples are Maddie and Mike from New York, Jonathon and Josh from Pennsylvania, Michael from Washington, Amy and Katie from who knows where, have moved to San Mateo County and all they do is complain.

Some complaints are 1) it is too expensive here; 2) the implication that we a racist society; 3) single family housing is racist and segregationist; 4) I want more bike lanes; 5) I want affordable housing (that someone else pays for); and on and on.

Why didn't you stay in your hometowns and 'fix them'?

I believe all of them have somehow come to the conclusion that all of us native inhabitants just don't any better, but we like the way things were BEFORE YOU SHOWED UP.



Our fellow Burlingamers, Jennifer and Juergen Pfaff, have penned an excellent Guest Perspective for the Daily Journal. If you missed it in yesterday's paper, here is a teaser excerpt and the link. I encourage you to click through and read the whole piece:

With the area’s origins as a leafy enclave for East Coast and San Francisco elite in search of sunshine, Burlingame has nonetheless offered a multitude of residential opportunities for people of modest means for literally decades. More than half of Burlingame residents are renters, many by choice.

Moreover, the city, with full participation of affordable housing advocates, has recently rezoned large swaths of our city near BART and Caltrain stations, where a number of housing projects are already in various phases of construction — many with affordable units.

Therefore, it is with great disappointment to hear over and over again from a handful of self-proclaimed experts on zoning and racism as they mindlessly criticize both Burlingame residents and Burlingame leadership as privileged racist-elitists.

Somehow, the mere fact of owning a single-family home that most of us worked very hard to acquire has become ground-zero as the source of the “housing crisis” and we are all being labeled as privileged-elitists.

This absurdity comes from the same politicians who are actually responsible for the general lack of housing in the first place.


The Pfaff's conclusion is the gem at the end!

Peter Garrison

She and Jeurgen are gems.


Great letter by Jennifer! This is On the Cities agenda on Monday. The Council wrote a letter to Sacramento against SB9 and they need us to tune in and speak up for their decision. There will be many outside voices attacking them for their decision on this issue so please show up (via zoom) to support them.

Barking Dog

Madeline and company ralling the troops for tomorrow night's council meeting.

Looks like the Voice got a shout out too as Burlingame's "alt right" blog



Here's my letter to the Council today:

Dear City Councilmembers,

I’m certain you already have a good sense of my concerns over SB9 and all of its predecessor attempts to destroy local zoning control. These are pernicious bills that will not solve the problem they seek to solve but will certainly create new problems. There are myriad reasons for local control including some we may not even realize unless we lose it, so I encourage you to send the letter as a starting point.

In addition, I would like to see the Council take the lead in finding like-minded neighboring cities in C/CAG to take similar measures such as sending similar letters and direct lobbying in Sacramento. Since even those actions may not be enough, I encourage you to begin building a legal reserve fund that would be continuously filled over multiple fiscal years. We have some well-regarded law firms in Burlingame and I think there is a high-probability that we will need their services over the next decade to defeat the carpetbagger mentality that exists in some quarters.

Paloma Ave

I recently signed up for the Burlingame Local and received this response:

It’s good to have you here. I can’t wait to share my unfiltered analysis on all things local politics in Burlingame and the surrounding Bay Area with you.

You will start receiving updates right here in your inbox. You can also log in to the website to read the full archives and other posts as they are published.

Some housekeeping…

If you can’t find the newsletter, check your spam folder. And please mark this address as ‘not spam.’ If the newsletter isn’t in your spam folder, either, you should look in the Promotions tab.

You can always see everything on the website.

Thanks again, and please tell a few friends if you feel like it.

© 2020 Madeline Frechette

After I made one posted I was banned for 100 years. Apparently only like-minded people are ALLOWED to comment!

Be aware, these out of state whiners and complainers have move to our city and county, but do NOT like the way we are.

Be sure to attend the ZOOM meeting tonight @ 7:00 p.m.


Are you guys watching the city council meeting now? The YIMBY socialists are getting their butts kicked. Good job Burlingame.


The person who is posting about the poor state of BHS is clearly well informed. The BHS kids who spoke tonight are CLUELESS and a little sad.

Paloma Ave

The recent BHS graduates are being taught to be social justice warriors, instead of productive members of society. ISN'T THAT SPECIAL?

BHS-Misguided Woke Warriors

The "Woke Warriors" instructors that took over BHS have been indoctrinating the students with a single message that does not allow any alternative.

These are the same teachers who conspired with Principal Yim to "destroy BHS's history and traditions" as they found them offensive.

They do enjoy the beautiful campus, financial subsidies, and motivated and productive students which require less instruction. (more time for lazy!)

These teachers also threaten students who make any attempt to promote "anything less than the liberal line." The Journalism teacher has eradicated any and all independent thinking teen males from the staff. One student reported that his “complete and approved” article on Supreme Court Justice Kavanaugh was “ripped from publication” by the teacher AFTER the paper was sent to the printer because it promoted a conservative point of view.

The irony is that the Woke Warriors ARE the reasons for the issues at BHS because they want the world around them to change, but they don’t want to have to make any changes themselves. The middle-aged women WANT gender equity, yet THEY discriminate upon the LGBTQ+, racial, and disabled students. (Its about ME!)

The creator of “The Burlingame Local” Twitter account is a perfect example of these Carpetbaggers. Her bio shows that she attended two very expensive private “Art Schools,” Pratt and Parsons before moving to the Bay Area and joining a competitive bicycle racing team. (OPM- Other Parent’s Money)
Moving to the Bay Area, “The Burlingame Local” has discovered that her current income and status does not allow her to continue as a member of the Leisure Class, so she spends her time complaining about the wealth that she actually covets.


What I don't get is high school students are known for doing and thinking the opposite of what they are told. This snowflake generation seems to abandon that tradition and become sheep.


They’ll use this event on their college applications to woke campuses.


I was actually surprised by the number of former BHS students zooming in from college. They all had a similar message and I found myself wondering if it was a Civics Assignment. It now makes sense that they were members of the above mentioned group and were alerted via the call out. Please don't take me wrong, it was wonderful they wanted to have a voice. I was just surprised by how many there were on this topic, zooming in from college.

I understand Council received quite a few emails/letters in support of them sending the letter against SB9 to Sacramento. It was great that so many took the time to voice their concern. Please remember to write Senator Josh Becker and assembly member Kevin Mullin as they will be voting on this shortly.

Lemming R Us

Poor little BHS lemmings. Let's see them cry when the Prop. 19 tax bite hits their inherited property and they have to sell and move to San Bruno to cover the bill. Who will they blame then?

“Any man under 30 who is not a liberal has no heart, and any man over thirty who is not a conservative has no brains.”

― Winston S. Churchill

$1.7 Million in "Anti-Racist" Spending- Foolish

What about the $1.7 million budgeted for Anti-Racist training for the staff? (this is 100% real).

On the way to having their credentials suspended, SMUHSD leaders Skelly and Black refused to enforce common sense laws and allowed civil rights violations to take place at BHS and the other school sites. The response to this absurd negligence is the allocation of $1.7 million in "training" that even a Woke Warrior would not need. (unless they were a complete idiot and well, yes, some would qualify)

This is REAL. The solution- Just get rid of the ignorant leaders (Skelly and Black) who allowed these incidents to take place (and enabled the faculty of BHS to become a den of woke robots) and enforce simple common sense mandates to ensure a safe learning environment.

The $1.7 million in expenditures are "one time" financial allocations that are about to be wasted on a "one hit wonder" of racism that was allowed to happen.

Is there racism at BHS and the SMUHSD? Yes.
Does it take $1.7 million to eradicate? No.

Get rid of the leaders who allowed this to happen and implement simple common sense solutions (that are already in place) with the proper level of enforcement.


Can you share a specific Racial Motivated Attack against any BHS Student?
White vs. Black, Asian against Latin, Rich against Poor. You get my question.. Please share the facts.
I do not believe you.
Please prove me wrong.

Barking Dog


Throw your name in the hat then in 2022 Madeline. Let the voting residents of Burlingame decide if they want you to be a voice for them on council.

My guess is, like with Dumdum, the results wont be very good for Madeline. But keep calling your neighbors racists, segregationists, capitalists(such an evil word), NIMBY's, etc. As well as the defunding/abolishing the Police rhetoric.

Paloma Ave

Chronic complainers Maddie and Mike, from upstate New York, apparently have a handful of BHS 'socialist' students on their side.

Fortunately for the 99% of the rest of us, we have the Burlingame City Council on our side! Thank you Burlingame City Council for allowing common sense, versus socialist hysteria, rule the day.

We are not racist or segregationists. Saying it over and over does not make it true. Wanting to live in a suburban environment is not wrong, no matter how often you say it is.

There is no such thing as a successful socialist society, no matter how much you wish it to be.

Little Maddy Freshmouth

I'm mad. I'm Maddy Freshmouth and I'm not gonna take it no more

At the May 17 Burlingame City Council meeting, an unprecedented number of recent Burlingame high school grads and young women of color showed up to support Senate Bill 9,...yeah. was it 6 or maybe 9 of the 3,000 recent BHS grads????

but the council decided to send a letter opposing the bill. Not a single councilmember directly addressed the young people’s concerns that exclusionary zoning has exacerbated economic and racial segregation in Burlingame. because it's BS and everybody but Maddy knows it

I listened in earnest ..do you know any other way to listen?...as each young woman spoke to their personal stories about how the housing crisis has impacted their life and how the exclusive nature of Burlingame does not reflect the diversity of California and greater United States...where were the boys, Maddy?

The Burlingame City Council holds steadfast in its mission to protect exclusionary zoning, but a new generation is making their case: A future without zoning reform is not a bright one. High school and college students in the Bay Area are the latest generation feeling the consequences unfettered local control has had on the housing crisis.....did you fail History Maddy?

They know their ability to continue living here will come with great insecurity, ...especially if they have no employable skills.... while inequities across race and class fueled by exclusionary land use policies compound. For them, land use is on the menu and they’ll be voting in the next election for seats in every level of government.....you love talking about Other People's Land don't ya?

I hope state Sen. Josh Becker tunes into the local discourse like the one we just had in Burlingame to understand whose concerns are being represented by local city councils and whose needs are being ignored....so may NEEDS and so little time

Madeline Frechette


Long time resident

Madeline, may I ask you then, why do you stay in Burlingame? If we are all so racist as you continue to state, why do you continue to live in this town? Though I do not agree with a word you say, I do wonder why you continue to live in such a non diverse society as you call it? What is it that you like about Burlingame? Is it their charming neighborhoods, local parks and downtown area? All areas you want to destroy with massive developments. This was not a duplex bill. It was a take over of local zoning by Sacramento. It was not about diversity. It was about large developers getting in the pockets of Sacramento.


Also- to the high school students who were afraid they could never live in Burlingame due to the high cost.

1. Bamboozeled and envious voters just took away your parents’ ability to let you inherit their home without incurring high taxes.
2. You’re teenagers. We didn’t buy our first home until we were forty.
Start saving, planning and researching.

Jennifer Pfaff

It seemed like a number of young students were lamenting the lack of diversity at BHS.

If a student really feels strongly enough about experiencing a more diverse school "culture" or demographic, then there are definitely ways to diversify their SMUHSD high school experience, by an intra-district transfer.

Unlike decades ago, when you just went to the high school you were assigned by strict boundaries, now there are choices. San Mateo High School (where I attended) was always very diverse--both racially and economically. Maybe things have changed, but it seems like the kids generally want to go where their friends from elementary school are going; nonetheless, that option is there for them.

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