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May 15, 2021



Social agreement. What is that? People coin these new phrases and imbue them with meaning that everyone else is expected to understand. How about be courteous if someone is/isn't masked up?

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

Here are the numbers for this really quiet week Covid-wise:

81.4% of the County over age 16 is vaccinated up 4% from last week.

Total Cases: 41,999 (+90 in the County)

Positivity: .6% (down another tenth)

Burlingame Cases: 1,248 (4 new positives in B'game this week).

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

Here's the Saturday morning update for May 29th:

83.3% of the County over age 16 is vaccinated up only 1.9% from last week.

Total Cases: 42,069 (+70 in the County)

Positivity: .6% (the same)

Burlingame Cases: 1,249 (ONE new positive in B'game this week).

Looking good!


$50 dollar gift cards or supermarket debit cards coming for getting vaxed courtesy of Newsom. And a big "lottery". Who says facing a recall is a waste of taxpayer money? https://www.sfchronicle.com/news/article/California-s-vaccine-jackpot-116-5-million-in-16208445.php

Peter Garrison

Nothing changes: Recent Pompeii exhibit at the Legion of Honor shows a fresco of a politician giving away free bread to the voters.

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

Here's the weekend update showing slow progress on vaxing, but even slower growth of positives:

83.9% of the County over age 16 is vaccinated up only 0.6% from last week.

Total Cases: 42,106 (+37 in the County for the week)

Positivity: .5% (down a tenth)

Burlingame Cases: 1,248 (magically we had one case disappear this week-- down by 1 from last week!).

Perhaps it is time to start recapturing some parking spaces in the two commercial districts?


The weekend update is still very good news:

85.4% of the County over age 16 is vaccinated up 1.5% from last week.

Total Cases: 42,214 (+108 in the County for the week)

Positivity: .5% (stable)

Burlingame Cases: 1,250 (2 new positives this week).

Now that the County Fair is open, the County is using it as a carrot:

Any San Mateo County resident 12+ who gets vaccinated at the County Fair will receive:

Free admission for that individual and anyone 11 or under in that individual’s household plus a $20 voucher for food at the County Fair and four ride tickets.

Gavinius Caesar

I, Gavinius Caesar, hereby declare the empire to be mostly open. My subjects are to prepare for bread and circuses starting with a lottery for many coins of the realm. My gladiators shall tease the bear before killing him and my subjects shall applaud.


The library is open!

Not really.

2-4 pm Monday-Friday.
12-4 Saturday.
Closed Sunday.

Think of the reasons for this:

People prefer to read during their siestas.
Church Law forbids reading on Sunday.
The virus is afraid of the post-meridian sunlight.
Librarians’ eyes have atrophied in 15 months of the shutdown.
Paper cut injuries occur mostly in the morning and evening.
There’s a supply-line shortage of info at the Information Desk.



M-F 2-6 pm
Sat. 12-4 pm


Yesterday was special because I went grocery shopping without a mask. It was about 50/50 on masks as people get used to the idea. The produce section smelled...like produce! The weekend update is still very good news:

86.7% of the County over age 16 is vaccinated up 1.3% from last week.

Total Cases: 42,293 (+79 in the County for the week)

Positivity: .7% (up .2% but such a small number of tests taking place)

Burlingame Cases: 1,249 (another week when the count goes DOWN by 1).

The SF Comicle dedicated a front page piece to the mask-no mask question in grocery stores. The found 63-3 masked at Rainbow Grocery, 26-1 at Rocky's Market, 119-17 at Trader Joe's in San Rafael, and 65 masked to 9 unmasked at Draeger's in San Mateo.

The state portal to get a digital copy of your vax info is https://myvaccinerecord.cdph.ca.gov/

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