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April 03, 2021



Here is a perfect specimen of the blind leading the blind:

Pete Buttigieg: I want the United States to be leading the world in high speed rail

From the guy who couldn't fix the potholes in South Bend, Indiana.


Mayor Pete was spinning a tall tale about how many jobs the infrastructure bill would create. Got caught on live TV and had to admit he was spinning.


He also got caught faking a bike ride to work.


Yes, MBGA, that would be funny if it weren't so fake and sad. Maybe Secretary Pete should be forced to ride his bike all the way from home everyday as penance for his scam.

Meantime, back at the ranch, I have it on Very Good Authority that the Millbrae city council was warned years ago that they would get screwed by HSR. And now here we are:

A decision clearing the way for development at the Millbrae train station seemingly resolved one issue with a regional transit agency, while raising another problem with a separate entity.

City officials lauded BART officials ratifying a deal returning parcels at the Millbrae train station which will clear the path for construction of a sweeping mixed-use project proposed at the transit hub.

To allow for Serra Station’s development west of the train station, city officials urged authority representatives to build the planned Millbrae station underground.
But a state official contends an underground station is not possible.

---Laughing out loud about building a major HSR station underground after they cut the deal to share the Union Pacific-Caltrain tracks---

Recognizing the city’s desire to accommodate development interest at the site, Lipkin said his organization is willing to have discussions in search of a compromise meeting the needs of both parties.

“We have wanted the city to work with us on it, but so far we have had more comments back and forth than productive conversations on the subject,” he said.

Click through to read the rest of the story about this cluster:



It is easy to forget that the high-speed boondoggle continues. CalMatters' Dan Walters has a piece about keeping failed projects alive due to human nature and ego:

California’s recent history is replete with examples of programs and projects that deserved merciful deaths but have continued to soak up billions of dollars in taxpayer money.

The woebegone bullet train project is the most spectacular. Voters were promised a statewide network of high-speed trains when they passed a $9.95 billion bond issue in 2008. Thirteen years later, we have only a few concrete structures in the Fresno area — no track, no trains and no certain date when even a relatively short segment will be operative despite the many billions of dollars spent, or wasted, so far.



Sigh.....double sigh....the train wreck continues:

SACRAMENTO - Yesterday, the U.S. Department of Transportation and the State of California finalized settlement negotiations to restore nearly a billion dollars in federal grant funding to California’s High-Speed Rail project. The action comes after months of negotiations to restore funding that was previously rescinded by the Trump Administration in 2019.

“The Biden Administration’s restoration of nearly $1 billion for California’s high-speed rail is great news for our state and our nation. This vote of confidence and restored close working relationship between the Department and the Authority will keep this transformative project moving down the track – ensuring California can continue to lead the way forward in creating jobs, promoting commerce, connecting communities, and protecting our planet."

“This development was made possible because of the strong commitment of the Biden Administration to ambitious, jobs-creating investments in infrastructure, and to state, local and labor leaders across California.

Feeding at the trough.

Jennifer Pfaff

Oh boy....


Being a former Trough Feeder, if not us-Educators, Police Fireman, Politicians, Water, Sewage, Road Maintenance all Public Works People, if not us doing the "work" that few people comprehend than who?
If you can Flush a Toilet, and take a Shower, a Public Employee keeps it working. If either of those "take for granted services break down, 24/07/365 a Public Works Employee will come and repair it.
You folks-BV, have Great Ideas from time to time.
However complaining about anything, without a viable solution only makes people angry.
Angry People have a difficult time being Rational. It happens to me once in a while.
Public Employees should be allowed to make as much money as possible. For example, the Highest paid City of Burlingame Public Employees receive a "monthly stipend" to afford to live in Burlingame.($2-5000.00 per month) Look it up.
It is difficult for even City of Burlingame "Management" who make $2-300,00.00 a year to live here. What about a School Teacher who has to spend 3-4 hours a day in traffic. Don't they deserve a "Stipend?"
June is Gay Pride Month. Will there be a Celebration/Parade on Burlingame Ave.this year? Big Party at Washington Park?
Have a good weekend all.


@hollyroller, I'm sorry but I have to put your comment into the "nice landing, wrong airport" file. Did you notice the names of the three giant contractors on HSR? Read the original post again, please:

Tutor Perini

How you got to teachers and firefighters from there is anyone's guess.

Paloma Ave

Joe - Love that comment "nice landing, wrong airport".

My favorite comment is, "Once I thought I was wrong, but I was mistaken".

And to all, "Good evening!"


Thank you Joe. I will do that. I will also use the "nice landing, wrong airport" phrase some where, sometime.

Barking Dog


"Although I work in Chicago, I have spent the last few months laser focused in California..."

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