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March 19, 2021



Thank you for the heads up Joe. I am called for jury duty next week at that location.


Great info. I had jury duty 2 months ago. I waited in line for 60 minutes. When I got to the front of the line, I was asked if I can attend a 2 week trial. I said 'no' and the person said I was going to be deferred for 60 days. I just wasted 60 minutes and the headache of standing in line in the cold for a 30 second question. This is why no one wants shows up for jury duty.


That is one of several ideas for improvements that one can imagine, dotherightthing. If the baby killer trial was expected to take six days, I can't imagine what would take two weeks......must be something more commercial or technical in nature.

Joanne G.

I also was called for jury duty today and was interested to see how the process would be conducted in The Age of Covid. I arrived early and people were lining up, similar to the photo Joe posted above. I would estimate that at least 100 people were called. At the designated time — 8:30 am — we were let in to the building and we were quickly "processed" by one of three clerks who took our summons and asked whether we available for a two-week trial. It would appear that most people must have answered yes, as the next step was to exit the building, go through a metal detector and sit in an outside courtyard under a circus tent. Most people — but not all — had a desk to sit at that was spaced roughly six feet away from the next. We sat there until almost ten o'clock (90 minutes!) and then about two-thirds of the group (I would estimate 50-60) were called inside. The remainder of us continued to sit outside and in about 15 more minutes we were informed that the judge said the rest of us could be dismissed. My takeaways: It was pretty Covid-safe (everyone had masks and we were distanced and outside). It was freezing and I was chilled to the bone by the time I got home. Joe had warned above to wear warm clothes but most people (me?) don't realize how cold low 50s can be when under a circus tent with a wind and no sun. I did wear boots and a warm jacket but wished I had brought a hat and gloves. Bottom line: dress as it you are going skiing and do not intend to make many visits to the lodge. Despite my cold body, I left with a warm heart: I always dread jury duty, but I left feeling inspired by seeing 90 of my neighbors and fellow county residents of all ages, races and economic levels show up to do "their duty" and ensure that an accused gets a trial by a jury of peers. Stirs the patriotic in me and makes me glad and proud we have a country governed by the rule of law.

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