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March 24, 2021


Paloma Ave

Politicians rarely do what is right. (notice I used the word rarely). Many seem to not think towards the future or review history (notice I used the word many).

Most seem to only look towards the next election (most).

I believe this why so many have lost interest in trying to introduce common sense into the equation.

But, I will continue to call attention to the 'so-called' progressive views that are constantly being unloaded on us (reminds me of fertilizer being applied to a dead lawn, in order to revive it).

I hope you're getting my drift!?

P.S. Thanks to Greasy Gavin for appointing yet another progressive (socialist) as AG.

Rent Boy

what is the maximum % rent that a landlord can increase the rent by in San Mateo? I heard it was 5% plus Consumer Price Index. Is this true? If so what is the current Consumer Price Index? Basically I want to be sure that my landlord is not raising the rent beyond the limit.


Consumer Price Index (CPI) changes bi monthly. Right now, for San Francisco Bay Area, it is 3.8. Two months ago, it was 4.1. Also depends if its urban wage earners index or city index. Lots of factors play into it.

Rent Boy

thank you Laura, for future reference where can I find the current CPI? a website link would be nice

Keith McNamara

Santa Monica has a very successful rent control law going back decades and there’s little to any differed maintenance due to rent control. You rent control doomsdayers are really something. Making up lies. Without rent control Burlingame gets a transient population due to rising by rents.


Keep telling yourself that. Maybe it will make you feel better and a little superior. Santa Monica is sort of a mess it's just not all due to rent control but that is part of it.


I am always amazed at how an economic policy that has been so thoroughly discredited in hundreds of instances can just keep coming back. Rent control introduces many more problems than it solves.

I'm also reminded of the comment above from 2021. I guess we have different views of how successful Santa Monica's law is :-0

Poor RWC if this passes.


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