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February 18, 2021


Everything's Jake

Ugh. Sierra Lopez could use a high school English grammar course.


And right on schedule, here is Scott Weiner again:

SACRAMENTO — State Sen. Scott Wiener will seek to loosen restrictions on how much Californians can build on lots zoned for multifamily housing, hoping to clear the way for more small apartment buildings as the state tries to increase its housing supply.

A bill introduced Thursday by the San Francisco Democrat takes aim at local regulations that limit the square footage of a project based on its lot size, which Wiener calls a “poison pill” to block anything but single-family housing.

For properties zoned for multifamily housing of two to 10 units, Wiener’s measure, SB478, would prohibit cities and counties from setting a floor area ratio of less than 1.5 — meaning the total square footage of the building could be 1½ times the size of the lot.

This would be far more what is now allowed in some Bay Area communities. In unincorporated areas of Marin County, for example, duplexes have a maximum floor area ratio of 0.3, or a fifth of what Wiener would require, and can be built only on a lot that is at least 7,500 square feet.



Scott Wiener is cotrolled by real estate developers that have bought him.
He receives more funding from them than anyone in the State.



Pleas. Does the DJ use autocorrect???


I doubt it's autocorrect. Lotta tings are changing and your language is one of dem.

Speaking of dem.... we live in a republic. If you don't like the way things are going then you better not vote for ANY (zero, nada, zippo) democrat or bolshevic or whatever they go by dees days.
You may like Jackie Sp (a very pretty gal, I must admit) but she is one of them and she votes the left's party line so she is a huge problem.

This is a republic. We need to vote her and EVERY and ALL dems and socialist/communist out. Don't listen to what they say. Look at how they vote in Congress. She is a nightmare. No dems, ever again. (and no RINO replacements either)


Speier's recent tweet was egregious. I won't repeat it but there was a letter in the DJ about it if you care.


Read yesterday's Daily Journal article "City may Upzone Single-Family Neighborhoods" in SSF.


Thanks, Joanne. Here's the link:

With an unprecedented decision, South San Francisco is the first city in San Mateo County to explore ending single-family zoning.

The South San Francisco City Council narrowly agreed with a 3-2 vote to look into allowing construction of duplexes, triplexes and other moderately dense development in neighborhoods traditionally reserved solely for single-family homes.


Paloma Ave

I may have to consider a run for city council, in order to keep a bunch for Gen Z 'social justice warriors' from trying ruin what we have.

Barking Dog

With 3 Communist/Marxist/Socialist's on the council in SSF what else would you expect. SSF also exploring a UBI program.


More reading and viewing pleasure for y'all on this subject:

Today's San Francisco Chronicle:
Bay Area Cities Want to End Single Family Home Zoning, But Will it Create More Housing?"

Also watch on Youtube Professor Patrick Condon's discussion on Density and Solutions.


SSF real estate values probably dropped 5% last week.


Speier’s Hillsborough will always be safe from over development.
God forbid that our elected officials would ever have to live within their rules for the rest of us.


It might be time to start buying the houses next to our elected officials so that we can put 4-plexes and 8-plexes on them. I hear Cambridge is a nice street and close to Caltrain for easy commuting. Columbus Ave. not so much.

Paloma Ave

Gen Z, social justice warriors, want to ruin everything in order to fix every problem from the last 200+ years.

Do NOT let it happen people. We have every right to live in single family areas, regardless of what whiney activists and advocates say.

Barking Dog

Has the city council made any comments or stated their position on SB9 & SB10?

Paloma Ave

How about Assemblyman Mullin and Senator Becker? They are the ones who will be voting on it.

Are they willing disappoint the vast majority of voters in their districts?


I'm wondering if Jackie Speier could tell us how many refugees she is planning to resettle here in Burlingame. There must be an official number somewhere.

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