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February 23, 2021



$1.7 Million for Anti-Racist Training

SMUHSD Budget Presentation- 5/13/21

Anti-Racist PD (Certificated/Classified)
● Contract
● Variables


If the problem is so large that it will take $1.7 million to solve, then the District Leader who allowed this to happen needs to be fired.

The presenter's referred to the budget line items as "Buckets of Money."

Trustee Lees Dwyer did communicate a concern over the $1.7 million -"this is a huge amount of money" to be spent on teacher training rather than students (education?-learning?)

It's about time to just put a tent over the SMUHSD and sell tickets. The organization and its leadership has failed.

If the leadership actually enforced the laws on the books, (against both students and adults) then the $1.7 million could be spent on improving the Human Capital of the students rather than having to put out a fire created by an internal arsonist.

The SMUHSD leaders who are having their credentials suspended by the state are also the ones creating the problems AND are also allocating the budget, shifting essential funds away from the classroom to put out the fire they created.

One would think the solution is obvious.

CTC Educator Misconduct Investigation -Expands to BHS

The drama of ignorance and incompetence continues. While the debate about the Pride flag is important to many, the display of incompetence of basic education law as well as childlike tantrums by two Board members should be noted. (Trustee Griffin continually announces the time as he does not want to stay up late to finish business.)

The district continues to proceed like a train-wreck in slow motion, a new and embarrassing issue emerging each week.

While Superintendent Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Black burn through the public’s money in appealing their suspensions, the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee is expanding its investigation to the incidents at BHS.

Why is the SMUHSD paying the legal expenses of these individuals?
The appeal is from the individuals, not the district. Behave properly or pay your own bills

Skelly and Black are in trouble for lying and using this positions to retaliate. These common elements and further documentation have led CTC Educator Misconduct Investigators back to BHS reviewing the actions of Skelly, Black and Principal Yim.

A few BHS teachers who lied to investigators and acted in retaliation will also be getting visit regarding the future use of their teaching credentials. While our local administrators engage in lies for personal gain and allow teachers to do the same, the CTC Education Misconduct Investigators don’t find this practice to be humorous.

Bribes and Graft-SMUHSD-CTC Educator Misconduct

Are the students paying attention because this is a great lesson on spending OTHER PEOPLE’S MONEY in an attempt to deflect negligence and culpability.

The SMUHSD Board members had better start asking some SERIOUS questions of its superintendents because the Board is getting scammed.

The SMUHSD’s lawyers are representing both the accused individuals AND the district. These are two distinct and competing interests. A legal firm needs to represent the interests of the district ONLY. There is a serious principal-agent conflict at hand.

In early May, the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Educator Misconduct Committee issued its recommendation to suspend the credentials of the following SMUHSD District Leaders

Superintendent Kevin Skelly -30 Days
Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black-15 Days
Mills High School Principal Pam Duszynski – 120 Days

According to the SM Daily journal, “Skelly said in an email officials dispute the allegations, and plan to request a hearing of the full commission.

If Skelly and company dispute the allegations, why did they offer a bribe (settlement offer) to the teacher to drop the CTC Complaint prior to the CTC Commission hearing in April?

The SMUHSD has nothing to do with the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee, these are charges against the individuals, Skelly, Black, and Duszynski.

The SMUHSD as an organization was not in jeopardy. The SMUHSD and its legal firm were offering “the public’s money” in exchange for individual benefit.

As a result of these initial claims filed with the CTC, new and additional claims have been filed with more damaging evidence being collected.

The individuals, Skelly, Black, Duszynski will lose their credentials via the CTC, the SMUHSD will lose nothing.

The push for the late date may be in relationship to the scheduled settlement conference (July 7-online document) regarding the Patricial Peterson v. SMUHSD case filed in San Mateo Superior Court. (SMUHSD is now also paying ANOTHER lawfirm, BFOEW) to defend the SMUHSD against the employment claim.

Skelly, Black and Duszynski pushed the appeal until late July 2021 and they will be represented by $500 per hour lawyers at Lozano Smith (paid by public taxes), even though the SMUHSD is not in jeopardy.

If the CTC does NOT reverse is recommendation to suspend the credentials, then this FACT and the evidence collected will carry over to the Petersen v. SMUHSD lawsuit in front of a jury.

Skelly, Black and Duszynski pushed the CTC Educator Misconduct appeal to late July so that they may (bribe) attempt a settlement in SM Superior Court which would include the teacher dropping the CTC Educator Misconduct complaint, which (could) end the CTC investigation.

The conflict- The SMUHSD signs employment contracts with administrators Skelly, Black and Duszynski on July 1, 2021.
How can the district ethically employ TWO Superintendents with suspended credentials?

It’s not about missing work it’s about integrity, honesty, and ethics. Where is the Board on the charges against these leaders and the findings of the CTC Education Misconduct Committee itself?

How many prospective employment candidates want to work for the district with TWO Superintendents who have been found guilty of negligence and abuse of power against an employee.

How can any of these “leaders” stand in judgement of a student (which is their job) when THEY are guilty?

Skelly, Black and Duszynski COULD have scheduled their appeal date for June.
No Problem. If they are innocent, the CTC Commission would discover this in June.

July just gives more time to use the public money for bribes in an attempt to get the charges dropped. (public money-no benefit to the district)

What if the teacher won’t take the bribe? Willl Skelly, Black and Duszynski resign?
Will the Board continue to sign these leaders to lucrative contracts?

In a post higher up, Trustee Lees Dwyer states, “I do not like posts by people who make up names and make statements as fact that are not fact. Hiding does not add credibility.”

OK- How about Skelly and Black making statements as fact (to the Board) that are NOT facts?
How about these leaders hiding the truth from the Board and embarrassing the community.
This is not a personnel issue as it is under the jurisdiction of the CTC. When is the Board going to agenda this item and hold a public discussion?

This is a serious challenge to the ethics and integrity of the SMUHSD and the Board has not taken any of these issues seriously.

Maybe if Skelly, Black and Duszynski had to pay for their own lawyers, (like a teacher in this same situation would be required to do) they would be taking a different path of action.

The legal and economic interests of the SMUHSD cannot be served if the same lawyers are representing both the district and its guilty leaders.

Suppressing Evidence-CTC Educator Misconduct Investigations

Produce the names and the evidence

The SMUHSD Superintendents have engaged in a practice of withholding from parents and the public the names of teachers who engage in inappropriate or illegal actions against students, parents, or peers. These are not personnel matters but actions to block independent investigations.

The SMUHSD administration and Board are currently withholding the names of teachers who have harassed or taken retaliatory actions against students, parents, or peers on the BHS campus.

The SMUHSD administration has identified these teachers and their actions, but refuses to produce the names so that a proper investigation as well as a CTC Educator Misconduct Committee investigation may take place.

This is a continued pattern with the SMUHSD as it withholds the names of the offending teacher(s) from the parents and external investigation.

Teachers at work, on school computers or email, or at home on school business are on the taxpayer’s dollar. The do not have a right to privacy as their work belongs to the people. There is no such thing as Anonymous status or confidentiality to the employee when taking employment related actions.

The students and parents have privacy, the public employees do not, especially when engaging in inappropriate actions.

Even schools where teachers sexually assault students know that they are required to produce the names of the employees and allow police investigations as needed.

The SMUHSD seems to think that it is somehow above the law.

The SMUHSD Board needs transparency, not more secrecy.

If the truth was told, the taxpayers would still have the well over $500k that has been spent defending and investigating these administrative debacles.

The truth shall set you free or require that someone be fired.

Emergency Closed Session Board Meeting-SMUHSD(?)

A Special-Single Item-Closed Session Board Meeting appears out of thing air on a Friday to be held on a Monday-

Single Item- Superintendent Evaluation(?)

Special Meeting w/Closed Session
San Mateo Union HSD
June 21, 2021 5:00PM
San Mateo Union High School

C.1. [ * ] Public Employee Evaluation pursuant to Government Code Section 54957- Title: Superintendent

It's never a good thing to be the only item on the agenda.


That's for sure!


Is this closed session board meeting on zoom or live in person? When will meetings switch back to being live in person and not in zoom?
I would love to go see these clowns in person.


Closed means closed. The question is when will the minutes of the meeting be released to the parents? The late Friday drop is classic

The Lies Fall Apart -CTC Educator Misconduct Investigation

There is a regular meeting scheduled for Thursday June 24, but the issue is so pressing they had to schedule a Special Meeting for this one item.

There won’t be a report. The closed session is for the entire Board to question the Superintendent as an employee. They want the truth.

The tide has turned and its time for Trustees Lees Dwyer and Trustee Land to act and lead. The Board has been intentionally misled, and information withheld from them. These actions have come at a significant cost to the taxpayers.

Superintendent Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Black have placed themselves and the district into the crosshairs of the CTC Educator Misconduct Commission. As the new investigations grow, so does the pressure on the administrators and individuals who lied to investigators and the Board.

“If this information is disclosed to the public, I will suffer great humiliation and embarrassment.” -Affidavit-San Mateo Superior Court

The CTC Educator Misconduct investigators wants answers and evidence that the district administrators don’t want to provide. The impending suspensions of the Superintendents credentials is already in the works. The local taxpayers are NOW paying TWO legal firms over this debacle, one to defend the district against the Petersen Lawsuit and the other to defend Skelly and Black on the appeal.

CTC Educator Misconduct investigators have already sorted through the lies and they know Skelly and Black’s “games.” The investigation is moving over to the BHS incidents (no statute of limitations) where the evidence willful negligence, retaliation, and significant ethics violations among administration and faculty are abundant.

While the suspects are both current and former employees, the CTC Educator Misconduct Committee wants to ensure that these people do not damage other students, schools, or districts in this state or others. (The CTC suspensions also block employment in other states.)

The SMUHSD has refused to release any public record requests regarding the legal expenditures and/or related memos, emails, etc. This has been a cover up and now the rats are scrambling.

 Skelly and Board -This is your "out"- you won't get another chance

June 21, 2021 5:00PM
San Mateo Union High School

C.1. [ * ] Public Employee Evaluation pursuant to Government Code Section 54957- Title: Superintendent

The SMUHSD Board has a serious problem, and it knows exactly how to solve it, but it won’t pull the trigger. Just like a dysfunctional family, the will SMUHSD will spend excessive time, frustration, and $100,000’s of taxpayer money on legal and investigation expenses to defend the indefensible.

The Human Resource Department can’t solve the problem when its leader is the problem. The Deputy Superintendent has dragged the Superintendent and district into a highly toxic place where the Board now spends excessive amounts of money to settle issues or cover them up.

Superintendent Skelly is now willing to have HIS OWN credentials suspended by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialling Educator Misconduct Committee rather than discipline the individual who dragged him into the situation. Skelly is too smart to make the egregious legal errors which make up the CTC’s charges.

The SMUHSD cannot allow a Superintendent who is not smart enough to save themselves to continue to run the multi-million-dollar district if HE can’t make a simple decision to remove the cancer that has infected the organization.

The SMUHSD Board has been made fully aware of how the issue manifest itself in the organization and how the Superintendent was leveraged by this individual. The light has begun to show the lies and deception for what they are and the Board knows that it is culpable if it does not act.

The continued action of taking NO ACTION will only continue to drain the organization, waste tax-payers dollars, and inflict irreparable damage on the organization. The list of lies, deceptions, retaliation, etc. is long and documented.

If Dr. Skelly isn’t smart enough to save himself from the humiliation of falling from being one of the top education leaders in the country to losing his teaching credential in less than two years, then he isn’t fit to lead the organization.

Dr. Skelly likes to whisper, “You always have to leave yourself an out.”
Dr. Skelly, this is YOUR “out.”

Dr. Skelly and the Board need to pull the trigger and clean up the mess.

Superintendent Skelly, this is your “out” and you most likely will not get another chance.

Closed Door

can anyone report on what happened in the closed door session?

Suspensions and Scandals- 2007 -$80 missing -Part Deux

Fooled me twice-

The SMUHSD leaders are betting that the public is asleep again. Just like the last time (2007) when Superintendent Johnson scammed the public, putting the district $80 million in debt and no one noticed.

There is a scheduled Board meeting Thursday June 24, 2021 @ 7:00 pm.

There is lengthy closed session closed session agenda listed as well as another review of the Superintendent.

D.1. Public Employee Evaluation pursuant to Government Code Section 54957- Title: Superintendent.

This is an embarrassment for district, its citizens and most of all the students. What kind of example does this set?

"Hey kids, when you are caught and convicted, just tell everyone 'It on appeal' and get someone else to pay the legal bills."

What about doing the RIGHT thing and setting an example?

Where is the Honest, Transparency, and Ethics?

What examples ARE you want set for the students by allowing this to take a Free Pass?

This administration has released or terminated employees for FAR less, but that is another cover up for another day.

How can anyone take this Board seriously if there is no public action? The SMUHSD was once one of the most respected and prestigious school districts in the country.

After Nick Gennaro and Tom Mohr's success, we had Sam Johnson put the district into multi-million-dollar debt and the SMUHSD was taken over by the state.



Now we have two Superintendents and a site principal abusing employees and engaging in highly unethical practices!

(Notice that Liz McManus made a quick exit in December- She did not want any of this on her great record)

Hiding in Plain Sight-

The contracts of ALL administrators should be posted as they must be approved by July 1, 2021 to be re-hired for next year. The Board MUST approve these contracts in a public meeting.

The public has the right to speak to these agenda items, which are currently hidden so the public will not know the action is taking place. Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black is responsible for posting these items, but his credential is also being suspended.

The CTC Educator Misconduct sanctions are not a personnel issue in the SMUHSD as the district is not the one taking the actions.

These administrators are being sanctioned by the state. Their actions took place during public employment and therefore the public has a right to know.

This should be a public agenda item and not a closed session issue. These administrators have engaged in unethical actions while engaged in the public's business.

The Superintendent's contract is a public document and is posted in the Board's agenda and minutes

The Superintendents may be terminated for:
(4) misconduct or dishonest behavior with regard to the Superintendent’s employment;

The Superintendent is required to"maintain education credentials."

If the Superintendent's credential is suspended by the state, then it has not been maintained.

The Superintendent hereby certifies that the Superintendent holds legal and valid administrative and teaching credentials which the Superintendent shall maintain in effect throughout the life of this Agreement, and shall keep on file in the Office of the San Mateo County Superintendent of Schools, and that the Superintendent meets the qualifications of Education Code section 35028

Rats jumping ship- This won't end well

These jokers finally got caught and now they are squirming.

The SMUHSD needs to STOP wasting taxpayer’s money for this egregious negligence and start putting the district back into a safe, honest, and ethical place to work and learn.

Superintendent Skelly keeps a firewall between himself and lower management. He allows Deputy Superintendent Black to do the dirty work so Skelly can’t get implicated. (Skelly has been trained well by the lawyers)

The fundamental problem is that Skelly trusted Black and now Black has screwed Skelly. Skelly is looking at losing his credential (and income) for 30 days!

Superintendent Skelly’s lengthy career in education will be ending in tainted shame and scandal. Skelly should just throw Black under the bus as Black is the one to blame in the first place.

Black has been abusing the power of his position for a period.
Skelly trusts everything Black says, and Black lies.

There is at least one other person in the district office who knows the lies and up to now, hasn’t been asked to testify. While there may be confidentiality in the SMUHSD, it does not exist in a court of law.

The CTC Education Misconduct Investigators engaged in exceptional due diligence and interviewed a wide range of SMUHSD employees. The investigators found evidence to support the claims of misconduct. To be clear, the CTC Educator Misconduct Commission reviews the evidence provided to it by the investigators AND THEN requests Skelly, Black, and the Mills High School principal Pam Duszynski to come before them and respond to questions.

Skelly, Black, and Duszynski were questioning by the CTC Education Misconduct Committee PROR to the Committee’s recommendations to suspend their credentials. T

The Committee’s recommendations to suspend the credentials was most likely solidified by Black, Skelly, or Duszynski lying or withholding facts (known to the commission in evidence) in that hearing, thinking the investigators did a sloppy job.

The CTC investigators run a tight ship, and the commission knew exactly what to ask from Black, Skelly, or Duszynski, giving them an opportunity to tell the truth.

When Skelly responds (at the local level) to the presentation of a statement of fact with, “We don’t see it that way,” this means that Skelly has not reviewed any evidence or interviewed any individuals. It is his legal bluff. He sounds like he is informed but he is clueless on the issue. It's a show.

The CTC Education Misconduct charges filed against Black, Skelly, and Duszynski by Mills High School Teacher Patricia Petersen cite events going back to before 2015. Petersen has also filed a legal suit in the San Mateo Superior Court, adding pressure to the SMUHSD.

As a result of the publication of the Petersen case, the CTC Education Misconduct Committee has received and is investigating additional complaints against Deputy Superintendent Black, Superintendent Skelly and related teachers who engaged in misconduct in conjunction with Black and Skelly.

This sh%t show is far from over as the CTC Education Misconduct Investigators have broken through the “games” used by these administrators and will now finish cleaning up abuse of public power and the waste of public funds.

It looks like Deputy Superintendent Black and Superintendent Skelly are attempting to leverage the Petersen legal case to get her to drop the CTC charges against them. The SMUHSD has hired an experienced outside public entity law firm Bertrand, Fox, Elliot, Osman & Wenzel (BFEOW) to defend its negligence against Petersen’s claims. The SM Superior Court docket shows that the SMUHSD will have a settlement hearing with Petersen PRIOR to Black and Skelly’s CTC Appeal. Their normal tactic is to force a settlement of the legal case which will include Petersen dropping her CTC complaint against Black and Skelly, therefore eliminating their suspensions.

The pending CTC suspension (and any others coming from new investigations) would most likely cause a jury to award damages to Petersen. If Black and Skelly cannot get Petersen to settle her case, they will have to fact the CTC Commission to appeal their suspensions. The SMUHSD is spending a significant amount of money defending this negligence with top level (and expensive) partners of law firms handling the case.

Easy response. Black and Skelly tell the truth and the Board decides what to do with them. Skelly is near retirement and Black (who is also a lawyer) can get a job in another district or at a law firm.

The SMUHSD needs to STOP wasting taxpayer’s money for this egregious negligence and start putting the district back into a safe, honest, and ethical place to work and learn.


The Board needs to remove Skelly and Black from their positions. Is this a simple or difficult process?

Rats jumping ship- This won't end well

Superintendents Black and Skelly are employees of the Board and have engaged in highly improper actions (for an extended period of time) which have caused damage to employees and the standing of the District. (the administration refuses to produce the legal and investigation expenses regarding these issues.)

The Palo Alto Board hired a law firm to investigate its own administration's action since there was significant lying.

The Cozen O’Connor Law Firm was hired by the Palo Alto Board to investigate "administrative practice" regarding Title IX violations on the school sites.

Given the extensive issues in the SMUHSD Administration -swastikas, Grand Jury Investigations, significant racial tension, and now the CTC Educator Misconduct Suspensions of the Superintends credentials, it is clear that the district office needs a DEEP CLEAN to get rid of roots of the problem and start fresh.


Rats jumping ship- This won't end well

Superintendent Skelly has a contract until 2023, so the Board would have evaluate if he violated the terms of his agreement.

Deputy Superintendent Black and all other administrator's contracts end on June 30, 2021.

Superintendent Skelly can simply not offer Deputy Superintendent Black and Mills Principal Duszynski a new contract that they would be GONE. (they are actually tenured teachers and would be placed back in the classroom on a teacher's salary)

By law, these administrator's contracts should be posted in the agenda for the Board meeting scheduled on June 24, 2021 for public review. The agenda was update at noon and a new "Personnel Actions" Addendum was added, bu the administrators have been left off the list.

This is strategy not error.

Last year, the July 1, 2020 contracts were held for almost two months until August 20, 2020.

The game continues-
An Honest, Ethical, and Transparent Administration would have everything properly posted and placed in front of the Board.

The Board has an obligation to the public, to present and discuss these items in the complete sunlight so that the public can know where the Board stands on these issues.


This evenings 7pm Board Meeting is on Zoom and also on youtube.

find info here on how to watch


Rats jumping ship- Hiding from scrutiny-

At 12:00 on June 24, 2021 there is no SMUHSD agenda item listed to discuss the management contracts of Deputy Superintendent Black and Mills Principal Duszynski who are facing the suspension of their credentials. The contracts of these individuals end June 30, 2021.

All management contracts end on June 30, 2021 and they all need to be listed and approved by the Board in a public meeting.

This would not be an issue if the people in charge- Skelly and Black were not the ones under scrutiny-

Deputy Superintendent Black is the Head of Human Resources and is responsible for posting these items for public review and comment as needed.

Superintendent Skelly's contract runs through 2023. The Board will need to handle him in closed session or in a courtroom depending on which direction this goes.

There is no Board meeting scheduled for July 2021 so the next time an employment contract can be approved would be August 2021 when school opens.

This is not rocket science. These management contracts are approved each year prior to the July 1 start date. They should be posted in the agenda (a week in advance) for review by the public.

Deputy Superintendent Black is withholding these contracts from public comment because HE and the Mills Principal are under scrutiny.

Trustee Lees Dwyer HAS mentioned ON THE RECORD to Black that he needs to get this information (Personnel Actions Addendum) posted much earlier so that the Board Members can review the documents prior to the meeting.

The Brown Act requires a 72 prior posting window for an agenda. It is very clear that there are people waiting for this item and would like to comment.

The Skelly/Black Administration is operating behind closed doors.

There is a Closed Session Agenda Item to Evaluate Superintendent Skelly.

There is NOT a closed session item to discuss the Deputy Superintendent or the Mills High School Principal.

The Board is allowing the administration to (once again) sweep this one under the rug.

Watch for them to actually READ each contract into the record. (this is what they did last year!)

Nice Summer

the meeting was over in 1 hour.... Skelly's closing words were "have a nice summer everyone"

I missed the first 25 or so minutes.. so not sure what happened during that time period but the portion that I watched was uneventful.

Rats jumping ship-Bait and Switch- They refused to put the evidence in the agenda

Bait and switch-

The SMUHSD refused to post the Administrative Contracts on the Agenda, but "read out every contract into the record."

In every year prior, the contracts are posted for public review.

This was an intentional move by Deputy Superintendents Skelly and Black to mislead and dupe the public.

Ethics? They have none.

SMUHSD Board Meeting- June 24, 2021

The presentation starts at 35:00-

The only people who would to this are those who are guilty.

Time to remove them.

Rats jumping ship- Brown Act Violation?

Is this a Brown Act Violation?

An intentional act to mislead and deceive the public for personal gain.

A review of the agenda shows the Deputy Superintendent Black took action to deceive the public so there could not be comments made on the administrative contracts.

Specifically, the public could not criticize Blacks’ own $300k contract which as his credential is about to be suspended.

Even if the public wanted to comment or have the item pulled for review, it would be impossible since there is not record on the agenda that a discussion would take place. Even the Board members could not pull the item because it is not listed for THEM either.

There was no content information attached to the anywhere on the agenda. The information is located in the personnel division N.1. ,but there was nothing listed in either attachment.

Black did create a distraction, an empty shell item (at the end of the meeting) but the item did not contain any actions, explanations, or attachments.

Over the past 10+ years of Black running the HR department, the information was properly placed in the N.1. agenda area with a pdf attachment which included all employment actions-clean-simple-transparent.

As the Board meeting came to its perfunctory Personnel section the bord moved through the informed items as listed on the agenda. Then Deputy Superintendent Black and Board President Griffin carried out the routine they had prepared. Deputy Superintendent Black had written a “script” for Griffin to read into the record. President Griffin then read every school administrators school, name, salary, benefits, etc. The practice was mandated AFTER the City of Bell public scandal, but it does not replace the public agenda, but to enhance it and to reduce scandal.

The SMUHSD does not allow public comment AFTER an agenda item started. Since no one (including the Board-except Griffin) knew the contracts were to be read, it was impossible to comment on them during the agenized time.

The classic bait and switch-


Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black and Griffin start their act at (34:40:00-) on the reading of the Administrative Contracts into the record.

An ethical and transparent leader would have followed the letter and the spirit of the law and allowed the public the right to comment. The teaching credentials required to perform the duty of a school administrator of Superintendent Skelly, Deputy Superintendent Black and Mills High School Principal Duszynski are recommended to be suspended by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing Educator Misconduct Committee. This is a FACT.

The public has a RIGHT to comment, scrutinize, and criticize these public employees and the public servants of the Board regarding their future employment. Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black used his position and authority to ensure the public would not be able to participate in the process.

This incident, like the others before it, is not an accident. It is an intentional and abusive act which erodes the trust of the people in the work of the public sector.

Personal gain-
Black makes almost $300 k per year + a retirement package that will be above $225 k per year-


Does the Mills teacher (Petersen) have a court date yet?


Not that I could tell from the court website.

Rats jumping ship- The SMUHSD is infested

The SM Superior Court website listed a conference in July which has now been pushed back to September 2021. The judge requests the parties to continue meeting to negotiate a settlement.

The SMUHSD Leaders Skelly and Black intentionally pushed their CTC Education Misconduct Appeal date to late July in order to “buy time” to leverage the legal settlement.

While these are two different tracks, San Mateo Superior Court and the CTC Education Misconduct Commission, a settlement in the courts could remedy the state investigation.

The “practice” in the SMUHSD is to aggressively push for a settlement and then mandate that the CTC Education Complaint be dropped as part of the settlement.

It’s not different than a wealth family whose teenage child physically assaults and damages a poor teen and the wealthy kid is charged with a criminal action. The wealthy family agrees to pay out damages and includes a handsome financial award to the poor family, but ONLY if the criminal charges are dropped. The wealthy family warns the poor family that if they have to go to trial over the criminal charges, there will be no money and the poor family’s life will be destroyed in the media.

The SMUHSD is the wealthy family, except it’s your tax dollars they are using as leverage.

The abusers never get punished or removed from their educational leadership positions. The Board NEVER learns anything about the process because the Board is only presented the financial parameters of the settlement.

This is the practice in the SMUHSD and many other schools across the country. This is how sex offender educators stay employed, the district reaches a settlement, and the charges go away.

If the Mills teacher refuses to settle and the case goes to trial, “all hell is going to break loose” because her lawyers are going to get a deposition from Deputy Superintendent Kirk Black. There is a running joke among the employees that Deputy Superintendent Black would not last 10 minutes in a deposition because of his “negligent entanglements” over the years.

The CTC Investigation of Superintendent Skelly and Deputy Superintendent Black are not going away because of this ONE case. There are other ongoing cases against them. The Petersen case is just the first one to reach the surface.

More Burlingame families are choosing NOT to attend BHS as the environment and education continues to spiral.

The SMUHSD Board needs to hire an external law firm to investigate the practices of its own administration and then clean house. The SMUHSD is infested and the Board is asleep.


The case management conference has been continued to 9/13/21.
If you want to see the court docs, go to

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