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January 20, 2021


Jennifer Pfaff

Thank you for posting...Like a bad penny, (and HSR), this one always seems to come back. Can anyone tell me what would be "planned" for the substantial areas under and near the on/off ramps where all those properties will be seized? Looks like Nini's would be spared, but just barely, and I'm actually not clear on whether they've closed only for the pandemic, or forever (?)

Jennifer Pfaff

Thank you for posting...Like a bad penny, (and HSR), this one always seems to come back. Can anyone tell me what would be "planned" for the substantial areas under and near the on/off ramps where all those properties will be seized? Looks like Nini's would be spared, but just barely, and I'm actually not clear on whether they've closed only for the pandemic, or forever (?)

Barking Dog

Lindstrom Company and Alert Door, 2 businesses now run by the 3rd generation of Burlingamers...I know their buildings would be part of the eminent domain grab.


Been living in Burlingame (Lyon-Hoag) for 20+ years. This is the third attempt at this crazy project (in my time).

Every time, the same issues come up, and the same factors shoot it down (property seizures, increased traffic flow through Lyon-Hoag [which BTW recently implemented traffic abatement measures])

Let's hope the 3rd time is NOT the charm

Everything's Jake

I thought electrifying CalTrain was supposed to reduce highway 101 traffic? Also, the new HOV lane is supposed to reduce traffic. I'm beginning to think CalTrans and local boards just repeat the same narrative (more safety, less pollution, blah blah blah).
Put a solid median strip on Poplar Ave. Cheap and it works.


Maybe the money would be better spent getting us those grade separations so when they electrify Caltrain those of us who live on the East Side can get across the tracks. Terrible idea, more traffic, less parking (or none). Continue to utilize the improved Poplar exit. That thing used to be a death trap entering and heading South, so much better. And as noted by others here before, there is an empty field and a school on Poplar, not exactly humming with traffic or parking issues. Nini's better be spared or this thing is DOA.


Nini's has closed permanently unfortunately. Yes this is the third time but may just be the one the passes. Notice those large high rises on the bay front? Going to need to get those 3500 Plus employees to work somehow and not sure this current Council will fight the overpass with as much enthusiasm as they have in the past. We need to make our voices heard to them now or it will pass.


They could move to the empty Oracle buildings down the road and we could get our drive-in back...


meeting starts in 15 minutes


Based on this meeting, looks like all businesses along Amphlett and the big apartment bldg (along 101) are gonna get blown away to support the on and off ramps of southbound 101.

Technically all this occurs in San Mateo.

I can’t get over how San Mateo can consider taking out their own businesses and housing to support this project.


I hope the Burlingame City Council will stand up for Lyon-Hoag. Better hire that new city attorney damn quick.


I don't see how closing Popular and redoing Peninsula will make things better. I think they should leave things as is as Popular seems to be working.

They made a comment that Popular is not up to code and CalTrans wants it closed. Perhaps a better much smaller and not as expensive project is to bring Popular up to code.

Millbrae has a big interchange at Millbrae Ave. Burlingame has a new big interchange at Broadway, San Mateo has a big interchange at 3rd / 4th Ave. Isn't this enough? Why is another one needed at Peninsula?


Could not agree more, Henry. It just seems so obvious doesn't it? I hope the Burlingame council is ready to weigh in and oppose it.


resident - I heard Burlingame Council bailed out on this and is no longer involved and interested.

Not sure if my above statement is accurate.
Does anyone know if anyone from council will be involved as an interface or ear / voice for Burlingame? I would think at least one member should be involved and represent Burlingame.


There was no suggestion last night that the Burlingame City Council is engaged in any manner on this horrible project that will negatively impact the safety, peaceful existence and home values of many in Burlingame.

The Burligame Council seems to be only focused on removing our ability to use natural gas and to hold unnecesaary virtue signaling Police Use of Force Hearings. Lots of bluster with no focus on issues of real consequence to our citizens seems to be the charter they are pursuing.

Handle Bard

You can email them all at once at [email protected] This is the kind of thing that a full in-box can help motivate.

Handle Bard

San Mateo officials seek public advice for design plans Peninsula Avenue interchange revamp

San Mateo city officials presented residents on Wednesday with updated information about its Highway 101/Peninsula Avenue Interchange Project, designed to improve public safety and reduce traffic while removing the Poplar ramps to the south.

The project would address long-term safety and traffic operations and reduce travel times within the Peninsula Avenue interchange area for San Mateo and Burlingame residents. It would include improved bicycle and pedestrian travel options on Peninsula Avenue from just west of North Humboldt Street to North Bayshore Boulevard. City officials said the project would improve safety in the area near schools, reduce travel times and accommodate future traffic.

But guess who is not a PARTNER

The three primary partners are San Mateo, the project sponsor, the San Mateo County Transportation Authority, the funding partner, and Caltrans, responsible for reviewing the environmental process and approving the project.

[email protected]


The Burlingame City Council needs to hear our concerns about this project that San Mateo is pushing forward with abandon.

emails sent to
[email protected]
will go to all City Council members.

Time is running out.
Our concerns need to be heard regarding safety, noise and the negative impact on property values of this ill-conceived and unnecessary project.


This article does not sound very encouraging that the right thing will happen on Peninsula Ave.




Sorry. Use the bottom link. The bit.ly one.


Here they go again

We invite you to join an upcoming City Council Study Session where updates on the US-101/Peninsula Avenue Interchange project will be presented. The study session is on May 1st, 2023, at 5:30pm and can be joined virtually or in-person at the San Mateo City Hall Council Chambers.

The City of San Mateo is proposing to relocate the existing U.S. Hwy 101 southbound on- and off-ramps from East Poplar Avenue to Peninsula Avenue in order to create a single, full-access interchange at Peninsula Avenue and Airport Boulevard. This would improve safety and reduce congestion within the Peninsula Avenue interchange area for residents of both San Mateo and Burlingame.

The discussion with City Council will include an update on the current project and an overview of options for next steps.

Additional information on the meeting will be available 72 hours prior to the meeting date on the City’s meeting portal.

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