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January 16, 2021



I got my shot yesterday from Sutter Health at the SM County Event Center--right across from where the Grand Jury people wait.


It was about a 40 minute wait to get in and a 15 minute wait to see if there would be any reaction. All in all, not bad. The Grand Jury parking lot still had hundreds of cars at 3:30pm.

Water Sample Corp

I looked up the vaccines on FDA to see what ones were approved.

To my amazement none of them are approved to ensure they work and do not present harm to humans especially any adverse effects as outlined in the FDA guidelines: https://vaers.hhs.gov/faq.html

Of the 537 San Mateo County people who died from Covid 19 and the 502 in San Francisco the vast majority were over 65 years old and most were high risk. Serious but not the end of the world guys. Do the numbers and don't listen to any newspapers except some of the scientific journals who have no axes to grind.

Emergency Use releases don't give me a warm and fuzzy.


My husband had a long wait for the Sutter vax clinic at the event center for his first shot but a short wait for his second one. I must have picked the right time (early afternoon) when I scheduled my first one because I had literally NO wait at all -- there was no one ahead of me and I just walked right in. Because there was no traffic I got there early and was already on my way back to work at my scheduled appointment time. But Sutter scheduled me for my second dose in Santa Clara! So the drive alone will take a good chunk of time. Oh, well, at least I was lucky with the first one!


Not proven safe yet. J&J halted. Not let us hear from all the armchair medical experts.


J&J paused for literally one in a million, admittedly serious, possibly linked side effect.


From someone NOT an armchair medical expert: https://www.futurity.org/johnson-johnson-vaccine-pause-2548532/


Results are in: Statist know nothing about anything including the CDC, WHO, State Houses and the Whitehouse. Please stop handling/touching your mask and smartphone then touching everything all day long. You guys are killing us.

Color me annoyed

Joe, I also had an Apr 13 appt but cancelled it the day before after I read about J&J. This was about 24 hrs before they officially paused usage of J&J. Did they administer Moderna instead?? If that is the case then I am a bit peeved as I cancelled and now have to try to find a closer site that let's say.. Crescent City!! UGH

Color me annoyed

I spelled canceled wrong twice. LOL Color me peeved again!


No, Color me annoyed, I was on the 12th and got the J&J. The announcement was on the 13th and the pause was either that day or the 14th. The more I read about the six J&J cases, the less concerned I get (no need for details) and now there is this:

A study by Oxford University found the number of people who receive blood clots after getting vaccinated with a coronavirus vaccine are about the same for those who get Pfizer and Moderna vaccines as they are for the AstraZeneca vaccine that was produced with the university's help. According to the study, 4 in 1 million people experience cerebral venous thrombosis after getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, versus 5 in 1 million people for the AstraZeneca vaccine.
Note the numbers of vaccinated people are larger for Pfizer and Moderna than J&J, so the 6 in 6.85M J&J rate might not be as accurate, but it is enough to cause me to be less concerned than I might be. Nothing in life is risk-free.

Color me annoyed

Thank you for the info. I agree with you regarding the small amount of cases but I am a big baby!! I suspect that since all of the cases were women that perhaps birth control pill use may be at play as well(?) due to clotting concerns. Who knows!? I'm not a doctor. LOL
Regardless I will forge ahead and get one of the other two once I am fortunate enough to score an appt. Stay well!

Peter Garrison

It is wonderful to see faces again.

Today at a small gathering of club friends, one woman, having long isolated, burst into happy tears after seeing her friends’ bare faces.

Hope to “see” you all soon.

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

It was a big week in COVID news with the J&J "pause", today's news that Pfizer and Moderna refused to work with J&J on studying clots (see above note that they all induce clots in a tiny, tiny percentage of people), and the big news that San Mateo County is running short. From today's Comicle: "health officials in neighboring San Mateo County said they were not able to operate any first-dose clinics for the newly eligible on Thursday or Friday."

Here are the numbers for the week:

Total Cases: 41,016 (+262 in the County which is 50 more than last week)

Positivity: .9% (the same two weeks in a row)

Burlingame Cases: 1,211 (+12 from last week which was +11 from the prior week. Very stable with 79 cases in the last 30 days).

I went out to eat at a favorite restaurant on the other Broadway (Millbrae) last night and it was way busier than it was three weeks ago. Broadway was bustling. Let's hope the County gets its fair share of vaccines.

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

The J&J vaccine is back on the approved list which should help the shortage in San Mateo County. The Chron reported unused appointment slots in Marin where they have more shots than they apparently need at the moment. Great B'game news--one new case this past week!!

Here are the numbers for the week:

Total Cases: 41,292 (+276 in the County which is about the same as last week)

Positivity: .8% (down a tenth)

Burlingame Cases: 1,212 (just one new case this week).

Keep up the good work, B'game

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

Happy May Day. The news this week was disappointing as the Yellow Tier will not be reached in the next week or two as hoped last week. As of last Monday, 43% of the County over age 16 was vaccinated and the doses are arriving in volume again. Mass vaccinations are on again.

Here are the numbers for the week:

Total Cases: 41,4772 (+185 in the County which is 91 less than last week)

Positivity: .8% (the same)

Burlingame Cases: 1,233 (+21 this week which is a lot compared to the last few weeks--wonder what happened?).

Let's not blow it now.

Joe - Weekend Update on the Numbers

We appear to be at a very stable state over the last few weeks. The bar chart here:


shows that quite well.

Here are the numbers for the week:

Total Cases: 41,747 (+270 in the County which 85 more than last week)

Positivity: .8% (the same again)

Burlingame Cases: 1,243 (+10 this week).

The hoped for move to "yellow" is a bouncing ball depending on which official is being quoted. The County reported yesterday that 75.1% of the population age 16+ has been vaccinated.


Sue Lempert. Ugh. What a fossil. What a gasbag. Just clueless. The fossil repeats a Tucker Carlson clip about young kids wearing masks Or people who refuse to wear masks even when science says it will halt the spread to those who have yet to be vaccinated and will prevent new variants from gaining strength. Here’s a quote from Tucker Carlson on Fox. ‘Your response when you see children wearing masks as they play should be no different from our response to seeing someone beat a kid at Walmart … . Call the police immediately. Contact child protective services. Keep calling until someone arrives. What you are looking at is abuse. Child abuse.”

The hag doesn't try to argue the opposing point. She just winks and nods from her rocker and expects you will ignore the science about young kids and be outraged.


Amazing, I kind of agree with you about Sue Lempert. Ugh, she is a fossil. And if you are younger than about 65 you might feel like calling her a hag, although that is sexist, and you should be cancelled from Facebook and Twitter (but Joe, not from here please).
But your infatuation with scientism is a bit much. I'm not a medical scientist but I am able to do arithmeticy things like division, even with all those damn zeros. A lot of people like Resident Biden have problems with big numbers. In ol'white'joe's case it is not ageist to point that weakness because it was well know throughout his 50 years in congress that he was not particularly bright. He was known by even those in his own party to be an idiot.

Here's a short two minute video that might be put your scientism into perspective.

Check this out:

The really crazy thing about that Sue Lempert person and that younger ranting Tucker is that they are actually expressing some concern for children in preference over us other fossils that are the ones dying (the couple pennies)(maybe it will turn out to be five, maybe six, who knows?).


Folks, let's try to keep the discussion a bit more courteous. I won't delete it, but it would be helpful if a) Ms. Lempert had actually tried to make her point instead of just running the Carlson snippet and blending it in with Galileo!

So let me do as I say: headline in today's Comicle: Few Virus Infections Seen in SF Schools. 20,000 students and staffers have been back at (live) school and there have been 20 cases reported since then all from "community transmission in unvaccinated people". "In other words, zero cases were related to in-school transmission".


Let the record show San Mateo County went to the Yellow Tier today. **thumbs up emoji here**

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